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PlayStation All-Stars Producer Likes Being Compared To Nintendo & Super Smash Bros.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale director Omar Kendall fully admitted that his team borrowed ideas from the Super Smash Bros. series. More recently, PlayStation All-Stars producer Gavin Russell says that he understands why people are finding similarities between the two franchises and claims that he is flattered by the comparison to a game as successful as Nintendo’s brawler.

“Obviously we know games like Smash Brothers are quite easily drawn into comparison with our title, and to be honest, with a game as successful as that, it’s flattering to be placed in the same company.”

183 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Producer Likes Being Compared To Nintendo & Super Smash Bros.”

  1. What do you mean the same company? It’s basically the same game with different characters, items and stages,

    1. EXACTLY! They want to look innocent when they copied the whole THING!

      Sony: lets see we wanna make more $, what should we do
      Sony worker: copy off nintendo
      Sony: ok! But what one?
      Sony worker: Smash bros, it can come out pretty quick because we dont need to make our own ideas
      Sony: Your getting a raise for your paycheck!

      1. While no one is objecting that it’s clearly a clone on Smash Bros… a lot of people have wanted this game to be made. Heck, I’m excited for it, it’s smash bros with Sony characters!! Plus, there’s nothing around that really gives you that smash bros fix as far as fighting games go unless it’s smash bros, and seeing as we’ll be waiting for a couple years for ssb4 this will give us our fix in the mean time.

      1. Thank you. I think a lot of people are really too quick to judge here. I will happily play a store demo or something with an open mind when it comes out. Can I ask you, though, how it was different? Like what felt different about it compared to Brawl or Melee?

        1. It felt different as it wasn’t fluid as smash, combos are limited, instead of pressing two buttons in different directions to do different attacks, you have 4 buttons, period. When you play it you will see just how bad it is, I played it with an open mind, and sorry but the game sucks. I went through the whole match not giving any fucks pressing whatever button I wanted because really all I need is to gather a special bar. After I just kept using the level 1 special over and over, and before I knew it the match was over and I had won by 2 points more than 2nd place. This game is mindless and I’m not hating on the devs, they’re just doing their job and trying to get their money just like everyone else, but their game is bad.
          Besides that, people are coupling together smash and this game because it’s a blatant copy of smash, not because they think it’s going to do well. So his comment of “its flattering to be placed in the same company” is misguided and ignorant.
          You’ll all just have to play it yourselves I guess.

      2. only different is how you KO other than that nothing new to the gameplay except infinite avoidance and combo actually being including super smash bros has combo but weren’t the focus.

        1. Actually there are combos, but maybe 2 or 3 the most, but they feel clunky, and get old really fast. Kind of like Pikachu’s thunder attack, except it’s with every character in PSA Battle Royale.

  2. this game is a fucking piece of crap. I own a ps3, but I dont buy this shit. I still wait for SSB U.

  3. It’s no wonder they’re being placed in the same category, it’s a blatant copy, it’s going to be! They’re basically trying to subtly say that they are honoured and act all humble about it, when that was obviously the intention.

    1. On PlayStation US site for PSASBR it place Fighting Party Genre
      On Nintendo US site for SSBB it place Fighting Game

  4. I get pissed off when they said “borrowed” ideas from smash bros. Pisses me off so much. They COPIED the WHOLE thing. Nintendo SHOULD sue their asses for using their ideas. Next they will make a New super SONY bros. For the SONY U.

    Cheap ass Sony cant get their own ideas. Why dont they copy off microsoft and leave nintendo alone

    1. Have you played a single second of the game? No? Then who are you to judge? I played it at PAX, and it felt just as similar to Brawl as Tekken does. just because you can jump and punch doesn’t make it the same game, because it feels very different. So shut your ass.

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        I doubt you were at PAX. Something that looks as incredibly similar, and even the developers themselves said that they ”borrowed” stuff from SSB, can’t be as different as you make it seem.

    2. This world would suck if people could sue someone for using a similar idea, think about it, seriously. An idea can’t be patented. If Nintendo sued because someone used a similar idea, I would lose so much respect for them.

      1. introducing apple!

        the company who looks for the sligtest excuse to sue some other’s company ass.
        i am glad nintendo is not suing them,otherwise it will be another smartphone war but console edition

    3. The whole thing? Different characters, different move sets, different settings. It’s a whole different dynamic when you can only kill with Super Moves. I’ve played it, and believe me it’s different.

