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Shin’en Multimedia: ‘Wii U Is Very Easy To Develop For & Doesn’t Have Many Limitations’

Shin’en Multimedia’s Manfred Linzner was recently interviewed by SuperPhillip. During the interview, Linzner revealed that Shin’en Multimedia is almost finished developing a new game for Wii U. Linzner is impressed with the Wii U console and claims that it’s very easy to develop for. According to Linzner, compared to other current generation platforms, the Wii U does not have many limitations. Lizner also revealed that Nintendo doesn’t really put restrictions on developers who bring their content to the eShop.

“We have a few Wii U devkits since quite some time. We even almost finished our first Wii U game. The kits exceeded our expectations in every way and we still learn how to get the best performance out of it. A good thing about Wii U is that it’s very easy to develop for. You don’t have so many limitations like on the other current gen platforms. For us the Wii U is the perfect platform with enough horsepower for many years to come. I think we currently only tapped 20% of its potential and our first game already looks and plays brilliant.”

“Digital is of course the future. We love that Nintendo doesn’t really put restrictions on the developers what they want to do in the eShop. For us as a small developer it’s like a dream come true to be able to design whatever we want and to bring it quickly to the players.”

71 thoughts on “Shin’en Multimedia: ‘Wii U Is Very Easy To Develop For & Doesn’t Have Many Limitations’”

        1. @ Linky
          From the article:
          “I guess they’re [Nintendo] trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”
          That sounds to me like Nintendo turned it down before presenting it to them to give them a challenge, and that it is something they could easily crank right back up.
          Also, it was never stated HOW low, so now some people[ and many, many trolls looking for any excuse they can get their filthy claws on to bash Nintendo] are taking that article and blowing it WAAAAAYYYYYY out of proportion.
          If the speed were slow enough to be a discouragement, then Nintendo wouldn’t be getting all of the support from third party companies that they are now.
          It’s nothing to worry about.

        2. Idiot… how about you read this and educate yourself.

          The link above should clear up the ridiculous comment the same guy made about the Wii U CPU being less capable or slower than the Xbox360/PS3. If you use the same engine and code that is optimized for current gen architecture then yes… chances are it will not utilize the hardware of the Wii U properly. There is a reason why the launch line up for games on the Wii U only show marginal improvements. They are created for Xbox360/PS3 then port… yes PORTED over to the Wii U. Retro will show what the Wii U hardware is fully capable. It will take developers time to enhance their engines to take full advantage of the Wii U hardware.

          1. “It will take developers time to enhance their engines to take full advantage of the Wii U hardware.”

            It’s kind of amazing that people don’t already know this. We’ve already seen this happen before. Early 360/ps3 games didn’t look much better than late xbox/ps2 games.

            Now we’ve got games like The Last of Us.

            Consoles look better over time people. That’s just the way it is.

          1. this; relative computing power is a combination of clock speed, instruction set, available cores/threads, bus size, cache. How they choose to utilize these features intelligently (or not) is up to the dev.

            Shame on nintendo for worrying about heat and power consumption I wish they would just let it overheat and let us buy a new one every few months and let me play COD in peace!

        3. were did you even here that they havent sed anything about plus you cant trust all devolepors on what they say there all xbox fanboys

    1. The only diffucilty teken faced was that it was diffucult for them to develop it to use the wii u game pad hope you understand that diffucilty in gaming power and developing for game pad is 2 different things

                1. – LOL! I so understand the oitfut choices. My 5yo son chooses all his own. Usually he’s pretty good. But there are those times of 2 different plaids and other such combinations. Very cute swing pic! Love the color.

  1. “We love that Nintendo doesn’t really put restrictions on the developers what they want to do in the eShop”

    What a load of crock, it’s almost like they’re reading from a script devised by Nintendo. Lets not forget developers have been gunning Nintendo and their harsh tactics with their crappy WiiWare service, for years.

        1. your avatar is a penis (sorry its been bugging me and I had to say it)
          also i agree with you and it doesn’t look scripted just careful P.R

    1. So your one of those typse looking for any reason to bash nintendo, but when someone says positive things you can not stand it. Also when anyone post something you look to jump down there throat. correct me if i’m wrong.

  2. Uhh, this back and forth about the wiiu’s power is getting annoying.

    Also, what games has this developer made?

      1. Maybe im on my phone and i dont want take up internet usage. And even if i searched, it wouldnt give me any clarification on whether or no they were actually good or not

      2. cool thanks the info
        “The company has been an official Nintendo third-party developer since 1999”
        wait how does that work, if the only make games on Nintendo does it that mean that they are second party?

