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New Super Mario Bros. U Will Be “Even Better” Than New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. producer Takashi Tezuka claims that Nintendo “raised the bar” with New Super Mario Bros. 2, which includes new features and modes that aren’t in any of the previous Mario titles. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told him that Wii U’s New Super Mario Bros. has to provide a better experience. Tezuka then acknowledged that it’s his job to make New Super Mario Bros. U, which will also be released this year, an “even better” game than Nintendo 3DS’s New Super Mario Bros. 2.



      1. Not everybody has enough money to do so. With the Wii U launch coming up soon, some people have to choose between one or the other.


      2. Why should I? Here is Nintendo releasing one of the biggest games for the 3DS and they came around and say that the Wii U version is “even better”. That speaks to me that they dont have faith in NSMB2 as compared to the Wii U version


      3. Theres no way that NSMBU is gonna be better than the one on the 3DS. 4-player co-op never worked in a Mario game, and if the levels are built around it, it’s going to be like the one on the Wii. A dissapointment. I have a lot of faith in the 3DS one.


      4. “Huh, huh, moron. How dare you not spend money on a game that NIntendo themselves have said isn’t the best Mario game coming out this year. Fucking dumbass, trying to save money in a bad economy. Sheesh”



  1. Somehow I don’t see it being better. I was able to demo the Wii U version, and it felt like I was playing the Wii one with a few additional features. Prove me wrong Nintendo!


    1. The same could be said about the 3ds version. It looks like NSMB Wii/DS with additional features and a coin collecting gimmick. At least the Wii U version has nice backgrounds.


      1. At least it has a gimmick that sounds fun. The Wii U one offers jumping blocks from a player not even playing the game. HD visuals will be nice though.


      1. Oh but I did. There’s this thing called “Experience Wii U”, and I had an invite. I wrote an article for my website regarding my thoughts. Don’t get me wrong I’m a day 1 Wii U supporter, and I will likely get the U version, but from what I played and know about it, it doesn’t sound nearly as fun as NSMB 2.


    1. Why worry about which one is better? If you prefer one, get that one first, then get the other later, and see if you were right about which you thought you’d like more.


    2. “Any Mario fan would get both games the same year with same gameplay mechanics and not bother questioning whether or not there is a different game with different mechanics to spend your money on instead of buying both”



  2. I am a big fan of super mario bros but so far mario bros u looks kinda MEHHH to me.
    I think Mario Bros.2 is looking super great so far. But I would love it if the Wii U version was better since the 3ds version looks like a 9.0/10 game to me.


  3. Both Mario titles on different Nintendo systems are both fun and unique, IMHO. Although New 2 for the 3DS (regular and XL) has some coin collectin’ swag, New SMB U for the Wii U is gonna be bigger and better than any New SMB counterparts that we all know.


  4. I honestly believe NSMBU will be the best of the NSMB series, but I also see NSMB2 a great game. The coin collecting concept is interesting and simple enough to change the way Mario games are played. It is not just go from point A to point B, you will have to collect a lot of coins.


  5. Thats not possible… as the Wii U version has the squirrel suit… HARDLY a replacement for the raccoon suit… … I expect NSMB2 to be that much better


    1. ” as the Wii U version has the squirrel suit… HARDLY a replacement for the raccoon suit…”

      Yeah, it’s fucking better. Cling to walls, gliding, extra height, it isn’t fucking broken.

      And wow, dumb ass, NSMB2 is oging to be better because you want to suck Raccoon Mario’s tail?


  6. So basically its like this

    NSMBU = sequel to wii version NSMB2= ds sequel

    so basically the wii u will have better graphics (HD) and the 3ds version with have more coins lol (and 3d feature) still have to find out what system to get 3ds or wii u LOL!?


  7. Some of you guys are dumb or are just pretending. OBVIOUSLY Nintendo will say something like that. They want all of their games to be better than the previous one. Had NSMBU been out first Iwata would have said that NSMB2 would have to be better.


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