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Microsoft: ‘Wii U Is Effectively A 360’

Corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer was recently interviewed by GamesIndustry International. During the interview, Spencer was asked to share his thoughts on Nintendo’s upcoming console. Spencer believes, that with Wii U, Nintendo is “building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability.” Spencer also claims that Wii U will receive plenty ports of games that are available on the Xbox 360 because of its Wii U Pro Controller “that feels familiar for 360 gamers.”

“Now they are really making an on-ramp for the back catalog of games that are on 360. It is easy for those games to move over to the Wii U. They’ve moved the buttons around, and they’ve made a controller that feels familiar for 360 gamers, so I get why they are putting those pieces together.”

304 thoughts on “Microsoft: ‘Wii U Is Effectively A 360’”

        1. dude fist thing that pops in my head is… ( Gamecube controler has the same layout as those.. huuuummmm)

    1. i have a 360 and a tablet for smartglass, does this mean i don’t need a wii u? when is mario and zelda out for the 360?

    2. This problem drops squarely in Nintendo’s lap. Nintendo PR for damage control is pathetic at best. When comments like this is made and they do nothing to put it to rest, people are going to start believing it. Once that happens, core gamers (the very group they claim they are looking to appeal to) will not be interested in the console. AAA developers are watching and if core gamers once again abandon Nintendo then so will 3rd party support. Right now its a wait and see situation. Nintendo should be riding a wave of positive energy and excitement for the Wii U into its release date but all this negativity is killing that momentum.

      It would be pathetic on Nintendo part if their 2012 console is only on par with a 6-7 year old Xbox360 performance capabilities. I personally think it is more powerful but as time goes by and no announcements are made, Nintendo could be enhancing the hardware final specs or dummy it down to meet their price point.

  1. It’s Microsoft trying to save face, what do you expect?

    Oh and also, way to know nothing about GPUs if you honestly think they’re on par with power.

    1. The wii U does have a high gpu, but I read somewhere that it has a lower cpu so its near impossible to use the full power of the gpu. This could be wrong and of coarse I’m not good with tech so correct me if otherwise.

      1. It has been speculated the Wii U houses a POWER7 CPU, which are 2.4-4.2 Ghz and Quad core. Maybe it’s a custom, but it will probably still be at least triple core and rest assured a LOT more powerful than the 360’s CPU and the PS3’s Cell in terms of raw processing power.

        1. ^ this
          All of the WiiU inside seem to be custom made specifically for the WiiU, thats its advantage, its build to get the best possible results

        2. The processor is confirmed triple-core and run on the SAME 45nm process as the 360 Xenon. It’s even clocked at the same goddamn speed (3.2GHz) according to the dev kit specs.

          Also, what the HELL does CPU have to do with graphics???

          Right, NOTHING.

          In the grand scheme of things the Wii U is literally a rebranded and overclocked 360. Actually worse, since it lacks features even that console has.

          No ethernet.
          No Hard Drive.
          Still using dated USB 2.0
          No DVD/Blu-Ray playback.

          inb4 hurr durr u can buy a hard drive. Guess what, developers are NOT going to be developing games under the assumption that everyone happens to own a HDD. Just like how they’re currently NOT designing games around the CCP, because they can’t rely on the FACT that not everyone will have it.

          1. your a sad ignorant moron . nobody has confirmed a goddamn tri core. if anything devs have been saying its quad core. also how do you know the speed it runs at ? your lieing out of your arse

            1. You’re already proven wrong below. The Wii U processor is not going to be quad-core or anything particularly different than the 360’s.

              1. You do realize processors themselves get more powerful technology as time goes on? Even if it’d a resembling model, it should still be a fair amount more powerful than the 360’s.

            1. This entire thread ( NeoGaf confirmed that list of specs from the dev kit and was ALSO confirmed by the same industry insiders who also reported the subtle changes made to the Wii U GamePad weeks before E3.

              Wake the hell up, this console is not going to be powerful under any definition of that word. Time to accept the bitter truth that Nintendo has learned virtually nothing from the last gen. That’s why they’re going to get steamrolled by Microsoft in the next. Microsoft has the core market in the palms of their hands, with Sony having a sizeable chunk of those gamers as well, along with varied taste ones.

                1. Thanks for confirming (both of you) you’ve read nothing in that thread pertaining to the OP, and only served to go completely off-topic.

                  The thread title isn’t going to magically remove “RUMOUR” if that’s what it started with, even when posters coming in from all directions confirming it’s legit.

                  Plain idiots, both of you. And totally out of the zone, so why even bother trying to prove an established point to blind fanboys.

                  1. No It will be a single core processor with graphic capabilities akin to the Nintendo 64, I can confirm this because I have a Wii U Dev Kit, And now I hope you see anyone can “Confirm” something and gullible people will eat it up. Never trust anyone til the official specs are release by Nintendo

              1. Wow… so much miss information I have no idea where to start. Let me just correct one area since everything else is based on rumors. The only core gamers that Microsoft own as you put it… is only in the USA. Sony owns damn near every other region. Week after week and month after month number prove this. So in a nutshell Xbox360 only managed to own their home court with core gamers this generation.

