PlayStation All-Stars Director “Fully Admits” They Borrowed From Super Smash Bros.

During this year’s EVO, which is an annual video game tournament that focuses on fighting games, a Super Smash Bros. fan asked PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale director Omar Kendall why his upcoming brawler is a Super Smash Bros. rip-off. Kendall responded by saying, “we fully admit [PlayStation All Stars] borrows from many different kinds of games including Smash, but our goal is not solely replicate the Smash Bros. experience.” Kendall also requests that fans of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series approach PlayStation All-Stars “with an open mind.”

“PlayStation All Stars is its own game. I think that’s really the only way I can answer that. I understand that Smash players – some Smash players, not all Smash players do this – will sort of base how successful PlayStation All Stars as a game is on how accurately it recreates the Smash Bros. experience. But that’s not really our goal.”

“Our goal is to create a unique combat experience for PlayStation All Stars that we fully admit borrows from many different kinds of games including Smash, but our goal is not solely replicate the Smash Bros. experience.”

“I just really would ask that players like you, approach it with an open mind.”

264 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Director “Fully Admits” They Borrowed From Super Smash Bros.”

    1. Yes. I mean, sure they could copy some things, but they should have done something which would make it different from Smash. Instead, they just clone EVERYTHING. The only differences are the characters and stage! Wow.

      1. Not even. This game has three attack buttons. Some characters can’t block and instead do other things like disappear, and every character has three super moves that you have to fill up a super bar to use. Level one super, level 2 super, and level 3 supers, and actually using those supers is the only way to ring somebody out. So they didn’t clone EVERYTHING.

        1. The most important part of smash is how it plays and feels. This game feels exactly the same as Brawl. Floaty. I will laugh if they include tripping. Cunts

            1. The man who put his URL as http://Jones/ is a games journalist/developer. Suuuuuuuure. Your obviously just another Sony junkie, don’t worry, I can’t blame you. Any Sony fan would need excuses.

      2. Four differences; characters, stages, the fact that there are no life bars or percent gauges, and the fact that to win, you MUST use “Super Moves”.
        Other than that, yeah, practically a carbon copy of what Smash was going for.

    2. Anyone remember that picture of the guys who worked on this game, and a fucking Nintendo Wii console was on the desk with Brawl playing on the screen? Oh yeah Sony, you “borrowed” it. I agree completely with you Raymond! They stole the fucking formula. I was shocked they admitted anything, I think this guy was pushed in a corner and was
      forced to admit his shame. I consider the SSB fan a hero.

      1. Nintendo dosn’t give a rats ass about you. They just want your money you fucking derp-bot. Really you ass hurt Nintenfags need to calm the fuck down. For all we know Sony payed Nintendo and gained the rights to “copy” SSB. Besides, SSB comes out once in a blue moon, and honestly? its not worth waiting for,atleast to me. 8 years gaps? Wow coulda been like 4-5 but 8 is too much. I love SSBB but its been 4 years and its really boring now. So fuck it im picking this game up to play and have fun with my friends instead of bitching over the internet about how its a fucking “rip-off” of SSB. I play games to enjoy them, not to point out everything that dosn’t really matter in the end, unlike you and your fellow Nintenfags.

        1. U mad Sony dick rider? Your ass really hurts now that Sony had admitted that they’ve copied Super Smash Bros., Wii controller and nunchakus, and handheld to console originally used on GameCube and GameBoy Advance.

          EXPOSED FOR LIFE!!!!!

          1. He is right, dumb fuck.
            Why does copying a preexisting fighter only bugs Nintenfags?
            Change Street Fighter around, you have King of Fighters.
            Nobody gave a fuck.
            Battle Stadium D.O.N. copied SSB.
            Nobody gave a fuck.
            DreamMix TV Fighters loosely copied SSB, much like PSA, guess what?
            Nobody gave a fuck.

            1. Hey Toxic Retard. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. Your ass hurts more than a porn star. U just mad because Phony steals Nintendo’s ideas and innovation. EXPOSED!

              1. I think you’re the asshurt one, dude.
                I’ve been a longtime fan of SSB, but another company was bound to duplicate it.
                In the same way that every fighting game was born because of Capcom’s innovation.

                  1. I’m a “dick-rider” of both Sony and Nintendo and I can safely say Nintendo fags like you make the rest of us Nintendo fans look bad.
                    Shut up.

