Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals Favorite Mario Game

Most people would assume that the favorite Mario game of Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is the original Super Mario Bros., but Miyamoto recently revealed that his favorite title in the series is Super Mario Bros. 2. Although this game is a 2D platformer like its predecessor, its gameplay is quite different from most Mario games. In Super Mario Bros. 2, for example, instead of defeating enemies by jumping on them, players must throw items at them in order to progress. Which Super Mario game is your favorite?

“I guess as a developer that might have to be the very first Super Mario game, for me, because I have so many memories tied up in it. Perhaps as a player, I might go for what was, at least in Japan, we referred to it as Super Mario USA, which was a game that just had a very different sort of feel. I think we had such a loose approach to it, we really came up with something interesting.”

113 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals Favorite Mario Game”

  1. Did he really mean Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) or was he referring to Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, which we know as The Lost Levels? The latter would make more sense.

      1. Uhh.. what? SMB2 was on the NES here in the states, and SMB in japan was the lost levels here.

        If miyamoto liked the veggie tossing one the most I will be dissapoint

        1. Guess you’re dissappointed then. He says right there in the paragraph that he liked the one that Japan called “Super Mario USA” which is our Super Mario Bros. 2.

          So yes, he likes the veggie tossing one.

    1. The former would make more sense because “instead of defeating enemies by jumping on them, players must throw items at them in order to progress.”

        1. Haha, me too. “loose approach” my ass. I think he means “since we did no extra work and pasted a couple sprites into a successful pre-existing japanese platformer… The results were batshit crazy! Please buy on e-shop when it releases in like a month.”

  2. Wait a minute…is he talking about the lost levels, or the american Super Mario Bros. 2? I don’t think he even developed the latter.

    1. Actually, Miyamoto was one of the main developers of Doki Doki Panic, and Koji Kondo (Mario composer who composed all the original music himself up until Mario 64) composed the music in the game.

    1. Also, I’d say my favorite in the main series is Super Mario Galaxy and Paper Mario: TTYD in the side series.

    1. Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) was the first, they thought it was way to different, so, they made Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels (2) and changed the characters of SMB 2 (USA) to make Doki Doki Panic; then, when they were going to release Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels (2) in America, they thought it wasn’t going to sell well, because is was very hard and it looked a lot like Super Mario Bros. (1), so, they changed the characters of Doki Doki Panic back to Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, and released it as Super Mario Bros. 2.; it was later released as Super Mario Bros. USA in Japan.

        1. No, you’re wrong, the other guy was right. Nintendo Japan tried creating a whole new Mario game that involved throwing projectiles. They didn’t like the idea, so they started to make Mario 2 (JP) aka. Lost Levels, a harder version of the original SMB. The original SMB2 was then converted into another game, Doki Doki Panic, that Nintendo of Japan thought was more fitting of the type of game. Nintendo of America thought that the difficulty of Lost Levels was too high and might damage the franchise, so they resumed development of the original SMB2 and expanded it from what was orignaly planned to a converted version of DDP with heaps of extra stuff.
          So yes, SMB2 was always a Mario game, it just was almost converted to a non-Mario game. In fact, accoridng to Shig-Mo (Mr Miyamoto), the original SMB was going to have projectiles and bullets as a way of defeating enemies before he changed it.

  3. Cool! My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Sunshine. Man was that a great game….. *Puts Super Mario Sunshine disk in Wii*.

    1. Sunshine was the best Mario game. You got to know Isle Delfino as you progressed through the game instead of being to a place once or twice (Cough)SMG(Cough)…

      1. I had the same experience, but with the original SMB. The whole family gathering around the TV to play it. Really good, fun times.

  4. I know it’s his opinion but super Mario bros 2 was the worst Mario in my…id say it’s a tie between 3, galaxy 2 and 64.

    1. ^ top 3 for me. Probably Mario 3, then 64, then Galaxy 2. Then a very close Mario World in 4th. I dislike Sunshine more than SMB 2 though.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever played super Mario Broad 3. What’s that about Mario has a couple of broads or what? Hahaha!

    1. I wish he would. I think Takashi Tezuka, assistant director of Nintendo EAD, said that he received feedback that others want some SMB2US action, and he “noted” it. Miyamoto better do it, because I want it.

  5. Either Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, or Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Bros. 2 was pretty good too

  6. For me, it would be either Super Mario World or Super Mario 64. We seriously need gameplay sequels to those games.

    1. If you had played SMB 3 on your SNES, I assume that you had played that game as part of Super Mario All-Stars… is it not?

  7. It introduced us to Shy Guy, and it was the the first one where you could play as the Princess and Toad… It’s my favorite too.

  8. This may be cliche, but my favorite Mario game is still the original Super Mario Bros, with Super Mario Bros 2 a close second.

    1. I love that game,especially when you get to the secret worlds. I hope the next 3D stereoscopic 3D Mario game,whatever the next one is,is either a sequel to it or one just as good or better than Super Mario 3D land. The next Mario game doesn’t look like a Mario game though,from trailers and screenshots. Looks more like a Wario game.

  9. Of the main series, Sunshine is my favorite, followed by Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 1.

    Of the side games, I like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario Super Sluggers, and M&L: Partners in Time. Oh, and can’t forget Mario Party 3.

  10. By far my favorite Mario game, is Super Mario World. It’s everything a side scrolling platformer should be. Huge overall game, varied level design, superb music score etc etc. My only question is why Nintendo are yet to release this game on 3DS store or in some sort of compilation cart on 3DS. The system could very easy handle it, so why not? I think Ninty are missing a trick here, as there is a generation (most of whom) that won’t have played this classic. All other Mario side scrolling games have been re-launched. Why not this? Please Nintendo, give the world the re-birth of SMW.

  11. I’m going to have to say my favourite Mario title is Super Mario 64. Out of the 2D platformers alone, I’d probably say Super Mario World.

  12. Super Mario Bros 2 was a pretty good game. So what if it wasn’t once ‘intended’ to be a Mario game. It’s still a fun platformer, and I’d say it’s better than the Lost Levels is…

  13. This issue has always puzzled me for a long time, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite 2d platformer is super mario world, my favorite 3d platformer is super mario sunshine, and my favorite mario game of all time is paper mario the thousand year door.

  14. OK, for the record, Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t rip off Doki Doki panic. Doki Doki Panic WAS NOT RELEASED IN THE US IN ANY FORM OTHER THAN Super Mario Bros. 2. Therefore, it is actually a localization of Doki Doki Panic.

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