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Charles Martinet Wants A Sequel To Super Mario Sunshine

As Charles Martinet was signing autographs during San Diego Comic-Con, a fan revealed that his favorite Mario game is Nintendo GameCube’s Super Mario Sunshine. Martinet responded by saying he “loves that game” and is ready for F.L.U.D.D., Mario’s main item throughout the game, to make a comeback. If Nintendo were to make a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, would you want it on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS?

166 thoughts on “Charles Martinet Wants A Sequel To Super Mario Sunshine”

  1. Wii U! It came out on a console, it should stay on a console. Not to mention, an HD Sunshine sequel would be amazing.

      1. I know I will get so much hate for this. Xbox one. That’s the only way. Lol Jk. It should come out on both wii and wii u because some people don’t have the U yet.

      1. Was awesome but also challenging towardss the end. Dont think I finished it either. Marinet knows something…..

                1. When I finished it, the feeling of accomplishment soured above any other game I finished (including EVERY zelda game)

                  probably because it was actually hard.

    1. peteriuss evil back up clone

      I didn’t complete ether but the reason was because its too hard core “HARD” and that’s what Mario Galaxy Lacked so we need another Sun Shine..

  2. The original was a brilliant game and I reckon that the Wii U would be the perfect platform for it.

  3. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be the best thing ever!!! Sunshine is one of my favorite games! I really don’t care what it is on, but Wii U might be good because of the HD, it was on a console before, and for a game like that you NEED a good camera (like the one in Sunshine which was great). A R-button camera won’t cut it for a game like this. I was hoping this might come since they made another Luigi’s Mansion… Come on Nintendo, the fans demand it! :D

  4. i love a sequel i passed that game like 3 times thats how much i like it,,,,
    i think that game or super mario world has to b on my list of the best mario game i ever played…
    ohhh yeah and Mario RPG secret of the seven stars was the shht i want a sequel for 3ds…
    i will like sun shine 2 for wii u and mario rpg 2 for 3ds

    1. Actually Paper Mario is Mario RPG 2. That was even it’s title until Square dropped the project. They dropped it about 4 months before the games completion so they had to go back through the game and change many things so they wouldn’t get sued. So technically they are about to release Mario RPG 5, ironically on the 3DS.

      1. While that is technically correct (and I\’m a fan of both the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series), it would be great if Nintendo worked with Square-Enix on a sequel to that specific game. Now that the two companies are on better terms than in the N64 era, it’s certainly possible.

    1. I agree, that would of been one of the best choices for New Play Control along with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

  5. I want a sequal , too bad shitendo wont listen us , their too busy caring about money rather than their fans ..they would just release another 100 NSMB games and release more versions of the 3DS ..We want another Mother game , Metroid , star fox BUT NO !! ALL WE GET IS SHITTY MARIO !! the only mario games i like are the 3D ones becoz they are different ..BUT NO !! WE GET SHITTY MILKED 2D MARIO GAMES AND ALL U NINTENDO FANS EAT ALL THAT SHIT UP !! FAAARRK NINTENDO !!!

    1. I don’t know where you get your knowledge from, but you DEAD wrong. If you want a sequel, why are you hating on Nintendo. Not many people know much about the Mother series, thus why we won’t get anymore. Metroid will most likely be getting many more games, and they JUST RELEASED A FUCKING STARFOX GAME! Sure it was just a remake, but it is a Starfox game nevertheless. Besides, the Starfox series kinda sucked IMO. We get many different games besides Mario. Get you facts straight before you start fail trolling you fucking Microcock fan.

      1. Mother/Earthbound are the best games Nintendo has ever done, so I don’t blame him for raging about that they’ve not released new ones D:

      1. Those are starting to be like one per console, kind of like Mario Kart, I’m cool with that though

      1. that’s what I’m saying. They are wonderful gems, but not many people have ever played them so there won’t be any sequels unless some 20 million fans demanded it.

  6. I think we should get a sequel. People keep saying “Oh, but that game was terrible herp derp” and not giving a reason for it, I think if they made a sequel to one a my favourite mario games of all time I would like to see it on both 3DS and Wii U.

    It could have cross platform play where one person on the Wii U/3DS gets to pick either Luigi or Mario and the other player on the 3DS/Wii U can also pick between those characters and maybe have two more unlockable characters like Wario and Waluigi

  7. I SAY WIIU,and not to mention the game had GREAT graphics BUT EPIC GAMEPLAY AND IT WAS FUCKING HARD especially it’s hard when you go to those fucking tunels and you don’t have fludd

    1. Yeah, unfortunately most of those levels were harder than the final level XD. still a great game though and I really hope this is announced.

        1. once you got the hang of it it was alright. i can beat the entire stage, bowser and all, in about 5 minutes(excluding cutscenes), with no deaths. I truly have no life whatsoever.