  1. I believe this is incorrect. I think the question was actually quite the opposite. The fan was asking why it WASN’T a complete rip off, mentioning that damage, and death is done in a different way. So he was actually asking why they didn’t just copy the smash formula and gameplay to the tee. I think his response to the question makes more sense with this information.

  2. I mean, was this really a surprise to anyone? I mean, do you have eyeballs?
    On top of that, who even cares? Good for them. Take an incredibly successful concept and add your own significant amount of flavor to it and you’ve likely got something just as good if not better than the original.

    1. Oh ouch your post is very bad man lol. Everyone who has tried to copy the (BIG N) has failed miserably. And you know this, its factual. Mod nation Racers/ Mario kart hmmm NO see what i just did there/ PlayStation Move Wii Remote hmmm NO the list jsut goes on so no they well never be able to replicate SSB. The game is incredible and as we speak Sakurai and the boys fromn Namco Bandai are creating the next titan in the series, which they well innovate and create new formula’s. That once more well take out breaths away. With the power off Wiiu and 3ds. Damn all stars well be laid to rest. cus its already dead i rest my case ciao lol

  3. Don’t even try to hide it, dude. Your game is a straight up rip off/clone of SSB. You just made a few changes so Nintendo wouldn’t sue you. The formula is exactly hte same. All you changed were the characters, stages and the way an elimination is achieved. Well, Sony has a habit of copying Nintendo, so it was only a matter of time before they copied this too.

    All that being said, that does not mean it will be a bad game. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I think they admitted this when that photo of their dev studio had the wii running in the background, can’t really spin a photo like that.

      1. That was hilarious.It’s like Sony’s not even trying to hide the fact that they’re copying Nintendo anymore. You can’t out Nintendo Nintendo, if you know what I mean. They are the very best at everything they do.

        1. I agree man! Nintendo set trends. Sony made a blatant copy. But atleast they admit it! Still a CLONE. Bwhaha SMASH BROS FOR LIFE MYAAAAAAN!


          1. Once again, you forgot to show the arcade machines, fight sticks, and other games and systems that they have in pictures in addition to the Wii. Like they said, they’re borrowing from several different games.

            1. Of course they say that, it would be very stupid if they simply said: ”yeah, we just copied SSB”. If they say they use different games people [like you] will mind a little less. It should be clear to anyone who isn’t blind that this is about 90% SSB and 10% Sony.


              1. In the studio pictures, they have a variety of systems. Look at their site. It’s on there. Yes, they have one Wii. Then they have a couple of systems with fighting sticks, an arcade machine, all that they are using for the development.

                1. It doesn’t matter what you see on that picture, it’s about the game, which everybody with a brain knows is mainly SSB.

        2. By this logic..
          Every crossover fighter is a copy of X-Men vs Street Fighter.

          Netherrealm has said something similar about Mortal Kombat borrowing from Street Fighter.

          Be less of a fanboygirl.

          1. You missed the point. This game is an exact clone of SSB, in looks and concept. They only changed a few things we can see so far. The ring out system and the power up moves system.

            Mortal Kombat doesn’t really play like Street Fighter. And Tekken definitely doesn’t play like Street Fighter. Actually try to understand what I’ve said before you respond.

  4. I would give the game a chance actually, like a “give me a reason why I shouldn’t call this a rip off” kind of chance. I’m like most Nintendo fans who grew up with Smash 64/Melee/Brawl and as much as I am defensive to anything Nintendo or Smash related, I am also fair and would actually like to play it just to see if it feels different to Smash. “Borrowed” sounds a little too safe IMO, I feel like they did much more than borrowing aspects from the Smash series so “Fully Admitting” does sound like a load of bull but I’ll give it a chance.

    I just hope Sony doesn’t start doing Smash bros. comparisons with their adverts like they failed to do to the “one analog isn’t a full console” bull they pulled earlier. Stuff like that will backfire badly back at them and make them lose credibility.

        1. Im not betting on anything. Of they dont do it, whatever, if they do, i’ll loose respect, but i’ll still buy the game anyway

            1. Wii Music.

              Everyone has bad E3’s, and good one’s. Stop being a fanboy.

