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Velocity Developer Working On New Nintendo 3DS Game

Futurlab, the developers behind the well-received Velocity, are developing a brand new Nintendo 3DS game according to the company’s website. There aren’t any hints related to what the developers are working on, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if the game was released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

12 thoughts on “Velocity Developer Working On New Nintendo 3DS Game”

  1. If it was another up scrolling space shooter, i would be okay with that IF they made some awesome features for it, like, switching dimensions and using the second screen to see the other dim to know when to switch. Or something.

  2. I see many games coming to the 3DS,i like when people say that the 3DS will not have many games and it’s not a next hundlet generation because it hasn’t good graphics and another bullshits…

  3. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    The 3ds is the strongest handheld made by nintendo and i see it reaching or surpassing the ds when . Monster hunter4 and various rpgs , some shooters smash bros zelda . And the first new 3d handheld the pokemon

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