  8. I could see this being fun to play on either system. I would like it on the Wii U for the awesome controls, but on the 3DS for the portability. Either way, I could see this game being successful.

  9. I think one of the main reasons Mario Sunshine gets passed over, is because it really only had 8-10 full levels in it and they crammed 120 stars in those 8-10 levels, plus all the hidden stars in the map area. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sunshine. It’s the only 3D Mario game that I took the time to get all 120 stars. But the design of the others is much better, especially Galaxy 1 and 2. 30-40 levels with 3-4 stars each makes for a lot more variety in gameplay. I think a sequel for Wii U would be amazing! Maybe give Yoshi a squirt gun or something in this one though, as opposed to him vomiting juice onto everything. There should also be more than three F.L.U.D.D. attachments. Or maybe F.L.U.D.D. could be loaded with more than just water in the sequel? Being able to fill it with fire, sand, snow, or lightning could make for some pretty neat abilities.

    1. I preferred the 8 missions per level setup. I actually got to care and remember for certain places (like Pinna Park), as opposed to just going there for the shinies.

    1. Seems unlikely, since the GamePad doesn’t have analogue shoulder buttons. Maybe with some tweaking of the controls they could get it to work though.

  10. Thinking back, I enjoyed Sunshine a lot more than I did the Galaxy games. At least there was some amount of exploration in SMS. Even though at the time, I wasn’t satisfied with it. (Mario 64 with a gay setting and water cheats)

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  12. a mario sunshine styled game would be ver fitting for the wiiu, like have different modes for the f.l.u.d.d. mapped to the touchscreen, and use the gyroscope to aim, steer the f.l.u.d.d.

  13. I’d be better off seeing a remake/sequel of Super Mario 64 in HD instead. Super Mario Sunshine was the ONLY Mario game I didn’t like.

    1. I’d rather see it on 3DS. 3D beats HD anytime. I don’t get the hype over HD. It just looks nearly the same as Standard Definition

  14. A sequel would kill it’s legacy. It would propably feel unoriginal and the story would feel pretty forced. But if they were to release it. Do it for the Wii U!

  15. I agree. I loved 64, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2 don’t get me wrong but Sunshine was definitely the best one.

  16. That would be pretty awesome! I think I would prefer it on the 3DS, as I would like a brand new mario game for the WiiU and if they can put a Luigis mansion sequel on the 3ds then why not mario sunshine too!!

  17. Despite the lack of HD, I thought the visuals in the original Super Mario Sunshine were amazing. They were bright and well-saturated like you’d expect for a tropical island, but they weren’t “flashy” or “cartoon” bright. Seeing those in HD, and having the tablet put to good use, would make for a brilliant sequel. The 3ds, well, I just don’t think it would have enough… buttons for it. It doesn’t have an L or R button either, which were both very important in the game.

    1. Not that the Galaxies weren’t good. I think they need something else. I don’t even want a Mario Sunshine 2. I think Nintendo should a different Mario Game.


      You already had two Super Mario Galaxy games. 2 Super Mario 64 games(sorta). It’s Super Mario Sunshine’s turn, baby.

  18. Well I personally would like it to be on the Wii U of course!!! However, since Luigi’s Mansion’s sequel is on the 3DS I could see how it would make sense to put Mario Sunshine 2 on the 3DS as well. I always felt as though Luigi’s Mansion(with his vaccuum) and Mario Sunshine(with his F.L.U.D.D machine) somehow went together…

    1. that’s because the stories are actually intertwined. if you actually do some hardcore day-in day-out research, you would find that Luigi’s Mansion is a sequel to Sunshine(or the other way around). but yes, you are correct.

  19. This is my childhood game. I love it do. I’ve been wanting a sequel for years and years. HEAR ME, NINTENDO! I would probably cry of they made a second one!

  20. i´d love a sequel to super mario sunshine! i actually replay it atm – fantastic game. while they´re at it: Killer 7-2 (killer 8?) please and an eternal darkness sequel…and what about wind waker on the 3ds…i really loved some gamecube games…

  21. Yes, please. If Luigi’s Mansion can get a sequel, why not Mario Sunshine? I’m not sure whether the 3DS or the Wii U would be the best place for it, though. I’d rather see something completely original for the first 3D Mario game for Wii U, as different to Galaxy as Galaxy was to Sunshine and Sunshine was to 64.

  22. If Nintendo were to make a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, I’d like to see how it’d be on the 3DS. I’m really enjoying the fact that games that had console releases are getting handheld sequels (Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario, The Wind Waker).

      1. Galaxy was a great idea, sunshine was cool too. But how about a game that intertwines all 3 main 3d Mario’s
        (64,galaxy,sunshine) into one story in an all new mario. Mario could travel throughout the world on foot doing various missions, he could go into space. And when you win the game, you actually want to keep exploring because it has soo much replay value.