          2. Aeolus your a idiot ps3 is more powerful than xbox 360 ps3 cpu 3.2 ghz gpu 550 mhz and xbox360 cpu 3.2 ghz gpu 500 mhz look it up at or ign not neogaf that place sucks oh one more thing if u don’t like what i said then fuck u i’m right!

          3. Umm… why would it need an Ethernet cable when there is built in Wi-Fi?
            Why would you want a hard drive when it has 8 GB of flash, cloud storage AND expandable SD and Ext hard drive memory. It keeps the costs down (by 50-100 bucks)
            Many computers including the new mac use USB 2.0 so just because its not 3.0 really won’t matter. Honestly. Your memory will still transfer over at a nice comfortable rate
            And I’m pretty sure there’s over 700 million households that have other DVD playback devices. And plus DVD and bluray are even dying out to digital download movies on services like Red box online and ITunes and play.

            Please…your arguement is invalid. So just stop…

          4. this guy has been trolling with bs in litteraly EVERY SINGLE post i’ve ever read on this site…dunno why peps are still paying attention to him or the mods haven’t given his sorry ass the banhammer treatment yet…

      1. The guys is definitely knowledgeable but his viewers are definitely not. I laughed my ass of at the comments.

        The PS4 will be 3000p?
        The PS4/720 will use 2013/2014 tech and have “Avatar-level” graphics?

        1. Fanboys, fanboys everywhere.
          Even with evidence in their face theyre still stuck up as a mule.

          1. It is SO true! I am a hardcore Nintendo fan…meanwhile my little brother is a hardcore Xbox fan….(you can see where this is going)…We have arguments like every other day about which company is best-Microsoft of Nintendo and which have the better consoles. I throw tons of evidence in his face all day and night and he always ignores it and makes up some dumb reason why the Xbox beats that…somtimes he is lying completely or stating a rumor he heard and automatically believes it because it is in his favor. Basically you cannot prove to someone that the rival company is superior. Its like your home state baseball team, they are ALWAYS the “best” team in the world right!? :P


        2. tell mii about it, i mean think about it does anyone has a tv that’s 3000p if that’s even real, plus who will buy that.

          1. Actually they skipped all way to 4k 8k. I didn’t read an article, i saw a video. A company actually showed of a 4k 8k TV. And LG may come out with an 4k 8k. Imagine how much money would come out of your wallet and bank account.

            1. yeah i saw the video too,….. o god if the price is somewhere in $1000 or more i promised that ill change my pic to a pic of weed leaf (maraguana) behind my mii.

          1. i said nothing about the 720 or the ps4, i showed a video running bf3 on the card that is in the wiiu.

              1. It’s one of the few times Sony has lost money. Those losses will be…harmful for Sony and will affect Sony in most of it’s divisions and stuff but they’re not going to go out of business and Sony is not dumb enough to make the $599-mistake twice.

  2. So is this wii all over again? This is an official person saying its similar graphically to this last gen. I was kind of hoping nintendo would surprise me. I know it will have good games which is reassuring since I am planning to buy this and the 720.

    1. I don’t think ANY Microsoft officials know more about the Wii U than we do. Don’t trust any of his words, he just looks to make competition look less threatening.

        1. you should have EXTREME doubt, in fact that should not have even been a thought at all. thats like contemplating whether or not the next mario kart will be on the vita.

          1. Considering a game (Viva Pinata) made by a company under MS’ ownership (Rare) was released for the DS, that isn’t completely out of the question.

            Consoles yes–not happening–handhelds, probably will.

    2. thenintendoreviewer

      Don’t worry. This is an official person but from the competition. Nintendo’s competitors dismissed the Wii’s motion controls at first then turned around and made their own. It should be expected that Sony and Microsoft officials say that the Wii U is not a next gen console, but that doesn’t make it true. Best to hear from the third party developers.

    3. If theres anyone you shouldnt trust, its microsoft officially. Even fanboys are more believable than them.

    4. LOL, “Official person”. This is a guy from microsoft game studios. He knows nothing about the Wii U except for what nintendo showed in their conferences. He is only observing and speculating.

      1. Lol I couldn’t think of the word. Anyways your right. Its only his observation and I don’t think he’s being negative, I think he’s kind of congradulating the wii U on its ability to at the moment absorb all those games that came out on 360. I think he understands nintendos strategy at the moment

      2. If you’re trying to impersonate me, you’re doing it ALL wrong, buddy.

        He’s right anyway, Wii U is indeed basically a 360. Without the established userbase or online network that made the 360 so successful. Yet another generation late console from Nintendo, nothing to see here.

        1. It hasn’t been released yet so no shit it won’t have an established userbase and, from what we’ve seen so far, it has pretty good online and who are you to say that it’s a console that’s a generation late? We don’t even know what’s in the system!

          1. When it releases with none of the hype the original Wii had and sales don’t take off as Nintendo is trying to anticipate, I wonder what you’ll say next. I wonder how much parents are going to drop $300 on what is as far as their concerned–a console barely different in software offerings than its predecessor.

