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Kingdom Hearts 3D Review

Kingdom Hearts 3D is an aesthetically pleasing title with an impressive amount of depth and engaging characters, which put together, make this one of the most enjoyable and consuming adventures on the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be reunited with old friends and instantly you’ll be flooded with fond nostalgic memories. Yes, initially there are too many tutorials which pop up all too often, but once they’re out of the way you are left to relish in what is undoubtedly one of the best action RPG’s you will play this year.

For a newcomer to the series, the game, and it’s over developed storyline can admittedly be a little bewildering, however the game does include mementos which clearly explain previous events scattered throughout the series. With regards to the gameplay itself this game isn’t without its flaws, and it’s yet another prime example that the Nintendo 3DS sorely needs a second Circle Pad, as some of the chaotic and fast paced action can cause camera issues, especially on boss battles.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is one of those rare titles where you never once succumb to boredom. The action is suitably fast paced and unrelenting – thanks to the flowmotion system, but it is bridged nicely by lavish and engrossing cut-scenes. You’ll soon find yourself transported away to the various desirable locations scattered throughout the game, all rich in history and dotted with some of the world’s most iconic characters. Clearly a lot of effort was put in refining and condensing the experience for a hand-held, and those long hours have clearly paid off.


23 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D Review”

    1. It may be a coincidence, but IGN gave KH:3D a review of 8.5 also.
      I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, heck it’s great for a spinoff game. And I agree it’s an instant buy, my pre-order is ready and I’ll have it in 2 days! :3

      1. Well it isn’t exactly a spin-off, it’s actually a continuation of the story… sort of like “Chain of Memories”. Kh 3D sets the stage for KH 3 :)

  1. Decent review. I can’t wait for the game. The point brought up about the controls and camera issue is another reason why I can’t wait for the KH franchise to return to the big(ger) screen.

    Playing 358/2 Days and Re: Coded on the DS was fun, but they could have been so much better if the controls weren’t so limited. Then BBS on the PSP was a little better since you had the one analog stick, but the controls were still a bit wearisome.

    Since the controls are probably going to be similar (minus the touch screen) to BBS’, I assume it will also have a few of the same issues.

    Doesn’t 3D have support for the CPP though? I don’t remember.

    Either way, this makes us 1 step closer to KH III on home console. *crosses fingers*

    1. pretty sure it has circle pad pro support, i think there may have been an option for it in the demo that was prohibited or whatever, but im not sure

    2. I don’t know why some people are like that, the game plays awesome with or without a second analog. Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, and now Dream Drop Distance, all played awesome for me. I seriously don’t see the big issue in controlling the camera with the L and R buttons, it was comfortable to me and it didn’t slow me down in “hectic” battles. The devs for these series make sure the controls work, they tweak and adapt everything to the system they’re developing on. The controls aren’t limited, it’s the player, if you can’t control it and are just a winy player then go ahead, I’ll be enjoying the game while you keep thinking “it could have been better”.

      1. Sounds like you’re the one whining. I was offering constructive criticism.

        I never said the games were bad. I played all of them, so obviously something was right. However, most people agree, camera controls would be better with dual analog sticks like the KH series on the PS2.

        There’s no problem with saying that.

        1. Was there an option to control camera controls witht he second analogue stick on KH 1? Because it’s original control scheme had the camera controlled by the R2 and L2 buttons, and I thought it was fine like that.

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  3. For any who may be wondering, kingdom hearts is suppose to offer support of the circle pad pro. At least that’s what I read a few months back. If it does, I hope it works like resident evil revelations.

    1. I own both KH3D and the CCP and the game does support it. It plays a lot better with than without. Controlling the camera with L/R really sucks.

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