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Nintendo Is Preparing For Miyamoto’s Departure

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made it clear that Shigeru Miyamoto is not yet retiring but Nintendo is preparing for when he eventually retires. Iwata says, “Mr. Miyamoto still will be actively creating things but we are working for the transition of power to go to younger people at the same time.” Nintendo is preparing “competent replacements” for Nintendo directors who will get “too old to be able to continue their current positions.”

“Mr. Miyamoto still will be actively creating things but we are working for the transition of power to go to younger people at the same time. Naturally the directors here will inevitably become too old to be able to continue their current positions someday and Nintendo might decrease its competitiveness without competent replacements. We are proceeding with preparations to avoid that situation.”

88 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Preparing For Miyamoto’s Departure”

      1. I agree!
        They’re talking about competent “replacements”, you can expect exaclty that, and someone who can bring changes for the best!

  1. Guys it really isn’t as bad as it seems. If Im correct Myamoto didn’t have too much to do with either Skyward Sword nor Mario Galaxy, and look at those, amazing games! Nintendo is not screwed or anything like that.

    1. Of course he did have much to do with development of Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy, he overlooked the team and helped them during development! –– How can you possibly say that!? D:<

  2. When he does go, i’ll salute him for all the fanstatic games and names he’s created, and even though its sad, it’ll be interesting to see what some new blood can do. The Zelda Team is always passing down lessons and skills from each veteren developer to its new staff.
    Wonder if we’ll see a new face of Nintendo rise up.

    1. sad you say that. other studios don’t have enough foresight currently to hire new talents and train them. nintendo will be ready during that gap/transition when companies are finally and desperately hiring new people just to a games done, when their staff is getting really old too.

      many indie developers need to be hired now to prepare for this transition, but no one will hire them and it’s pathetic how they get treated and thrown out.

      nintendo won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because they are prepared for the future, i can’t say much about the rest.

    2. oh my flippin god man if you hate nintendo why are u even on this website!!!! STFU and screw you
      how dare you flip off miyamoto GTFO this website

  3. Mr Miyamotto needs to Go Out With a Boom!!! Making something super awesome or a consol awesome with new awesome ip or something

  4. Here people retire with 67 years… so what the hell? He didn’t do hard work all his life long (hard as in builder or miner hard)… He should be there 7 more years!

  5. I just read the entire shareholders Q&A, and in no way does it indicate Miyamoto is leaving any time soon. In fact they even addressed how media outlets prematurely jumped to conclusions that he was retiring and reported incorrectly. All Iwata and Miyamoto said was they were trying to prepare replacements for all of the staff that will have to retire eventually. Also, that they are working with younger generations to sustain the quality that they are synonymous with. Also, Miyamoto said he isn’t working creatively with games like Mario Kart and Super Mario, but is overseeing projects as a general manager, which is his official position. You can read the entire Q&A here:


    Is it really that hard to copypaste games and reuse cliches,dungeaons,gameplay etc….Every ip is basically the same game over and over and over and ovef and over again just different change of scenery…sometimes! -_-

  7. Hard worker lol ive seen elderly women who work harder and practically never retire like Nina hartley,miss betty white and that old whore who went to school again,think she made a genuis record…..forshame miyamoto son -_-

  8. Yeah but you see mr perfect the reason those old ladys havent retire is because the actually love their job,have a passion for their trade work and people still enjoy and find them relevent and amusing.

  9. the headline made my heart stop. I hope nintendo without miyamoto doesn’t die. He is the heart of the company at the moment.

  10. Sad news, but i doubt he is retiring any time soon… he is 60 and most of the time, CEO or directors of companies tend to stay till 65-70 or so, so we still have at least 6 years or more of the greatest miind of videogames…

  11. Not seeing the problem. The younger generation will be brought in after receiving the proper training, and Miyamoto will still be there, just not having such a large influence anymore. It’s not so bad really, and it could easily make things even better.