            We have all sorts of rumors with the consistent and very common “barely over 360 specs”. You cannot find a single rumor for Wii U claiming and showing just how it’s a significant leap. Not a single one. Want to know why? Because the console is not powerful.

            You can only fit so much in a small case. The system is barely different in dimensions from the 360 slim, have fun hoping it’s a significant leap when it obviously will not be. Just like the Wii.

            1. That’s funny because most developers have been saying it’s a pretty powerful system and it is next-gen and, ntm, it already has multi-plats running in 1080p at 60 FPS and I don’t recall launch 360/PS3 games looking way better than high-end PS2, GC, Xbox games.

              1. Devs for the console will always say such nonsense to draw attention to their games, just like they did with the original Wii. Stop listening to PR talk and listen to cold facts.

                Also, TOTAL BULLSHIT. Not a single Wii U demo or multiplatform port had ANY FOOTAGE running in 1080p, they were all 720p, with no AA, and 30-60 fps. I think even the AC:III footage was 720p.

                And uhm, I can name quite a few launch games that did.

                Resistance. Ridge Racer 7, Kameo, and I know for certain I’m missing one or two more. No Wii U game however looks any different than what’s available now. In fact, many titles actually look worse. (Batman AC).

                1. Seriously, doyou have this altered
                  that turns everything
                  into the opposite of what you see and hear?

                  1. He’s just a blind Sony-tard who hates Nintendo for some odd reason and while deny every good thing about Nintendo, even if they’re confirmed or if developers say them.

                2. Last time I checked, launch games always look worse than the games that launch 3-4 years later. The Wii U game demos already look better than current PS3 graphics. Just give the console about 2 years and the games should look even better. Check out this video. NOTE: The Wii U version was shot straight off the screen:

        2. In what way am I impersonating you? Why would I waste my time impersonating some random person on the internet?

        3. how can a console that isn’t even released yet have an established userbase?
          and it looks like its going to have a decent online so just give up please.

    5. no, this sounds more like praise then anything, he saying that the way the wiiu is designed is alot like the 360, and it can get ports rather easily and has a controller that can be familiar to xbox owners

    6. NO ONE will know until we get the console in November. Only Nintendo knows as of right now. Microsoft knows jack shit about the Wii U and they will say anything to get people on Nintendo’s bad side. This is called competition. Microsoft knows the Wii U is a big seller and will do anything to diminish it.

  3. thenintendoreviewer

    Of course Microsoft would say something like this. Sounds like Microsoft trying to make the Wii U look less impressive than it is. But the Wii U’s graphics are better than the 360. Plus there is the innovation of a touch screen controller hybrid called the Wii U Game Pad. And as for similar controllers, lets remember that modern controllers basically have the SNES to thank for their basic design. Nintendo pretty much is trying to make controllers with SNES button layouts in mind and of course triggers and dual analog sticks and they want their controllers to be comfortable for players. You can only make so many kinds of dual analog controllers before they all start looking the same.

    1. I’d actually rather have the Pro controller in the same shape as a 360 controller, it’s pretty much the most comfortable controller I’ve held.

      1. It pretty much is the same shape….nintendo are great with controllers anyway, Gamecube is still my favorite by far, jist everything about it is good.

  4. LOL! Except the Wii U will be built with quality control firmly in mind and Nintendo has loads better IP’s.

    Fail MS. Utter fail.

  5. Nintendo’s a generation late… makes me think they should stick to portable gaming, unless they sprint it out third place is about as far as they’ll go. ( I’m not hating on Nintendo, Im just seeing the Wii all over again with Wii u)

    1. you say that like it is a bad thing. So what if it is another Wii. It will be enjoyed just like people enjoyed playing the Wii. Instead of making comparisons with consoles how about just enjoying them.

      1. no it wasnt its not a gen behind and your just being immature. if the internet had an age verification system by how you post then im sure you woukd be a 10 year old

    2. you know nothing about wii u . the wii was nintendos best system for them by far . the wii demolished the competition and so will wii u eepecially with NEXT GEN third oarty support. the wii u is being praised left and right which goes to show it will be amazing.

          1. oh trust mii with nintendo having the hardcore in there side that will equal more than 100 million.

          1. No they didn’t.

            You see how this works. You have a preference that might differ(GASP!)from someone else’s.

            I know. Heart breaking isn’t it?

            1. They did improve upon it. The analog sticks are much more comfortable and accurate you may be entitled to your own opinion but you have to face the facts that they did improve.