      That’s like saying every platformer is a Mario rip off…

      Nintendo doesn’t own the rights to the arena fighting genre, they couldn’t sue someone unless they tried to use their characters or IPS.

      1. He was exaggerating dumbass.

        Like when you’re mad, and say, “I’m gonna kill ya!” – you don’t actually mean it.

      2. No offense but your example is stupid. Considering that the first Mario game wasn’t a platformer. (I know it had actual platforms.)
        Plus platformers can find new ways to be different, as well as fighting games and this was meant to rival Smash Brothers if any.

        1. Thank you! Its not copying, its just the same genre. Theres at least 5 other games, that are similar to Smash Bros, im not joking, look it up.
          Its like saying, Sly Cooper is a platformer, “oh derp, stole from Mario 64”. No? Its a stealth platformer. No-one ever says COD stole from Battlefield. Its just a genre of game, get over it. If you dont want to play the game, dont play it, and stop bitching.
          Do you think it’ll do better tha SSB? No? Then shut the fuck up, and wait for SSB. Im not a sony drone, but neither am i a Nintendo fanboy, i like them both, i own both their consoles, but most of you on here just sound idiotic.

          1. It was a good idea for Sony to have all their characters in one game. No one blame them for wanting to create a game like this.

    4. hahahahaha. With an almost infinite thinking brain we humans have, they couldn’t make a new IP, with different stages and fighting mechanics. No, the played SSBB and were like let’s just copy and paste Nintendo’s great game onto our system.

      1. Sure. Go ahead and give Sony all the crap you want. They’re the one company with the most new and original IPs this gen and you want to give them crap over this game? Calling them unoriginal, “couldn’t make a new IP”? LOL. Sure.


        1. I think people are just pissed because ssbb was original and with one clone there will be more thus ruining it being unique and belittling. This is not my stand on this game I just act as it doesn’t exist

  5. Ehh…whatever. I dont care about Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale(the name is a pain in the ass to type though). I know Super Smash is better and always will be. Let Sony create their Smash Bros. clone doesnt hurt me one bit!

    1. it pisses me off when they act like they didnt copy anything. ANd yeah the name is long too lol. They might copy brawl, but they cant copy the sequel! Well not yet atleast…. if they copy new super mario bros, i will never buy a playstation system ever (never even had it anyways)

      1. Why should it even bother you? They admitted they borrowed elements from other games including the SSB series.

        The heads at Nintendo don’t give a fluff, why should you?

        1. and why are you here giving a fluff about what he said? are you his momy?

          and why am i giving a fluff about you giving a fluff about him?

  6. If the game turns out to be a success or confirms more interesting characters, I would get both this and SSBU (in the future).

  7. Sony: what should we do next
    worker: copy more!
    Sony: ok lets see, what else can we copy?
    worker: SONYDS (SDS) and it can be 3D! The S can be sterostopic 3D!
    Sony: Man, your getting another raise!

    1. Worker:Ooo! Ooo! I got one its called The Legend of SONY Sky World Swarm! I was inspired
      This game will not make a difference. Anyway people who are not familiar with the SSB series might mistake PlayStation All Stars for SSBB.

    2. I’m laughing so hard at the 3DS thing, not the comment below it. I’m not sure how the comments work on here yet.

  8. Sony All Stars is only different from Smash Bros by a few small percentages. (people who play Smash Bros will know what I mean (;

  9. The muscle dudes attack looks like Captain Falcons Dash A, The little guy may be a copy of Kirby just in a diffrent form, The guy in a Black Suit is Samus in a diffrent form. the Wasp must be Mario lol. Take a Close Look and you’ll see what I’m saying.

  10. Yep Sony…you’re right…we do compare it…like the piece of shit it is compared to the Mastery of Smash Bros.

    Sony’s next gen handheld: STD

    Sony Transmits Diseases xD

  11. I don’t care what anybody says, smash wont be out for atleast 2 more years, I need a fix and this should hold me off till then.

    PS: if you’re going to be a fanboy, atleast have the balls enough to comment with your real email stop hiding under the ANON name.

    this makes me respect PETER at least a bit. lol

  12. I’m patiently waiting for Sony to introduce a tablet controller with built-in Wonderbook functionality, or something similarly ridiculous, and then claim innovation. Hooray for corporate greed!