  12. I dont think That he Will leave soon!
    They just said That he prepare the future and forming young for it …
    He just love his job !!!

  13. Love the picture :P

    Sad to hear. He will always be remembered as a legend!
    They should make a game devoted to Miyamoto when he retires called The Legend of Super Miyamoto.

  14. It’s not that Nintendo doesn’t have talented developers, they do. The problem with him leaving is that Miyamoto holds onto to this Philosophy that games are about having fun. He believes games don’t need fancy graphics, over the top killing, or recycled clichéd game mechanics for them to be great and most importantly, FUN! Miyamoto was about innovative gameplay, new ideas, with a touch of whimsical silliness. One look at this man, and I could tell that he isn’t a money hungry monster like the boys at Microsoft. Sure, maybe he’s getting old and the gaming industry has changed a lot since he was at his best. But these kid devs today don’t understand the charm in video games that made us stay up late just so we can get to the next level (I’m looking at you, Super Mario World). If there’s ever a time when Miyamoto wants to listen to his fans when he leaves, I would say to him “Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful childhood, as I grew up with the SNES. Thank you for constantly challenging the status quo with your whimsical ideas. And thank you for showing me the artistic side of video games, and inspiring me.” *There goes Shigeru Miyamoto, the Willy Wonka of video games* ;__;

  15. If I remember correctly, he wishes to go back to making games, and teaching the younger generation how to. He’s currently working on a new IP, and he isn’t leaving the industry, just stepping down.

  16. good bye miyamoto you are my video game hero man im a boy but tears are falling down from my eyes im gonna miss him

  17. Miyamoto is irreplacable. It will be a very sad day when he reitres. I know he will leave his legacy in the hands of capable and trustworthy people. There is nobody else in this industry that has had the impact he’s had. There probably never will be again. He is the father of gaming. I’m not looking forward to that day. Leave luck to heaven.

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  19. As if it matters, he hasn’t been relevant in any of their major games for almost a decade. I say let him retire now and let the fanboys get over it. After the disaster called Wii Music, it’s safe to say his days are numbered.

    1. What was so wrong with Wii Music? Granted, it’s not one of my favorites, but my brother loves it and plays it all the time.

          1. Riiiiiiidge Racerrr!
            Based on real battles that took place in Japan, so heres this giant enemy crab, reL time weapon point, and hit its weak point for MASSIVE damage.

              1. Hey i liked Mr.Caffeine xD
                Konami’s was pretty hilarious too, way too much bad engrish, “one mirrion troops… mirrion troooops…wooooow..”

    2. I cant think of any Nintendo fan that liked Wii Music, but you’re tLking about the man who MADE SUPER FUCKING MARIO, one of the most iconic characters of all time, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, stated many many many many many times, as the greastest video game series of all time, and with many best games of all time. Not to mention everything else he’s done. He’s as relevant now as he ever was. It’ll be sad to see him go, but i welcome fresh new talent taught under his wing, and to continue making amazing games.

      You on the other hand, are a low life condesending piece of trash who knows NOTHING about the game industry thats evem somewhat significance. Shut the fuck up, go pull that giant dildo out your arae and get on with your sad pathetic life.

      1. I don’t care about games he created over 20 years ago. I care about what is done in the present, and he is done virtually nothing noteworthy in the span of ten years. Fact.

  20. You know, now that I think about it, I just realized that I’ve been alive for Miyamoto’s entire gaming career.[home console-wise. I wasn’t around for Nintendo’s Love Hotel days, obviously.XD]
    I practically grew up surrounded by the marvelous things he helped inspire and create.
    And now he’s going away to let new talent step in…..
    Kind of puts how long I’ve lived into perspective…..

  21. Don’t know why this is being reported yet again…
    But yeah it’s good they’re preparing, they’ll probably prepare better than Apple did with Steve Jobs…

  22. I hope that he teaches these new guys everything that they need to know in order for them to be as good as him. He will be around for at least a little while.

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