              1. Yes this controller that nobody but nintendo and developers have laid hands on is clearly comfortable. Not saying it isnt, but come on…

                1. Actually iveheard from all of people who went to e3 that the ontrollers are very comfortable, includingthe gamepad

      1. I agree. I own a ps3, and i hate the controller, i feel like ive just got sit and live with it, its too small, feels uncomfortable after long playthrough, and the back triggers, oh my god, why such a dumb design. I do not want dualshock 4 to look and feel the same

    1. i actually agree the. 360 controller cramps my hands and the thumb sticks are horrid everything on the damn 360 pad gets weak or breaks in the first year except face buttons its pathetic

  6. Oh look, another company talking trash about Nintendo, just like Jack Treton did about the DS (clearly PSP’s are doing well), While Nintendo just says SmartGlass is “flattering”.
    Its nothing like a 360. Im glad they have the controller like that, because in all honest, microsoft do have the most comfortable controller design, although its analogs suck, but from some guy i talked to who went to E3, the analog sticks are much better, much more presise than the 360/ps3’s

      1. Its the whole “essentially a 360” quote.
        Its a twisted mind game thatll make stupid people think, oh, well ill just stick to my xbox, or ill just get a 360, theyre cheaper.
        Its a cheap lie to drag in idiots

    1. I agree with you except the fact that the PSP was very successful when comparing it to non Nintendo handhelds plus 80 million sales for any system is really good lol

  7. Now we have 3 dual analog controllers with the sticks in every possible combination sony both at bottum, microsoft one top one bottum, and nintendo two up top. Personally I like microsofts the best but I’m willing to try nintendos

    1. Same. I heard the analogs are awesome on the WiiU’s pad and pro controller. Basically like the gamecubes main but not 8 directional

  8. Well I didnt see any bashing. Hes honestly just repeating what we know I mean all I saw were ports, sure they’ll be upscaled & use wii upad but honestly outside of nintys ips I doubt you wont see ports since their easy to make.

    1. Ports won’t sell well if they’re not utilizing the Gamepad or the hardware in general to it’s fullest, that’s kinda the selling point, IF they’re gonna make it ports.
      Arkham city comes with new functions, well-thought out Pad controls and all available DLC.

      1. I duno, depends on the game and if they could really use it. I still dont own Skyrim (yes, really), and while id love it to have some form of motion control, its unlikely, but id settle for having the gamepad screen to selects my weapons, magic and shouts, as well as a map and upgrade. Map would be awesome, just tap where i wana fast travel, bam, done.

        1. While you maybe don’t have Skyrim yet, most of the people do. I don’t think selling it nearly a year after launch would boost up the sales significantly.

          Besides, that’s still clever touch pad controls, and it will still look loads better than the console versions. Nothing beats the PC version, though.

          1. I know, but the market is still there. I held out on getting NG3, and i wish i did for Arkham City, but the market for gamers is there. The only game i dont understand is Mass Effect 3, unless 2 is coming as well.

      1. Atari 7800 and Master System pads kind of did, actually. Almost everyone plays off of something from the past.

        I see the new Wii U pro controller like a hybrid of the good from the 360 and PS3 controllers though. I’m actually really glad they have it, regardless of who “did i first.” It will be used to play games that are hopefully good, comfortably. That’s all that matters to me.

        1. Agreed! Also, when a controller is made with ergonomic design in mind, it’s bound to look similar to a controller that was all about comfort.

  9. Well theyll most likly just keep porting games for wii u while they put more work focus on the next gen consoles. But who knows maybe wii u will get durango ports?

    1. DIfferences won’t be nearly as bad as Wii – PS360. They now have truth be told a decent GPU, if it really is based on the Radeon 4850, a pro controller and dual analog sticks. The Wii U won’t be a niche console anymore, they’re full-on competitors with MS and Sony now, and if they don’t want to sell their consoles for $600 or at a major loss, they can’t make it all that much more powerful. Differences with today’s high end gfx are, if optimized right, nearly nonexistant anyways.

      1. The vgap will probably be smaller this time with nintendo and microsoft at least. Because in a leaked document supposively they want to sell the 720 for $250. So unless they are selling it at a loss, the tech inside can’t be a huge leap over wii U. They could have changed their minds by now so the information may not be relevant, but we have yet to hear otherwise.

        1. None of this document has been confirmed to be legitimate in any way. They will NEVER sell a new console for $250 at launch. That’s what the 360 is at now.

        2. Fanboys keep saying the differences will be smaller with Nintendo against MS, yet absolutely nothing can prove this to be the case. Don’t be surprised when the Wii U gets smoked under the might of modern internals against…2008 ones, LOL.

            1. AMD specifically said the GPU is similar to their R700 series and once again, the dev kit proves that. That line of graphics card is 2008.

              Boohoo, keep trying to defend when you have nothing to say otherwise.

          1. fuck no ! those leaked documents about durango were confirmed as real so apparently the durango will only be 300 usd which is wii u’s almost minimum price showing that with kinect 2.0. and the kinect glasses it will run up the price. i wont be suprised if its overall weaker than wii u when it launches next year. microsoft is casual now just face it

            1. >Microsoft is casual now
              >New and amazing Halo as the opening to their E3
              >Gears announced.
              >Forza Horizon


              Oh, you’re serious? Let me laugh even harder.


              1. Aeolus logic: Bashes Nintendo for its franchises. Names franchises to support the 360.

                Shut up you dick

              2. >Kinect animals, Star Wars Kinect, Loads and loads of games from TV series or movies
                >Totally used up pseudo “Trilogy” Franchise revived to milk even more cash
                >Well, Gears announced
                >Oh hey, another boring and baseless car racing game.