    1. Oh yeah, because Nintendo’s tablet controller is such an original idea. When was the last time anyone of us have seen a tablet? It must have taken thousands of hour of R&D to figure out people like tablets and gamers like traditional controllers. All Nintendo did was put two popular things together.

      1. Nintendo led the way with the original Nintendo DS. There were very few tablet PCs at that time. Their controller is more of a giant DS rather than a tablet with integrated controls. Sony will most likely not go that route, for fear of further criticism, but the history of Sony
        walking in Nintendo’s footsteps is irrefutable.

        However, to give credit where credit is due, Sony has done amazing things in the gaming industry. Yet this is only true when Sony walks their own path. Are the gameplay mechanics different in this game? Sure, but the similarities are there for a reason. Sony knows this will get attention and all that does is boost sales.

        It’s all good guys (and gals). At the end of the day, we’ll all play what we want to play and our opinions won’t mean jack.

        So with that being said, happy gaming.

        (I swore to myself I’d never comment here… dammit.)

      2. Just looking at the controller and comparing to a tablet isn’t looking at the whole picture, I prefer to look at the Wii U as Nintendo making one big ass DS in the living room. Bottom screen is the controller, top screen is the TV.

    2. You realize Sony has had PlayStation certified tablets on the market for a long time now…… Tablets that can work with the dualshock controller and play PS games.

      Also, Vita?


  13. as much as i want to see the idea done with old school sony character i am not seeing anything attractive here, hope it will improve by the time it’s released

  14. Kratos, meet Dark Pit. Dark Pit, meet Kratos. Drake, meet Solid Snake. Solid Snake, meet Lara C– I mean Drake. Fat-ass Princess, meet Princess Peach. Princess Peach, meet Fat-ass Princess. Sony characters, meet Jigglypuff. *puts on headphones*

  15. The people that comment on the articles here are that reason Nintendo fans get a bad name. I don’t even want to play this game, but you guys sound just as shitty as people who bash Nintendo. Smh..

  16. I played it at E3 and it’s a really fun game! Not the Smash rip-off everyone is claiming. Very different pace, the move sets are completely different and the the characters are wonderful. I love Smash bros and other area fighting games and this looks like it could be one of the best.

      1. No, hes right, from what ive seen it does look alot different. Yeah, at a first visual glace, it looks like SSB, but the mechanics are diffrent, the way the characters move, the fighting moves

        1. never mind,sony copied one of my favourite games and i won’t gave my money to those copy cats

  17. [Image][Image]

  18. he even copied Iwata’s quote! he said he was “flattered”
    they want to copy off of everything! sony is fucking unoriginal…

  19. So Sony is “flattered” for their games being compared to another game that they obviously ripping-off… They really have no shame at all >_>

        1. Sorry i coldnt get my words together
          Saying this is shameful you might as well call SNK shameful
          also who says cool stroy bro
          fail troll faggots that’s who

    1. Exactly. The best inventions are usually improvements on another. Not that this will be better then SSB.

  20. Sony is embarrassing. The game’ll probably do really well, though. And they’re getting lots of attention with comments like this… they’re playing this pretty smart…

  21. They need to earn the right to be “in the same company.”

    And of course he likes being compared; the damn comparison is going to boost the sales of his game. I can’t believe nobody acknowledges this fundamental problem.

  22. I’m not really bothered by this. It’s a great way to service the fans. Let them copy the concept, I say.

  23. I don’t think they are the ones who should feel flattered. They pretty much stole the idea, if anything they should feel embarrassed.

  24. Just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it sucks?

    Seriously you guys. Seriously. Sure, the game looks pretty much the same as it’s motivation.
    But everyone knows what Sony does with it’s “original ideas”. No need for the butthurt, since you probably don’t even own a PS3…

  25. PhantomBowser16 on twitter

    I’m sure the game will be a perfectly serviceable beat-em-up that gives a nice bit of fan service to Sony fans, and I’m not going to hate on a game that I’ve never played, but I think it’s a little cynical of Sony just to copy the format. They don’t exactly shy away from stealing Nintendo’s concepts. PlayStation Move anyone?