              Nintendo’s 2010 and 2011 was fucking awesome. This year was meh. If Sony didnt have that Wondershite thing on, they wouldve had a great E3.

              Not even going to bother mentioning MS. Lets just say gamers doesnt want to see Usher and Kinect shit

  5. Good, now fanboys cant stop compla, oh, nevermind -__- seriously, its not even the same “ring out” gameplay system, its like saying halo and metroid prime copied from each other, theyre both scifi shooters, but theyre totally different experiences.

    1. Finally. A smart Nintendo fan that doesn’t flame Sony over and over again. You gained my respect. All the fanboys that will keep flaming can stfu.

      1. Ive always been a Sony fan, i jus like their games, i dont see how, unless they had no choice, a gamer can keep to just a nintendo console. Sony may have stolen stuff, but who cares, end of the day, it just makes my gaming experience better.

        I hope to see some classic Sony characters in this, like Crash, Spyro, Snake, Sir Daniel, Cloud, as well as new ones like Jak, Sackboy and Lightning (put her in the game, Sony!!)

        1. Lightning classic sony? shes only been in 2 games?! I give u crash and spyro however. and Sir D but he is a forgotten IP now.

          1. I said new ones before i mentioned her :p shes probably the best and only good thing that happened to the main FF after 8.

            And he is a dead IP (no pun intended), but so was PaRappa the Rapper, and i never even played Fat Princess haha

              1. He looked like a midget Sarah Connor, with a tail hahaha
                Prefer Lightning :p she has more character and her attitude and voice isnt annoying as fuck like the mass of women from Final Fantasy.

                1. She depressed me. Plus most ppl hated FF13 not a wise choice if u ask me :P even Cloud would be better. Zidane had the adventerous Soul and the charm ;)

                  1. Iknow13wasntverygood,butshehasagoodamountoffanappeal,soicanonlyhope.idbesurprisediftheydontputCloudin.hopefullySSB4willhetSora,hesmainly,hesonlyonDSthesedays

          1. I said Cloud. Or do you mean, Cloud? As in how is he classic, because id say that would be pretty obvious.

          1. I know, i think Activision own Crash (WHYY?!!!) and i think ubisoft own Spyro?….not sure…

            I know itll be difficult for them to have them in…i can only hope

  6. So many fanboys on this site it’s hilarious. It’s not a straight up clone, otherwise we’d see trophies and stickers and a bad online mode. Instead of moaning that Sony ‘copies’, I’m going to try this game out, it looks like it improves on Brawl and it has interesting differences from the game. Fanboys, get over your self, it’s not like Nintendo has never copied anything either. Half the ‘innovations’ they ‘made’ were not even theirs

    1. Same. Admittedly, i dont think it even looks as good as Melee, let alone Brawl. it just seems boring with no items or anything, thats what i like most about SSB, its hectic, but it doesnt matter, it still looks fun, ive owned a ps1, 2 and 3, so theyre part of my gaming history, so im looking forward to it

    2. No, its not just a straight up clone. But does it steal most of the formula, yes. I’ll admit it looks like fun, but come on at least try not to blatently copy, I mean they even used the same voiceactor for the newcomer thing. And Nintendo isn’t always original, but if you’re referring to the eye toy, nintendo produced the powerglove first, and if you’re referring to any of the controllers they all are inspired by the gamecube, along with every other modern day controller. =p. And the wii u gamepad didn’t try to steal from that other tablet thing (don’t know the name) never used by society and was only shown once as a first person shooter thing if I’m not mistaken, but rather the DS which came out first, it was designed to combine the wii and the DS in one package. If you’re referring to games, not every game is original, its impossible now-a-days. But this one is still a little rediculous, I hope it sells well and is fun to play, but please sony show more originality. And to avoid the fanboy comment I owned ps1, still own ps2, want a ps3, just poor, I used the eye toy, and the move in a sony store and half of the electronics in my house are sony based products.

  7. So many fanboys on this site it’s hilarious. It’s not a straight up clone, otherwise we’d see trophies and stickers and a bad online mode. Instead of moaning that Sony ‘copies’, I’m going to try this game out, it looks like it improves on Brawl and it has interesting differences from the game. Fanboys, get over your self, it’s not like Nintendo has never copied anything either. Half the ‘innovations’ they ‘made’ were not even theirs

      1. talking out of his arse. Typical bedroom gamer. Try being a developer and let your work and ideas get copied…bet he wouldnt like that…

    1. Read the heading of the article. They admitted they took elements of smash bros…and the game mechanics look the same as smash bros therefore it is a clone with some icing on top of the cake so Nintendo dont sue them.