                I pray you NEVER get to say anything in terms of video game development. Near-sighted idiot.

          2. I’m not a nintendo fanboy, I game on both microsoft and nintendo consoles I’m merely stating that this information could prove a smaller gap, its not like I’m all out saying its true and it will for sure happen. The document was confirmed real but it was from like 2010 so they may have changed their minds by now.

          3. Countless devs and even Sony themselves stated that Graphics will not peak that much above what we can see on The Last of Us. The budget for making a AAA game would just get too ridiculously high, it’s already in the 8-digits now.

            Also I’ll have you know while you enjoy your photorealistic boring-as-hell Car racing games and your cash cow Halo spin-offs and unfitting sequels, I will stick with the Wii U and my PC to get the best out of gaming. I’ve yet to see anything MS Game Studios made that’s worthwhile and not a blind ultra-violent shooter.

            Also, stop being so fucking rude.

            1. If all games had visuals as good as The Last Of Us and never got “better”, id be fine with that
              Graphics are (or should) be becoming less important to gamers now, any more improvement will be minor, and just little extra things like details, and particle physics, that funnily enough take alot of power or more inportantly, alot of money. I dont need graphics better than WiiU, anything better will just be a novelty, im focusing on the gameplay, as always, an Nintendo sure as hell delivers in that department

      2. Thank you, someone else who actually knows what theyre talking about. Its just too expensive to make these all powerful consoles most people are expecting. Itll be an improvement, but mainly hust making 1080p and 60fps native, and just beefing up the graphics a little

    2. More lilely that the Durango will get WiiU ports, WiiU is far more capable than smart glass. EA already said, “theyll see what we can bring to smartglass”

  10. @Josh how so Josh when if you watch Icons history in xbox they even stated that the sega dreamcast were their inspiration

    1. Inspiration yes but design was game cube. It is well known the game cube controller was one of the most successful controllers and if you put the new xbox controller next to the game cube controller you clearly see it is the same controller just with an extra trigger and smaller buttons.

  11. @Nick your correct the problem isnt micro or ninty but how the developers utilize each ones strenght which based on the xbox to ps3 ports tells developers are lazy and will put more time on whats easier to port from the pc lol damn this gen is port heaven

  12. no need to get pissed off. the dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about clearly if he thinks nintendo is imitating the 360.

            1. Aeolus why do u got be so harsh i like microsoft and sony as the next person but your to biased to understand that the wii u is next gen ,the wii u gpu has to be at least a little bit more powerful than the xbox360 ps3 because if its not it would be console suicide I mean last gen being better than next gen ? Oh and heres the already released specs of xbox360 cpu 3.2 ghz gpu 500 mhz and ps3 cpu 3.2 ghz gpu 550 ps3 is more powerful than xbox360

        1. Which is probably rip off of the Dreamcast controller, which is probably a rip off of something else. It isn’t the systems main controller anyhow, but I’d rather Nintendo go for something that makes sense rather than be different for the sake of being different at the expense of the consumer.

          1. Meh, all controllers are just rip-offs of the Magnavox Odyssey’s. But, they are releasing a controller w/ a typical controller lay-out so that can’t possibly be bad.

      1. Yeah, because microsoft and sony have NEVER stolen anything from nintendo. Get over yourself, it supposed to be like that, its a comfortble transistion for people who play the 360 and ps3 now.
        Besides, from talking to people who went to E3, the wiiu pad is much better than the 360’s

        1. Oh right,they haven’t ripped anything off of NIntendo,bull fucking shit,Look at the design of the Wii mote and nunchuck,sony practically ripped them off with their cheap ass copies of the Wii mote&Nunchuck which they called Playstation Move.

  13. Say what you want but at lest they’ll sell the Wii U in Germany. I swear you try anything and I’ll call Motorola on your ass again.

  14. Yep, the 360 is the weakest of the three Hi-def consoles. It’s 360<PS3<WiiU. The 360 is just really old, and the Wii U has barely had its potential tapped. The 360 is struggling to keep up as it's now giving all that it's got for new games, but the Wii U just yawns with what it has now. That was just a stupid lie from the competition. He knows that's not true, but feels compelled to throw out some bad PR for Nintendo.

    1. ^ This
      Even the 720 wont be that great, might even only be just as capable as a WiiU. Sony’s CEO, i think, might have be another member, said that they dont think the hraphics will get that much better than what the ps3 has to offer

  15. This is false because the Assassins Creed 3 Wii U version has the same graphics that the PS3 (all we know PS3 is better in graphics that X360) and ubisoft says that this version was very preliminar and were showing less that 50% of wii u capabilities, and iwata said that the games released to this year are using less than 50% of wii u capabilities… So WII U 75% MORE POWERFUL THAT X360 AND 50% MORE THAN PS3

    1. While you’re right, and i cant wait to see what 75% or even 90% looks like (jizz)
      Assassins Creed 3 looks MUCH better than the ps3 version, which make the WiiU sound better if theyre barely pushing it.

