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Free Dragon Quest Application Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest X content will be on three Nintendo platforms – Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS – in one way or another. The Wii version of the game will be released in Japan on August 2nd, while a Wii U version will be released at a later date. Square Enix has confirmed a series of Dragon Quest X applications that will be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

According to Andriasang, the first App, titled “Convenient Tool For Adventurers On the Go: Vol.1,” will be free and allows 3DS owners to view Dragon Quest X alerts, do SpotPass exchanges, view information about friends and characters, send letters to friends, and view product information from the Travelers Bazaar.

An item called a “Key Emblem” was also revealed and it will be scattered throughout the game’s world. The Key Emblem is a crucial item in Dragon Quest X because it’s needed to transform your character into his or her human form.

48 thoughts on “Free Dragon Quest Application Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. When will they reveal if this game is going to be released outside of Japan? I want this game more than any other title (sorry HD Zelda, but this is higher on my want list)

  2. But to bad I lost all interest in the game since they happily announced that online will cost.
    To bad. Dragon quest IX was very fun and I was really excited.
    But maybe the US version wont charge for online play.
    Just try to suck out my money Squar Enix. I did not buy that Final Fantasy rhythm game for the 3DS be cause you had to buy the rest (50 songs) per DLC. One song for 1,5$(If I remember right) is way to much.
    I even do go to MacDonalds any more since they sell the Vegie Burger for 1,5 Euros. (I do not eat meat or fish)
    It was 1,1 Euro but then they decided to add 1 slice of a tomato to it and charge 40 cents for it. I EVEN HATE TOMATOS!!!! And I am suppose to pay 40 extra cents for it?
    I even do not go to Burger King any more since they reduced the size of the milkshake to about the half but did not change the price one bit.
    Since then (and it has been around a year now) I did not go to McDonalds or Burger King.
    Just try to suck the money out of me. it wont work.
    I hate when they do that.

    1. It’s a MMORPG ffs… They have to charge money for updates and server maintance and they want to get alittle profit for it aswell. I know no GOOD MMORPG that isn’t P2P or uses the tragic F2P but P2W (free to play but Pay to Win) model. But I hope they’re going to have an offline mode that’s free. If there’s not an offline mode I do not really care. It’s a JRPG, so eighter way we don’t have to stick with 12 year old crybabies. And that alone makes this one of the better MMORPGs I’ve ever seen.

      1. WHATTTT!!!!!! Monthly charges for offline?
        Every game should do that and I would stop playing games.
        Except Pokemon. I just love that game.

        1. Not sure if offline will be charged. As I said, I hope it will be free. But even if that would be true so does the game update every once in a while with new stuff (think WoW) and obv. they want to get paid for that hard work.

          1. There’s no offline mode… your saved data will be stored in the “cloud”, so you can’t continue playing with your character without connecting to internet…
            PD: I know, my english is horrible…

      1. Nintendo always had cross connectivity in some form or other since at least gba with Gamecube so once agin Sony steals a Nintendo ideal

          1. and if that counts, the Super gameboy for the SNES… so they pretty much always had cross connectivity with their portables… Go figure… Sony dressed it up with bells and whistles but Nintendo has been doing it for years…

  3. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    The 3ds is on its way. Can wait to get it with all the good news. All that is left is monster hunter 3g or 4 localization. Anyone would do

    1. Yes. Dragon Quest is like final fantasy but still good (not crappy like the modern ones have come to be)

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    @Firesplitter hey kotaku reported recently that the 3dsxl might have a clear see through model.
    Also you should check out Didyouknowgaming,com they have cool facts and have uploaded a new video on zelda.

    1. None of your hoes are over 13 because you have gay sex with aeolus, peteriuss, icy dead and siegfried von schroder,

    2. NONE OF MY HOES ARE OVER 13 CUZ TO THESE LIITLE TRICKS MY DICK LOOKS HUMONGUS I hope that isn’t a song otherwise I would have to give up on life


    @firesplitter are mmorpgs even good? Like whats the concept? Is it an rpg but with multiplayer and a focus on dlc?

    1. It depends. I think this one might be good because it’s also a traditional JRPG which means that there will be very few whiny 12 year olds and other trash that you usually find while playing online.

  7. heroes of ruin kills any rpg on 3ds rite now dragon quest wont even do well here in the US so why bother releasing it over here what they need to do is get N space to work on a new FPS so 3ds sales can go through the roof in the US and Europ

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  9. @frazworth well it actually is a song withthose few lyrics on lil waynes backalbum. Somebody later reinvisioned those lyrics and made wigga song a parody of sorts

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