        1. No offense but that actually sounds like a pretty bad idea. It’s just one of those cases where 3 good ideas don’t quite work well with each other.

  23. Francesco Bizzocchi Barcelos Felix

    PLEASE I NEED THIS SEQUEL TO WII U! I really will not buy it if it is for 3DS

  24. I would look amazing on the 3DS since its a 3D Mario game. But it would look beautiful in HD on the Wii U! Why not have it on both?!

  25. Beautiful game… If the Fludd didn’t empty so easy I would have liked Sunshine more. And sometimes it didn’t feel ‘Mario’ enough. BUT, if you’re able to (with a wiimote) run and shoot with accuracy- kind of like MP3Corruption only 3rd person- that’d really sell me. Having to stop sometimes just to hit your target was lame.

    1. Agreed! Sunshine just didn’t do it for me. I want a Mario game without stupid gimmicks. SM64 is far superior than sunshine and the galaxys.

      1. HA! Ovaltine…i love that movie…Christmas Story. I know Ovaltine is an actually product. I know because I never much cared for it

  26. Wii U would make Sunshine cool because you could use the gamepad to activate FLUDD and stuff, but 3DS would be so engrossing so I would have to go with both systems!

  27. Sunshine was not only the best mario game, but the best game ever (IMO), i used to think SM64 was better, but recently replaying them both (like 10 times each xD) Sunshine was better to me because it actually had some difficulty to it, WITH still keeping the cool mario feel.

  28. Sunshine was not only the best mario game, but the best game ever (IMO), i used to think SM64 was better, but recently replaying them both (like 10 times each xD) Sunshine was better to me because it actually had some difficulty to it, WITH still keeping the cool mario feel.

  29. I would love that for the Wii U. I would enjoy the tropical atmosphere of Sunshine once again. Lots of water to play with, ahh it feels like I am a kid again just to think of it. xD

    DO IT NINTENDO! Take your time, as long as you come with another Masterpiece, I’ll be patient. :)

  30. Will there be more classics for older consels available like wii shop chanel where u can get ur hands on senes titles or n 64 titles and super mario needs another big game like super mario 64 impacted 3d realm

  31. As much as it would make sense to make a sequel or remake to sunshine, i highly doubt nintendo’s gonna make one. They’re too into other games right now like Luigi’s Mansion 2 and New Super Mario Bros U., and even after that, Nintendo’s gonna be doing games like Mario Party 10 and Mario Kart U, heck, they might even make a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land or Super Mario Galaxy 2 since they were 2 very successful games. Look at Luigi’s Mansion. It took 11 years to get a sequel out of it, but however, it only took Super Mario Galaxy three years for its sequel. I think in my opinion this was because Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t as liked or demanded for a sequel as Super Mario Galaxy was. And 11 years later, it gets a sequel, FINALLY. I thought because of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon being announced this year, 11 years after the first one, that Super Mario Sunshine 2 would be announced next year since it is 11 years after its release, back in 2002. The point is, I see Nintendo looking at old Mario games now, like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Kart. They revived coins from SMK, and put it back in Mario Kart 7, and they also revived the Super Leaf, back from SMB3. This year, they looked at Luigi’s Mansion, a marvelous game made in 2001, and made a sequel for it, at last, since lots of people liked the game. So now, it would make lots of sense for them to look at Super Mario Sunshine sometime soon(next year) and finally make a Wii U HD sequel for it sometime for 2014. If Nintendo doesn’t announce a sequel or remake for Super Mario Sunshine by E3 2014, I’m completely sure they will not make a sequel for the game and Super Mario Sunshine will just become some old, unnoticed game by Nintendo that never got a remake or a sequel, which would really be a TRUE bummer. :( Something tells me they’re not gonna make a sequel, unless someone flat out tells Nintendo they NEED to make one.

  32. I’ve e-mailed Nintendo telling them all the reasons they should make a Super Mario Sunshine 2. It was the BEST Mario game ever, and maybe if we get ourselves noticed, they will take it into consideration! With high enough demand they would probably have to look into it. EVERYONE EMAIL NINTENDO! We should probably include a link to this thread too, to show them how many of us want this to happen!!!

    1. I’m sorry, but even though all I would want is to be able to play sunshine again, it’s not going to happen. the only reason they won’t is because sunshine didnt have the ratings and sales they want. They probably think sunshine 2 would be as much of a (considered) failure. If they made one I would buy a Wii U just to get it if it wasn’t on 3DS.

  33. I would like a sequel, but outside the tropical setting. I liked the fact that the characters were able to talk. And there should be a new villain- a Shadow Mario that turns out to be a R.O.B. form Super Smash Bros. And if they do make a sequel, they should do it for the 3DS:)

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