    2. That’s now how it works, you can’t put GPUs on a linear scale of power. Mid range GPUs from 5 years back were twice as powerful as the 360 GPU.

      1. Sorry if I stated this unclear:
        Double the graphics power of the PS3 or 360 is nothing breathtaking. The GPU i have in my PC right now is about 6 times as powerful as the 360 GPU, and the only things I’ve seen pushing my hardware are the new CryEngine 3 SDK and maybe Battlefield 3 (Which are both poorly optimized mind you), but that’s probably because of my mid-range processor. What I’ saying is, don’t expect any huge jumps over what High-end PCs can deliver now (Maybe not even on par) on consoles for the next 2 or so years.

              1. it times like these make mii feel like i don’t want to live in this world anymore, but what can u do.

          1. “Pretending we know PC specs”
            These arent fucking PC’s idiot.
            And the evidence is clearly right there, games like Uncharted, Killzone, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, God of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet and Clank, all looks far superior to 360 games. So even if it was “more powerful”, it doesnt mean shit because the developers clearly dont know what theyre doing

  16. Francisco Alvarado Vega

    The Wii U Controller Pro is not an Xbox rip-off; it is two nunchucks and a wii remote squished together.

    1. Holy shit, youre right haha can almost see the shape of the 2 nunchucks on the pad, as well a the wiiremote xD


    hahahaha i guess he told us man

    all these xbox exclusives getting ported over too the WiiU, such a tragedy

        1. The HD4850 is not powering the Wii U. What’s inside of the dev kit actually looks considerably clocked below it. But I’m not posting that link for the billionth time.

        2. Showing me this page ultimately means nothing, since there is no proof a custom HD4850 is even inside of the device. :P

          1. There’s no solid proof on any single card being in the Wii U. That also takes down all your moan-arguments you’ve used over this article.

  18. The funny thing is the fact that he wasn’t bashing the Wii U. If you think that he was bashing it then you was reading out of context.

    Q: Was there anything in the other conferences though that stood out for you? People have said that SmartGlass is a reaction to the Wii U tablet. Is there any truth to that?

    Phil Spencer: No, our SmartGlass was driven by the fact that people use multiple devices at home to consume content. Whether they’re watching TV with their laptop up or sitting with their phone while browsing the web, we could use the power of Live to connect all these devices in an intelligent way and turn your TV into a smart TV. Your specific question on the other press briefings, I went to EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo and Sony and ours. Things that I thought and I am more of a positive than a negative; things I liked were ZombiU, they were nice enough to let me play. I thought that game played very well, and I saw the use of another screen and how that would work.

    I think their Pro Controller makes a lot of sense with the platform they’ve built. They are building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability. Now they are really making an on-ramp for the back catalog of games that are on 360. It is easy for those games to move over the Wii U. They’ve moved the buttons around, and they’ve made a controller that feels familiar for 360 gamers, so I get why they are putting those pieces together. I would have loved to see Zelda or Metroid or some of my favorite Nintendo franchises, which I didn’t see.

    For Sony, Sony has a big first-party. I didn’t get a sense of what all their first-party studios are working on, but I thought God of War looked good. It’s a franchise I like, I love the character and I think they do a good job with that. We are here to create entertainment, and we look at E3 and really wanted to create a breadth of content there. I felt good about how we showed up to really think about young, old, male, and female. We have more gamers than we ever have, whether they are on their phone, tablet, PC or console. We really want to embrace that huge community of gamers out there.

    1. Yeah if you read the full thing you can see he’s making a proffessional opinion/ statement. He is in no way bashing nintendo your right.

    2. lol Who do you think you are comin ’round here trying to explain the full story? We don’t like to know the truth here in these parts.

  19. From one SmarAss to another. Nice try, Mr. Spencer!!!!!!

    “Come on, it’s Nintendo. It does everything!”
    Reggie Fils-Aime
    Nintendo of America President and COO

    1. “My name’s Reggie, i’m about kickin’ ass and taking names, and we’re about making games” – Reggie Fils-Aime

      1. Actually the drive could if you hacked it, it supposedly lacked certain features needed for full DVD playback though. Also Nintendo creates gaming machines, not media centres. If anything Nintendo are ahead of the curve by focusing more on increasingly popular streaming.

        1. So? It still didn’t do everything. Every other thing on the market owning a disc drive could play back DVDs, it was even said at E3 2005 the wii would be able to.

        2. A Wii can play DVDs through unauthorized means, though Nintendo would have us believe it requires a hardware upgrade because movie playback wears out the system’s DVD drive so quickly. They’re probably not lying – Technically speaking, the Wii has very little memory (512MB, i.e. half a gig) and storage space for buffering, so in order to avert a long ass loading time, it compensates for it by spinning the disk really, really fast for prolonged periods of time. This has an unfortunate tendency to shorten the lifespan of the optical drive significantly.