        1. Nope, subsidiaries are 2nd party developers, so developers like Retro, a development team becomes a subsidiary if the company that has them as a subsidiary has a share of it. It becomes a 1st party developer if the company buys out 100% of the team. And since Nintendo has not shares of this development company, they are 3rd party developers, who develop games exclusively for Nintendo. But I’m fairly certain that it was a mistake in Wikipedia.

          1. 2nd party in this context doesn’t mean nintendo has any share in that company.. it simply means they’re exclusively working for nintendo (or another console manufacturer)

            a subsidiary is a subsidiary and not a 2nd party developer (or publisher)

  3. OMG, I was just looking for the first time at some Shin’en Multimedia games (Fast Racing League, Jett Rocket etc), what a coincidence that they brought up this topic now. They have pretty awesome games, I’ve played the demo for Jett Rocket and Fast Racing League and I can say that Jett Rocket is the best 3D platformer on WiiWare and Fast Racing League is like their version of an F-Zero game on the Wii. I was actually going to buy Jett Rocket today and seeing as how I’ve heard many people say that a Jett Rocket sequel is on the way, it could probably be this title that they are working on for the Wii U. If so, then I am really excited for that. That game has some great potential. :)

  4. Source 1: Wii U is par with 360 and PS3.
    Source 2: Wii U is only a bit weaker than 360 and PS3.
    Source 3: Wii U might be better than NextBox and PlayStation 4.
    Source 4: Wii U is more powerful than Bat-man.
    Source 5: Wii U is only 1.5 as powerful as the NextBox.
    Source 6: Wii U is more powerful than Wii.

    I do not care anymore.

      1. You’re doing it wrong… It’s I’M BATMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I just want to play the damn thing. As long as its fun, the power shouldn’t matter too much.

  5. I’m predicting that the Wii U CPU is actually based on a (modified with 12MB L3 cache) POWERPC 476FP.

    That would give it a clock speed of 1.8Ghz, however would be able to process a whopping 5 THREADS A CORE (15 threads). With 3MB L2 cache and around 12MB eDRAM running for L3 cache. That vastly outperforms the 360 or PS3, and even out-performs the Xbox 8 (if the rumours are true that 4 cores will be locked out to run Kinect 2 etc).

    However this is new architecture and wlll take some time for developers to get their head around that this baby can outperform something that’s running at a higher clock speed

    1. We’ll have to wait for Nintendo to say anything. Please don’t post these things, people with no understanding of technology might use it, and you know what happens after that. If you are thinking about what it could be for fun, keep it to yourself, not to be rude but just to prevent unnecessary arguments.

    2. Plus just porting games over without any modification or optimization for the new hardware will result in just marginal graphic improvements. Majority of the launch games for Wii U are PORTS. So why are these idiots expecting a huge difference in the game fidelity when it will take developers time to build games from the ground up for the Wii U.

    3. uh the 476FP is a low power SOC processor (1.6 watts TDP)… i certainly hope they’re not going to use that one
      anywho fortunately it has already (a year ago actually) been confirmed by IBM to be a cpu based on the POWER architecture

      and here the only choice would be POWER7 since it’s the only one that is fabricated in 45nm and uses eDRAM (which has also been confirmed for the Wii U cpu by IBM)
      in case you don’t believe me:

      the only remaining misteries are the number of cores and the frequency at which they’re running

      1. also it’s a custom CPU so while likely being based on a known model we’ll prolly never know which one precisely

  6. Aslong as the Online capabilites are better I don’t give a fuck about the rest tbh…
    I just want to play my Metroid already!

    1. The online sure seems better. It’s a unified account, on which your games get saved in a cloud, at least that’s what I got from all the articles, take what I’m typing with a grain of salt. I would have loved to have such a system for the Vita, but sadly, Sony wants to re-sell me my PSP games to me again via PStore. But I gave them my middle finger, and turned on my PSP …and then it crashed. You win this time Sony, but the war is not over, I’LL NEVER RE-BUY THE THINGS I ALREADY BOUGHT!
      Yeah, sorry, it’s a better system for now, by the looks of it.

  7. Good thing considering that the Saturn was the hardest game console to develop games, expecially for make run party games. Being a SEGA fan I remember this “problem” on my best 32bit console, the SEGA Saturn. This time With Wii U, Nintendo is sure to avoid any kind of develop problems!

  8. There sure is a lot of Wara Wara! going around with these developers talking about what the U can and can’t do for a while so come 2013 there should be a lot of games dropping .

    1. By the sounds of it there are A LOT of games in development. And I mean seriously A LOT. Not just bad games, (Jet Tailfin is the only shovelware I can think of.) but a bunch of big 3rd party games aren’t unveiled. EA (I hate them so much!) has 2 games to be announced this July, even though they aren’t really all that popular, they make some of the biggest games on the market, so it’s good to have ’em.

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