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Kirby Dream Collection – First 58 Minutes

Tilmen from Nintendomination has kindly uploaded the first 58 minutes of Kirby’s Dream Collection which was released in Japan on Thursday. The collection includes Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Kirby Super Star and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Kirby’s Dream Collection will be coming to North America on September 16th.

43 thoughts on “Kirby Dream Collection – First 58 Minutes”

  1. I think I might get it. Or not. I spent over 500 euros this year on Nintendo stuff. Okay. Not 500 but 300 at least. I do not want to spend more.

    1. Okay I spent 300Euros in 2011 and 2012 TOGETHER
      And I still want to get the 3DSXL and pokemon type adventure and
      Mario bros 2… And Pokemon black 2 and white 2. But it will be over 500 at the end of the year (2011 and 2012 together). Okay but I sometimes get 500 euros a month (I work for a guy and he pays very good. ) and that is good for some1 that is in grade 10. AHHHH but there is so much money leaving my pockets. I get the feeling my wallet is doing weight watchers. I think I will skip the 3DS XL. But my mom is buying me the Wii U so that is not a problem at all.

      1. If you have a 3ds I don’t think it’s worth getting the 3ds XL. Wait until they release 3DSi with extra everything which I assume they will in 1½ year.

      2. I spent over $2,000 on Nintendo’s consoles and games since last fall. I’ll be see myself spending more on the upcoming releases.

    1. The Nintendo Reviewer

      I’m in the process of saving money. So my wallet will be ready. It just isn’t right now.

  2. I hope they put Wii games on the WiiUs online store. Missed out on a few games that i really want to play, plus they doing take up alot of room

    1. I agree with the storage problem :/ But that’s a problem I love to have :) Nothing impresses the ladies more than coming in and see a ton of video games :3

      1. I meant to say they dont take up alot of good, Galaxy is only 3gb. Im fine with the lack of hardrive, if it was build in, it could cause the console to break, its a problem the 360/ps3.
        External HDD or even flash storage like SDHC cards are better or even a SDD drive if you’re lucky enough haha

              1. It’s a JapaneseBuddhist symbol that, when reversed becomes the Swastika.My picture may be different because I’m using my main e-mail and I usually used a different one on my phone.

                1. that’s what scares mii, people will think U are a Nazi lover, U know how these trolls are.
                  i guess these trolls need an education.

  3. @firesplitter hmm how so? Kirby from what i saw was way to kiddy the only episodes that were great were the 3ds downloads &nightmare. Mario cartoons were also kiddy with cringe induced songs but captain albino added that pimp factor. WUT BOUT ZELDA LOL

  4. Donkey kong was originally set to be a popeye arcade game till nintendo lost the license by atari which atari released their game. Miyamoto opted to screw atari and rippoff the game replacing popeye characters with his own.

  5. Did ya know that Racist Nintendo Made Jinx Black portraying STEROTYPICAL mama drawn in japan. So nintendo opted to paint jinx purple. Actualy jinx was inspired by japanese folklore monter the yamaoba or mountain crone who feed on children & m. Travelers

  6. Or yamaoba? Well the tale yamamba who the dancer yamamba meet old women who was actualy yamaoba who perform a dance. Funny enough yamaobe had a secound mouth behind its head.

    1. I think it going to be Limited but that’s what NOA said about Mario Anniversary. Don’t take my words for it… :)

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