          1. I know this because after I softmodded my Wii to play DVDs, the disc would spin really fast, and the drive made this loud noise, like a weedwhacker on max power. Then the DVD drive kicked the bucket about 8 months later. (Then again I had it since 2008, so it was probably on its last legs anyhow). Lucky for me, I had a broken Wii lying around whose DVD drive was still good, and I just swapped the drive from that wii into the one I was using. Now it works like a charm :D

      2. and tell me WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO WATCH A MOVIE IN A VIDEOGAME CONSOLE? i mean, really? that’s just an irrelevant feature because consoles are made for GAMING.

    1. All i could think of when i saw this was that Simpsons episode, “Gabbo! Gabbo! GABBO!” “what’s Gabbo?”

  20. @gpadwatcher yeah evetything except online functions and as for dragon come why the hate the xbox is beating the ps3 and wasnt wii the weakest. Heck miyamoto basically strived for the kind of online xbox offers but couldnt. Besides their good w/software

    1. Lucy… work on your spelling grammar. Everything you’ve posted makes absolutely no sense. The Wii U has online functions. It’s called the Nintendo Network.

  21. @dragon yeah if kicking ass means that when you face stiff competition you lower your prices ASAP like cowards afraid of their competitors why hmm maybe because they relize they cant compete fairly becsuse their leauges behind

    1. Again, wtf is wrong with your spelling and grammar, i can barely understand what you’re saying.
      Im not “hating” on the 360, im hating on MS, i just dont like them.
      I would buy a 360, but i hVe no incentive to buy one, their no exclusive games i want that much, and my ps3 offers all the 3rd party content.
      The Wii lacked 3 things, good online, graphics on par with current gen, and big 3rd party titles like COD, EA games, ect

      But, all of that is not resolved, and if you think otherwise, then you’re just a blind fanboy, and i’ll ignore everything you say from now on. Im just trying to give you some clarity, that all consoles have something good to offer, but i can clearly see that some are better than others.

      And no, the Wii sold the most systems this gen, and 360 only came out on top in USA. Even PS3 beat it with its larger price everywhere else

        1. Wii did have EA gaes and Activision games. ALL of the CoD games have been ported and are, while not as visually impressive, very much playable.

    2. And the kicking ass quote was just there for fun, naming some of the stuff Reggie has said like “My body is ready”, the guys hilarious

  22. @dragon I can agree with what you say and yeah microsoft had more exclusives at first but supporting hd dvd really came back and bite them in the ass.

    1. How is it a rip off? Have you seen the controlers to EVERY OTRHER GAMING SYSTEM!? Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox, Playstation, Wii (classic controler). They all look similar. Studies have shown that controlers with these designs and shapes are the most comfortable in the hands of gamers. That is why game companies use them. Not because “Nintendo is copying Xbox.” Think about it. Nintendo works it’s ass off day and nigh to be more innovative than Microsoft and Sony. Why would they go and just copy someone elses controler? It is just a coincidence that the controlers are similar. Nothing more, nothing less.

  23. So Sony copies Super Smash and then their is an article that actually tried to tell gamers that it would be better then Super Smash Bros. Brawl. NOW Xbox is here talking shit about the Wii U and how it is such a copy of the Xbox…meanwhile Xbox just announced it’s “Smart glasses” which is obviously copying the idea of two screens like the Wii U Game-Pad… Xbox is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen. P.S. If Nintendo sucks(according to Sony and Microsoft) Than why do Sony and Microsoft keep stealing Nintendo’s brilliant ideas??? P.S.S Firstly, the controler looks like the Xbox controler…it also looks like the PS3 controler, the Gamecube controler,the Wii classic controler and the Wii Classic Controler Pro. I think it is just the way handheld controlers look when they dont involve motion controles. Secondly Nintendo didnt copy the Xbox because the Wii U is MORE powerful than 360 NOT the same…

  24. @andy well andy theres talking shit like your clearly showing then theres logicak assumptions….based on the fact iwata said he wanted to mimck xbox live,compsring wii u to xbox360 and the new controller looking similar to the 360.

  25. @dragon its okay if you dont like micro for x amount of reason. We wont see eye to eye on everything and that actually makes debating would be boring if everybody agreed and like the same things.With that due Opinion cannot trumph facts.

    1. Im fine with debating why someone things a console is better. Its when people feel the need to be an arsehole about it and state totally bias opinion, like Aeolus, using a rumour against nintendo, but disregarding one that goes against MS or Sony

      Personally, i realised today how much i love the Playstation, has some of my favorite games, its always a solid system, and its a good value. But i’ll always like Nintendo, just for its first parties. Even if people like the 360 but dont like the ps3, or the other way round, people should always have a nintendo console, it makes gaming a much richer experience. Theres certain titles and genres i probably wont see on the WiiU, but will on the ps3/4.

    2. I seen the call of duty comparison video wii vs hd twins i wouldn’t pay anymore than 60 bucks for that difference if you go by launch price the wii is better the wiimote is better than dual analog imo and wii isn’t dying it’s just passing the baton if the u gets half of the third parties it could be unstoppable especially if competition doesn’t copy or does something better imo the
      wiimote is hd control the u is the first tvless system sony and micro better go hard ill take the n 4 the win

  26. And the 360 controller is nothing more than an evolution of older nintendo controllers. If anybody has the right to use this style of controller, it’s Nintendo.