      This game will bomb hard because n one outside of Sony fanboys recognise 70% of these characters (parappa the rappa only had like what one or two gmaes? correct me if i am wrong, not like i give two shits). The way you kill people also sucks. Smash exists to celebrate the rich history of Nintendo IPs and it does it with style.

      I will play it… on an emulator…I dont support BLATANT plagurism and this article cements my argument. Sony were great in the ps1 and 2 era but now they are arrogant and rip ideas off both MS and Nintendo. You would expect a company with so much money to invest in original ideas, unfortunately they resort to copying because Smash is a very successful franchise and one of Nintendo’s biggest guns.

      Plus the online works fine for me. It has greatly improved since I started playing it when it first came out, not Smash’s fault if your Internet is powered by a few hamsters whereas mine is a strong connection ;)

      haters are gonna hate. And for your information I am not a Nintendo fanboy since I have a pc for third party, ps3 for exclusives and wii/3ds so I am not a fanboy. I am a developer and it fucking pisses me off when people steal other ppl’s ideas and get credit for it. Would you like it if they ripped off YOUR game and sprinkle some “new” features to make it their “own” exactly.

      Rant over

      1. Your comment was completely bias. I severely doubt anybody will who isnt a nintendo fan will go into Smash Bros knowing over 70% of the characters, especially Game and Watch, Ice climbers, and MOST DEFININTELY Ness, i didnt even know who he was till Smash Bros, and im a Nintendo fan.

        Your arguement on online is barely worth mentioning. If it improved then thats good, but boasting about your internet isnt even worth anything to the arguement, you just sound like an arse.

        And as for blatant plagiarism, and the exact same gameplay, you’re just plain wrong.
        First of all, Sony were FAR from being the first to copy Smash Bros, ironically, Namco were one of the ones who copied first.
        And second, the gameplay is totally different, its not about building an opponants damage % and getting ring outs, you use specials to actually score points, and attack to build up your specials bar, which has 3 different levels, each more powerful yet costly with every level. Characters have 3 attack buttons, and instead of blocking, some characters like Sly parry and turn invisible.

        Actually learn about the game before you slag it off

        1. Bias when he said Sony was great? Are you serious? lololololo Man you are worse than Aeolus! Also for the record, Sony spinkled new features to hide the fact that this CLONE. Smh Sony fanboy. Grow up, they admitted it… it is a clone! What you gonna say, that the article is BS?

          1. You’re a moron, im a Nintendo fan as well, so firstly, shut the fuck up, and second, it wasnt about him not likely Sony, but all of his opinion were bias crap, about his internet, and not recognising any of the characters and knowing NOTHING about the actually gameplay.

            And who do you think you are telling me to grow up and accept they admitted it? In my own comment above, i said i wa glad they admitted it, so that maybe wankers like you will stop bashing every company that isnt nintendo without good reason. Bash microsoft, their business ideals are disgusting, but Sony are fine.


                1. 360 has been hackeda few times already,and honestly, the hack didnt even bother me, im not even a big onlinegamer,and i didnt have mydetails stolen.

                    1. Iknowitwasbad,butendoftheday,iwasreallyaffected,andigotfreegamesoutofit.seemsfinetome

              1. All current models of the Wii are region locked…and i dont buy my games anywhereelse than from my country anyway so why would i care?

                1. collecters care. Check out twitter. Dont be indenial. I personally dont care but there is a BIG ruckus going on atm. I no wii is region locked. So it should be. It’s business. If I ran Sony that would be the first thing on my mind.

                  Ah well, Sony lost huge amounts of cash this year. They never listen to their fans regarding ff7 HD. Instead we get a lAZY REHASH OF THE FUCKING SAME CHICKEN DRUMSTICK ARMED CLOUD on steam!

