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Knuckles Composer Working On New Sonic Project

Rapper Hunnid-P, who is the man behind the notorious Knuckle’s theme in Sonic Adventure 2, has revealed via Youtube that he’s working on a new Knuckles theme for an upcoming Sonic project. We revealed this morning that Sega, or a third-party, has been registering numerous domains for Sonic Adventure 3, so maybe this information ties in with that.

“I’ll have some new Knuckles music as soon as Sega and I work on this new project for Sonic so stay tuned!”

Thanks, Horacio



      1. King Boom Boo was his name. Actually, he did not really creep me out as the other ghosts did. It’s funny how he was the biggest ghost in the game and I was not really scared of him. However, the popping out ghosts and those Boom Boos were the ones that gave me nightmares. :(

        That’s the only reason why SA2 isn’t at the top of my list of favorite Sonic games, although the core gameplay was great.


      2. Yeah, King Boom Boo…. FUCK THAT GHOST!!

        I was so annoyed how he would just disappear behind the pillar and when I tried to get him in my sight, he would just jump out at me from the opposite side for a guaranteed hit. After how many game overs, I finally beat that fucker. And guess what was next…. Egg Golem… yeah… he even had the same boss theme, too.


    1. And who exactly cares about Sega’s shitty games anymore? That’s right, The general public doesnt. Only covered in wool fanboys.
      But hey, dismiss my diss at Sega and label me a mere troll if that sooths your sad fanboy feelings. Lol

      Sega and sonic suck my dick. They’re dying. Sega will soon die off.


      1. oh shut up you’re the one who’s trolling you dirty minded assfucker!!!, Sege will still be around you’ll see!


    1. This music went PERFECT with the Wild Canyon stage. Love the saxaphone or trumpet or whatever instrument is playing in the background! :D


  1. YES! YES! PLEASE DO CREATE THIS, SEGA! It will be the cherry on top of all the awesome things you’ve been doing with Sonic!!! Sonic Adventure 3 MUST happen!


  2. Excuse me for a second, but… ahem:


    Sonic Adventure 3! I cannot express my excitement! O____O


    1. If crush 40 does not do any songs for the game and there is no chao garden then the game shouldn’t be allowed to be called SA3


    SA3! SA3! SA3! *fingers crossed*
    I LOVED the Sonic Adventure games, and it was especially fun to play as Knuckles, I really hope Sega makes another game with multiple playable characters, it’s long overdue


  4. If Sonic Adventure 3 is announced at the next E3, I will have a fangasm. Just saying.

    I’ve been waiting patiently for SA3 for 10 years now. I just hope it lives up to the other two and doesn’t suck like some of the more recent Sonic games…


      1. It’ll be like E3 2004 all over again. Imagine if SA3, Smash Bros, Zelda and Mario Kart were shown off at the same E3. It would be the best E3 conference of all time.


      2. Oh my, yes, although i doubt Zelda :p i would say Retro’s project but that could be done for all we know but they just dont say ANYTHING. They just turn up like they’ve been missed for 2-3 years and say,”here, have this”, and we’re like “what the fuck? Where did this come from?!”
        But yes, it would be epic, It would make up for this years boring E3.


    1. As odd as it seems, I would actually love SA3 to have the gameplay SA2 did even though I am loving their current progress (Colors, Generations). I think my life would be complete with some chao gardens and Crush 40 to bring the nostalgia back. C’mon Sega, this is your chance. Don’t let us down!


  5. oh, hells yes. adventure 2 was the best. i’ve played almost all of ’em since, but nothing measured up. here’s hoping this whole Adventure 3 dealie turns out to be true.


  6. If SA3 does become a reality, I hope the Chao Garden comes back! A good way to spend your time if you don’t want to do any levels, lol


    1. Also the fact that there will be more playable characters aswell as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles seem to be the only definate playable characters ATM.


  7. Id laugh if the new Sonic game turned out to be Sonic Shuffle 2 or a shitty DLC game for iPhone/mobile.

    It would be cool to see the look of instant, crushing disappointment on all you stupid fanboys faces.


  8. When I saw the title, I thought Sickr meant the composer for Sonic & Knuckles.

    Oh well. SA3 would be great if it comes out.


  9. *Twitch*
    Can you feel that?
    It’s that first part of the Sonic Cycle at work…….stage 1; where the fans hear about something new and get all hyped……..
    Stage two is where more details are released and people start proclaiming that this newest game is what will save the series, then comes the finale; three is the disappointment and rage of those fans who “Can’t be satisfied” with the newer Sonic, nitpicking at the small details to call it a failure compared to its more classic predecessors.

    It’s happening again, I can feel it………[on a lighter note, I feel that Colors, Rush, and Generations were all fantastic games]


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