  27. @Thedragon I only liked the ps1 and ps2. The ps3 dropped the ball and their only saving grace was lowering the price so that they campete with the blu ray market lol just like the dvd. Heck ff7 was originally meant for an n64 release

    1. You’ve missed out on alot of great games then buddy. Admittidly, i didnt grt a ps3 till the slim came out and that was about 3 years ago.

    2. You missed God of War 3/Ascension, Uncharted 1-3, MGS4, Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time, LBP1-2, Sky Cooper, etc..

  28. “Things I liked were ZombiU, they were nice enough to let me play. I thought that game played very well, and I saw the use of another screen and how that would work…………….
    I would have loved to see Zelda or Metroid or some of my favorite Nintendo franchises, which I didn’t see.” ~ Microsoft Studio’s Phil Spencer

    *Waits for “My Nintendo News” diploma to show up in mail so I can write articles too.*

    1. To be honest, i judged what this guy said before i read the full interview. Seems like a really down to earth guy, reminds me of Kevin Bishop of Sony, with his whole “we all bow to God we call Gaming, no matter what console” speech.
      Still doesnt mean i like MS, but at least he’s not saying ridiculous things, and openly praising Nintendo, doesnt come across as a guy who wants to see any company burn, like all his fans.

  29. “Effectively….”
    Sure. Right. A console that is, at minimum, as powerful as a 360, and much more so with any sort of pushing, is still basically a 360 in graphical power……
    Guess that particular article flew over this guy’s head.

    Also, when are these people going to learn that aesthetic visuals count for more than horsepower does when it comes to graphics?
    You can have all the horsepower in the world, but when your game basically comes out to varying shades of brown/black/gray/any-other-dark-color-you-can-get, it still isn’t going to look very nice in hind-sight.
    It’s how the system uses said graphical capability that counts.
    Nintendo is known for making the graphical aesthetics of their games shine, and they encourage their partners to do so as well.
    I’m not saying that other companies don’t do the same[Borderlands 2 is looking absolutely fantastic so far], but Nintendo is just KNOWN for it to a larger degree.
    And now that they’ve got a system that, at minimum, matches the 360’s capabilities, that can do so much more if the devs push its limits, they’ll have more power to make the aesthetics shine even brighter.

    i take reports like this with a grain of salt; haters of Nintendo, and Nintendo’s direct competition alike, are always and forever going to do anything and everything they can to bash Nintendo at every turn.
    But the cold hard fact is, Nintendo has been around despite these naysayers and has remained profitable.
    That’s enough evidence right there to prove that the haters are just blowing smoke out of frustration.
    They’d be better served concentrating on what THEY like, and leaving those who like Nintendo stuff alone.
    Not that I expect them to be smart enough to take this advice, as evidenced by the rage-full people that show up here to bash whenever they can.*eye roll*

  30. MS, I don’t remember the 360 supporting DirectX 11 features like Compute Shading and GOOD Tesselation.

  31. @gpadwatcher yeah I am going to have to proof read. I dont mind being corrected. Btw the reason words come off like that its because i have a word limit on my mobile phone and the touchscreens kinda iffy :'(

  32. there is only so many was that you make a device that is held by the human hand. second the shape of the controller has been used before the Xbox it is a modified Deamcast pad. to be honest the only way the Wii U could be like the Xbox 360 is if it had poor build quality, heavy and the use of substandard parts. also with having to pay to use online options.

  33. @eric seller thing is ya the ones that bash the most. I mean honestly if ya get mad over every little comment made it would show just how little trust and confidance you have in your brand and heck even know deep down their bullshit u put up with

  34. Another thing im not buying is how the xbox stole from gamecube, when if my memory serves me right the xbox came before the game cube and the 360 adapted from the original. Heck gamecube controller looks like a dreamcast plus a ps1 controller .

        1. Nintendo should if they are serious about their own statements. They said they are going after the core gamers this time around. So my link on the specs for the dev kit means its at least 3 times more powerful than the Xbox360. So Microsoft comments are grossly inaccurate. The problem is Nintendo has never been know to fight back or correct states like this.

  35. As if! An XBox 360, with better technology, not fried with the three red lights and build by Nintedo. Never will be either like the X360.

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  37. I believe he was referring more to how the Wii U and the 360 are similar in concept, though I’m sure he was looking at only the controllers as he was saying this and not acknowledging the true graphical strength (which he might have a better idea of than we do anyway) of the Wii U or the overall difference concept between the Wii U and the 360. Like the controller.

  38. So when has XBOX360 ever been able to process DX10 Visuals? From what I remember the XBOX GPU is outdated and can barely run newer games. Its a joke really, microsoft are betting everything on their new crap line up of KINECT only games and Windows 8 which is failing even before it hits the shelves..

    Oh and games seem to be running quite smooth on the Wii U from E3, XBOX on the other hand still has jittery and craptacular lag, seriously I haven’t found any good titles on the XBOX in years now.

    Grow up microsoft, just because you’re not no.1 doesn’t mean you can go around a bitch about it and stir up a shit-storm about others.

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