                  1. Imnotdenyinganything,iknowSonylostalotofmoney,ididntevenbuyaps3tilltheslimcameout.

            1. Who sold more? 360 or ps3? 360 mate! So MS cant be doing anything that bad…grow up and go and cuddle your Sony console :P

              1. Actually the only place the 360 outsold anything was in America, ps3 came second everywhere else and the Wii came out on top everywhere.
                And at least half of people who buy a 360 and defend it are idiots, who think COD and Gears are the only hardcore gamers that exist

                1. I no Wii sold the most. I love the Wii and was one of the best Nintendo consoles ever made. But Sony had a terrible architecture and too expensive. Skyrim is a good example of this. 360 ran it far better.

                  1. Iknowitdid,butthe360wasanditadisgustingmachinebecauseofmicrosoftbeingagreedycompany,imean,purposelymakingthesystemsbreakafterwarrenty,iknowpeoplewhohavehadtogettheirsrepairedmultipletimes.

                2. We have a MS fanboy arguing with a Sony Fanboy on…. LOL, I woke up in the twilight zone this morning

          2. Hey Man stop that. I love SONY AND I AM A SONY FANBOY!!!!! SUCK ME OFF TRETTON AND KAZ? ANAL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  1. You troll people calling them fanboys and retards. Stop talking into a mirrior english boy. No wonder everyone hates the UK. Arrogant thugs! and I am not american btw!

                    1. IdontcReehatnationalityyouare.ifyouwereattuefanofnintendo,yousowouldntcareBoutnationality.wemayallcomefromdifferentllaces,butweallstandumderNintendo,sotakeyourbigotidealssomewhereelse

        2. get off Sony nuts you English prick they admitted they stole everything from nintendo and your still sucking sony’s dick you just love the jizz all over your face you fag

          1. How mature of you.
            Seriously, that wasnt even an arguement, that was just racial slander against my nationality.
            Thanks for making me look better.

  8. Funny, I can’t tell what tipped me off about that.

    Was it the similar premise of franchise mascots duking it out? Or maybe the fact that they have final atack moves? Or maybe that one picture of the offices where there’s a Wii console in the back.

    Now tell me, was that subtle or what? Bravo Sony,

    Laying off the sarcasm, of course there had to be drawn similarities to Smash Bros. – Sakurai has done it right for the past decade, why not emulate the guy?

    I don’t know how PlayStation All-Stars will work, but at least it shows that there just may be an answer to Smash Bros. Drop the fanboy arguments, drop the “Sony copies all the time” talk, it happens, we know, no need to argue about it forever and ever.

    The question now is, will this game manage to live up to the hype that it’s trying to generate for itself or will it bomb? Let’s wait until October to decide, not now. The game isn’t in your hands yet.

    1. I agree mostly, but Superbot is developing this game, not Sony. Everyone who is going “sony always copeis nin10doh and dey suk” don’t realize that development is in other hands than Sony.

      1. They might not be developing it, but ultimately it would have been Sony’s idea. Superbot wouldn’t have just started for the sake of it without Sony’s permission.

  9. incredible how “original and unique” became: “stealing someone else´s idea and make it look as different as posible so nobody complains”

  10. well since they were fairly honest I’m gonna give the game a try. See sony, just be honest with us and we might not hate so much

  11. ”unique combat experience” Yeah, it is VERY unique. (sarcasm)
    Also, he doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of ”borrowed”, that means he asked Nintendo if they could use the formula. But I don’t think Nintendo would accept that, so they stole it.
    But whatever, the Earth will continue to spin, all I can say is, All-Stars better be good, or else they will stand there like a bunch of naked people, and everybody will see how shallow their attempt at ”borrowing” from games was.

        1. Yes really, its the dumbest comment ever.
          Seriously, you fanboys are fucking retarded, i havent played Fat Princess, but i know its nothing like Mario, its more of a stratedgy battle game, you feed the princess cake to make her fat to attack enemies and push down pressure plates ect.
          And having a pink dress and blonde hair doesnt make her peach, in fact, she has a pink dress because one team is red and the other is blue, the blue team has a princess with a blue dress and brown hair.

          1. fACEPALM* Cute that you defend Sony with all your soul. Stupid english fuck. No wonder you can’t win any sports cups ;) Mongrels just like Rooney bwhhahahahaa

            1. I couldnt give a flying fuck about sports or shitball, and hes an over paid cunt.

              Im defending Sony because people like you keep saying ridiculous shite that makes no sense.

              1. LOL U SERIOUS BRO? Sony copy too much. Dont tell me the Move didnt copy wii. If you deny that then I suggest you google a comparison.

