Update Swapnote For More Colors

Swapnote, or Nintendo Letter Box, can be updated from the Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America. Its latest update adds a few new colors of ink, so you don’t have to doodle with only black ink. You can’t, however, use more than one color per note. You can look for the update on the Nintendo eShop, or you can scan the QR code on the right with a Nintendo 3DS to direct you to the update page.



      1. Probably because of data transfer. Since there’s only one color, there’s only one variable additional variable sent from your 3DS to a friend’s, and this variable determines what color the entire note is. If you could “mix and match”, there is going to be a variable for each pixel or so and take a lot longer or impossible to be sent over quick enconters such as StreetPass.


      2. But what about sending 3D photos or recordings with it? Surely that uses MUCH more data than different colours. I mean, on DSi you could send rainbow writing!


      1. Are you an idiot? The Greeks played a huge factor in the Renaissance and brought humankind out of the Middle Ages.


  1. why it is content not found?
    i haven’t update mine yet it’s already not available.
    why is it so?
    i just scan the code, but it said content not found. can someone help me?


  2. I went to eShop & tapped on the green swapnote then tapped on download & it worked just fine..You do have to have memory card in to do it..Worked fine for us to be able to download it..Re-try & see if it works :) Good Luck!!!


  3. I would have to say its really cool to be able to change colors, but it would be better if you could have one word orange, one word green, & one word blue for example..but it makes the whole page writting which ever color you choose..The Rainbow writting would be awsome..wonder why the DSI has it & not the 3DS XL, when the 3DS XL costs way more…maybe they will have an upgrade for that one day, i hope!!! ;+P


    1. okay, figured it out. have to use the D-Pad to change colors. Now if they would only let you use all the colors in one note, that would be cool.


  4. how am i going to scan the code whe i am using my 3ds to search on the internet i’d like to see your little website help me with this problem!


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