      1. From what I read, they both started development coincidentally at the same time … It makes me wonder if they are colluding :P jks

  26. ssb for 3ds and wii u is gana destroy this game anyway so why are people even worried about it . i mean look at how many times sony baloney copied nintendo and failed. well i guess the only thing they got right was the analog and the rumble everything else was like lol middle finger to your faces

  27. Guys, at least give the game a chance. Who knows? You might actually like the game. I’m going to at least try out the game via a demo and then see if I want to buy it.

    1. The ones who have already set their minds to disliking it will probably not like it. Simply for the fact that they’re close-minded fanboy trolls.

      Fortunately, there are gamers out there with some common sense like you. :3

    2. I know I’m excited for it, I love the Smash Bros Series, and now I can play the sony equivalent? YES PLEASE! :D

  28. I don’t get what the hell is wrong with this community.
    You are bitching around because they admitted they borrowed ideas from SSB. Well, you know, without borrowing ideas barely anything would exist. Because EVERY SINGLE company is borrowing ideas from others to make their own thing out of it and execute the idea completely differently. Fucking live with it, even Nintendo does it.
    And then, you are bitching because the producer of the game is flattered for being compared to a great game like SSB.

    Of course, he’s from another company so everything positive he says about Nintendo MUST be a lie. What a fag. /sarcasm.
    Can’t you fanboys be content with ANYTHING a company other than Nintendo does or says? Seriously, how childish are you?
    Like that wasn’t enough, you’re judging a whole game without even having tried it a single damn second. Just because it’s a fighting game with characters and a map you can walk on doesn’t make the game a SSB copy. But sure, how would you know, you don’t dare to try any game that isn’t on a Nintendo system after all.
    The game has completely different features and modes than SSB, yet you call it a copy of SSB. Instead of being so uninformed, why don’t you just bother to watch videos of the games or try the game before judging it? Who do you think you are to judge something without knowing shit about it and think you are right about it?
    I’ve never seen stupidity to such an extend in any other community than Nintendo’s.
    I’m a damn huge Nintendo fan myself and sometimes I’m just ashamed to be put in the same category as you moronic fanboys. It’s just awkward, really.

    1. Fanboys will be fanboys. That mentality will not change, just saying. If it’s not on their system of choice, the game automatically sucks. I myself, along with Simply G and some other people, will try the game out and see how it is.

        1. Exactly.

          If I was a Nintendo fanboy, I could miss out on loads of indie games on other systems and big titles like Mass Effect 1 and 2, The Assassin’s Creed series, Uncharted series, Gears of War, Halo, inFAMOUS, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, and so much more.

          If I was a fanboy of the other systems I would miss out great games on Nintendo like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Professor Layton, other Mario games, and so much more.

          Fanboys are only hurting their own self. Let them wallow in their misery while real gamers enjoy the variety of great games out there. :)

      1. I will too, definitely.
        I just find it sad how they behave. I can’t imagine how much of a pain it must be to limit oneself to one single company. All the great games I would miss, inconceivable.
        But I’m glad to see that there are still a few people who can actually think.

        1. Well, alot of people don’t have the kind of money to go around buying all the consoles and high-end PCs they wish, not to mention all the unmissable games for each system. So yes, lots of people are limited to one console, but it is not always their choice. People have to be cautious with their money in these tough financial times, some more than others. I don’t see how that is ‘sad’ behaviour.

          1. You do not neccessarily have to own a game in order to play it.
            And I said “company”, not system.
            And I was talking about people who limit themselves to one single company, not about people who are limited to one single company. Means, they choose it on their own to play games of one single company only. Sorry if it was misleading.

  29. the only idea i see was stolen was using a bunch of different franchises in the same game. the fact that Battle Royale uses health meters rather than damage percentage makes it a completely different game.

    1. Battle royal doesn’t use health bars. and even if it did that wouldn’t make it an entirely different game. must i remind you if Stamina mode?

    1. If you reply me, you're a Sony faggot

      Well, how will you feel if Nintendo did the same thing? You will definitely react like most of us.

  30. So people are actually pretending that Sony never rips Nintendo off ever? Really? This game aside look at the past. This is just yet another example of it. Come the fuck on.

  31. You know what? Good for you guys. I’m glad you respect Nintendo and SSB. I’m sick of the blind fanboys shooting this game down. As a Nintendo fan, at first I hated this game, but I’ve come to accept it because if the industry could use anything, it is more SSB style games.

  32. I would get this game if I were more familiar with all the characters. The only character who’s game I’ve played is Sly.

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