                Man you made my day with your non stop commenting. Keep it up. I cant wait!

                1. No, i couldnt give a fuck about any sport, winning
                  or loosing, sportpersonalitiesand footballs get a disgustingamount of money forhow pathetic they are, while others rish their lives and get nothing
                  in comparison.
                  Move was shit, i know
                  it was, i regret buying it.
                  upretarded comments like that,insultingmycountryjustshows how childish you are

                  1. LOL sure. Heard it once too many. Glad you admitted Sony flopped hard with the MOVE. We are one step closer to getting into your thick minded head that Sony is a failure compared to ps1 and 2. Pity really. I had a gamecube and ps2 living in harmony. Looks like its just gonna be wiiU and PC for me next gen ;)

                    1. Ps3isntafailure,ithassomefantasticgames,itsjustinthesamepositionthegamecubewasin,exceptsonyspentalotofmonehofstuffwedidntneed.

    1. “fuck u sony, fuck you!”

      Too bad Sony isn’t developing this game. Give any broad a pink dress and long blonde hair and you could say she’s Peach, no matter her weight, moron. What I don’t understand is why they used the princess as a character instead of characters like the Warrior, Ranger, or Mage.

  12. As much as I love any smash game, the re-playability of SSBB and SSBM are enough to keep me away from the game for a couple of years until SSB4 comes out :D

  13. Super Smash Brothers copied Marvel Vs Street Fighter (just like every other cross-over fighting game has done for the last 15 years)
    But Capcom didnt cry and moan about it.

    Almost every fucking game released in the last few years has borrowed ideas from past games, because developers are running out of original ideas. So why waste time moaning about it?

    Throwing all your toys out of the pram wont make developers stop copying and ripping-off other companies good ideas, especially if it makes them tons of money.

    Its just one more game that everybody will have forgotten about 6-months after its released…

    1. copied marvel vs? BWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! They look nothing alike! apart from its a fighting game BWHHWHAHAHAHAA

          1. LOL, people have been wishing for cross-over games long before a cross-over had been made. It was just a matter of time until someone over at Capcom, Namco Bandai, etc. would catch wind of this and make it.

    2. Are you serious? How did Smash copy MvSF? They have nothing in common. Can you please tell me why you think it is?

    3. The Capom crossover series are NOTHING like SSB, they’re a completely different style of gameplay, some may even consider SSB a different genre all together, along with that Anime SSB style game with Dbz, Bleach and Naruto and others (yeah, Sony werent even the first to copy Smash Bros, funnily enough, Namco were), and now Sony All Stars.

    4. I’ll just say this and leave it as it is: Think about the difference between Super Smash Bros and Melee. Think about the difference between Melee and Brawl. Now think about the difference between Brawl and PS All-Stars. The problem isn’t that they “borrowed” from Nintendo. Really, think about it. If all the characters were swapped for Nintendo characters, and all the stages were swapped for Nintendo-themed stages, would PS All-Stars really stand apart from the others in the series? No. It’s so close to Brawl that it could stand next to it on Wii U as the next installment of Smash Bros.

      Nintendo changed many things between Smash and Melee, and between Melee and Brawl. Just because Sony tweaked the combat system and added new finishing moves doesn’t mean its not a blatant ripoff.

      1. That’s like saying, if you switched Street Fighter characters with Tekken, or Mortal Kombat, or Virtua Fighter, or King of Fighters, etc.

        So they’re all clones of each other.

        1. Pretty much, yep. The difference there is that the concept is different. Street Fighter has its own set of characters. Tekken has its own set of characters, etc. Those are all games in the same genre, a 2 person arena fighter. In SSB and PSAS, they both take their character roster from certain franchises of their respective companies. That’s the problem. Both games are a 4-player 2.5D multi-level action brawler that pits the most popular mascots of each company against each other in an effort to knock the opponents out of a match. That’s not a genre, it’s a franchise, and it’s called Super Smash Bros.

  14. Everyone burrows from someone, so there isn’t a 100% original video game. While they have a right to make this game and there are some similarities to SSB, I do not see being a bad game. It can be a great alternate like Crash Team Racing was to Mario Kart.

