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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Was Going To Be Called ‘New Super Mario Bros. Gold’

Compared to any other Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. 2 contains the most coins and golden objects. Throughout the game, it’s possible to collect over a million coins – most of which are golden. When Mario touches a Gold Flower, he transforms into Gold Mario, which grants him the ability of turning blocks into golden coins. For the first time in the series, most enemies can turn into gold. Because of all the golden objects and characters in New Super Mario Bros. 2, the game was going to be called New Super Mario Bros. Gold. Which title do you prefer?



    1. which proves Nintendo has learned from confusing product titles! Maybe in 8-10 years when the Wii 3 comes out, it will have a brand new name!!! :O


      1. well, the thing is nintedno actually hasnt had issues with confusing names until the wiiu. infact, most of there console have had new names besides there portables and the super nintendo.


      2. yeah, but first the controversial title 3ds, giving the idea of a regular ds just in 3d, and now the wii u, sounding like just a new rendition of the wii. but nintendo proved itself with the 3ds, and wii u’s launch is already looking much better. as long as the software keeps on coming, its sure to be a hit.


  1. Personally I think that if gaming newbies heard New Super Mario Bros. Gold, they would’ve thought it was some special edition or something to that degree. I can understand the name change.


  2. Personally, I still think that calling it New Super Mario Bros. is kinda dumb. I understand how calling the first one Super Mario Bros. 4 would’ve seemed odd, since that was kinda Super Mario World’s subtitle in Japan. But that was 15 years ago, and nobody, nobody would view it as a remake. Then you would’ve called New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros. V, or maybe Vii, or just 5. And then you could keep the U for the Wii U title, or be smart and call it 7. But this 3DS one? Super Mario Bros 6: The Golden!


    1. when i first saw New Super Mario Bros. back in ’06, i thought that it would be a remake. Boy, was i in for a glorious surprise. That game took my expectations and threw them off a cliff. It’s the best Mario sidescroller next to Mario 3.


  3. I’d prefer something different. Gold could mean a special edition, and with “2” in the back I feel it should pay homage to SMB 2 on the NES and be a “New” version of that one. Besides how is this one “2” when they made a Wii one?


  4. How about Golden Super Mario Bros.? Or Richer Super Mario Bros.?

    I personally would’ve liked Gold in the title, since I always considered the Wii one to be the 2nd, but I’m fine with it.


  5. I personally like the current name, but if you think about it, it should have been called “New Super Mario Bros. Gold” since the Wii U game is technically going to be the second one.


  6. “Throughout the game, it’s possible to collect over a million coins – most of which are golden”

    Thanks alba, that was very vital information


  7. I don’t think Gold would’ve been a good title just because it might’ve confused some people on whether it was a sequel or not. For example, Unreal Gold was just a combination of Unreal and its expansion pack. Rollercoaster 3: Gold, is the same thing, just the game with its expansion. New Super Mario Bros. Gold might’ve been considered an expansion pack by some, so the 2 seems more apt because it’s a different game.
    Yet NSMB Wii didn’t need that for some reason, who knows?


  8. I prefer the one they’re using now.
    Gold makes it sound like some sort of special version and that could easily confuse some people.
    It also brings to mind Pokemon Gold too much. Pokemon uses colors for its different versions, not Mario, so I think it should stay that way.
    Regardless, this looks awesome and I’ll likely be getting it at launch.


  9. Geez,why all pèople want already the term gold,it sounds kinda noobish,imagine they would make the card and stuff gold.Why name it like that,nobody here played it yet,some people waits sequels for years,not spins,imagine now:new supah mario brozu squaral!


  10. The problem with its current name is that it doesn’t feel like a sequel to the original game. If anything, it feels more like a follow up to the Wii version as it uses ALL of its music pretty much…


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