      1. I disagree. From the time Crash Team Racing originally came out, compared to Mario Kart 64, it was way different. CTR had a storyline, slightly more advanced power-ups, wumpa fruit, different kinds of missions on the tracks (CTR Letters for example). While the core gameplay is similar to Mario Kart, the way the game was excluded was totally different. I had that game so I can safely say this.

  15. cant wait to see sales for this CLONE. Smash Bros will outsell this like 3ds to VITA


        1. You are retarded. Learn to spell…

          Oh yeah i forgot, Nintendo fanboys are all 3 years-old so your spelling is always shit.

          Better get off the PC before mommy catches you, little baby! XD

            1. Jesus, you are 23?

              You type like a 5 year-old.

              Do you have a mental defect, or do you just like primary colours in video gamesDo you have a mental defect, or do you just like primary colours in video games?

              1. LOL you seem to understand me so I can’t be that bad :P No I do not have a mental disability but you do if you come here to bash Nintendo. Poor kid. Primary colours? Metroid Prime waves hello :D

                1. Im sorry fanboy, what did you say? I couldnt hear you with nintendos cock in your mouth. I like both companies equally, they are what I grew up on. But I dont judge a game before it comes out. I always keep an open mind and PLAY the games before I produce an opinion. I actually feel pity for you you closed minded ignorant fool. And for the record I work for a living, so excuse me if im not sitting my fat ass on a computer all day. And what are you? Grammer popo ? FUCK OUTTA HERE BITCH.

          1. Im 20, and ive always liked Nintendo, i’ve been playing Tetris for as long as i remember, and moved on to Pokemon and other games, did i grow out of it? No, because blood and gore and graphics dont make a game good, gameplay does. and if im correct, the 360 in particular is pretty infamous for being infested with illiterate children, who call people faggots all day and night, and play nothing but FPS games.

              1. How?
                I own a ps3, and a wii, and i will own a wiiu. If anyone has an opinion on Sony and Nintendo thats genuinely honest, and unbais its me, because i like them both, if they do anything wrong, i wont defend them, i’ll just say its bullshit.
                So go on, extrapolate on how Sony arent much better? Without saying they got hacked and the console was expensive, thats got nothing to do with the games

                1. Lol Skyrim dlc. Xbox got it first and sony fans have to wait for ages :P Shameful really

                  I have a ps3 and it is shit compared to the glory days of 1 and 2. Pity Sony went down the arrogant route Sega chose. Most games can be bought on PC. The exclusives like unchartered save it just about but again I can rip them onto PC if I really wanted to :P I wont be getting a PS4 sadly unless they change their approach. They are losing money pretty fast.

                  1. Wellps3getsexclusivecontentallthetime,itsgotnothingtodowithhowgoodtheconsoleis,MSjustgavethemmoney.


    You is just jealous cos mommy wont buy you a proper console.

    Tell your parents to get back to work on the street corner till they can afford a PS3.

    1. Jeolous? Is that why Sony copies every Nintendo does? and lets not forget who sold the most this gen?

      KAI BYEEEEE!!!!!

      1. Your mom sold more this gen.

        I had to switch off the lights while i fucked her cos she is so ugly!

          1. Are you mental or what?

            Would you like to explain how to ban someone who isnt registered on a site to begin with?

            Christ, Nintendo Fags are stupid! XD

            1. bwhahahhaa! Ban your IP address from letting you post on this site :P So even if you post, it doesnt go through


              Christ Nintendo haters are stupid!

              1. So are Sony fans. Accept gaming as a whole, one big community and push away people like this.
                Only hate on a conpany when theres a legitamate reason to, like making a console broken on purpose or makkn people pay for online (basically on disk dlc, for a console) and the massive list of other things.

        1. I dont know who you were trying to offend there, seeing as i dont believe in a God, and it was just phrase, not a literal question.

          Trust me, boy, you dont want to troll me, my mimic tried to do that, and he got in a right little hissy fit once he didnt like what i had to say.
          Go play somewhere with people who have puny one sided minds like your own.

    2. Troll pretty much? Well, I have to say that if you care about graphics then the PS3 is indeed the best option this gen. If you care about pure game experience then the Wii is the best opinion. X-box 360 is forever alone as that one does nothing better than any of the other systems (except red ringing)

  17. I’ll buy it, the borderline of not buying would be if they include items, or something like a Smash ball that fills your special attack gauge a level higher, or fully. Or if they include something like tripping, or if they include a coin rush mode, or a campaign that plays like Brawl’s campaign.

  18. Your post is sensible.

    But sensible posts are not appreciated on this site, because Nintendo fanboys have the IQ of a toaster.

      1. To be fair, although it disgusts me to see those terms being used on here, half of the Nintendo fanboys and other trolls on this site do the same thing.

        Anyone who uses such language shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. They’re just being ignorant, immature, and trolling.

    1. Actually yday he did told him to warn someone cos they were trolling. Will happen to you too. You came here to troll. IS your life that sad? poor creature :P

        1. And that is a sign you are losing :P Jog along. Go and play your games or do something with your life keyboard troll. Bye!

          next time try and troll like an adult. Not like a little boy who feels insecure about himself.

          1. You dont get rid of me that easy. Even sickr aint listening to your whiney ass shit.

            Buckle-up and enjoy the ride kid … I said that same thing to your mom last night too.

            1. Please, no mother would be attracted to scrawney little keyboard warrior with nothing to do but troll on a Nintendo site, and knock one out every 1 hour because your face is so physically sickening that you need to take it out on people who play other games instead of playing different games.
              The sooner you set up that 50 inch tv, and park that pathetic little vessel you call a body into that chair, and slowly wither and die, the better.

  19. Seem worth a try i won’t hate on this game we have to remember its copied for a reason because smash is a good game i see this as praise for smash. Theres differents even if small its still there

  20. Stop with the crap about Sony copying Nintendo, it’s really getting old news. Don’t call me a fanboy because I’m not, I’ve had all Nintendo and Sony consoles (excluding the Vita, can’t keep spending) and even the Xbox 360 until it decided to break two years ago, but you have to realise that these companies strive from ideas. The idea of a crossover fighting game became massively popular from Smash Bros. and I can understand why Sony would look to the game for inspiration.

    People really need to realise that no matter what creations are made, games consoles are going forward, and they don’t need constant unnecessary criticism. Despite the massive amount of criticism Nintendo received in the mid-80’s about thoughts of bringing the Famicom/NES to North America, they did it and saved the crashing industry. Of course, the criticism was mostly altered to Atari and their console after it was said that they destroyed the industry alone.

    People can say Nintendo are doomed, but everyone knows that they have a long time to go, especially Sony and Microsoft, who constantly utilise Nintendo’s ideas, with Nintendo occasionally using theirs, but as they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    All in all, who cares if Sony are copying Nintendo with their new game, Sony Entertainment are on a massive downward slope and they need to do anything they can to get off of it. I’m going to get PlayStation All-Starts because I love games like Smash Bros, Tekken, Soul Calibur and most of these games. Stop criticizing if you’re a gamer, no matter the company who creates them or console it’s on, who cares, just get out there and play some games instead of whining about companies copying each other.

    1. agreed. who cares if it’s similar. just play whatever game you want. a lot of our favorite games were probably inspired by other games, anyway.
      this looks like it would be a decent game for people who like sony games. i’m not a fan, and i don’t have a ps3, so i won’t get it.
      they probably should have given it a different title, though.

  21. Im changing this subject, im sick of anothe flame and being called a Sony fanboy just because i like Sony as well -___-

    What characters do you want to see in Smash Bros 4? Go.

      1. Well i couldnt give shit what you think, because your somehow a nintendo fanboy that defends microsoft, probably one of the most disgusting companies on the planet, who abuse the game industry to make money.
        Nintendo and Sony are game companies. Its their only or main from of business. They NEED to make good games. MS, dont give a fuck. If MS just left the console race, Bill Gates wouldn’t even know about unles someone told him. It would affect them as much as a grain of salt going missing.
        They dont give a fuck about gaming. The xbox is basically turning into a machine to connect with every other machine for no reason because apparently everyone wants to do everything on the xbox. I would watch tv on my ps3/wiiu, or netflix, or browse the internet, i have a tv and laptop for that. MS spent 75% of their conference not even talking about games….
        So why the fuck do you defend them? Because you own a 360? Well i feel sorry for you, because its a piece of junk, an american piece of crap build for americans. 360 doesnt even outsell the ps2 sometimes in Japan, im being dead serious, they KNOW its shit. Ps3 out sells the 360 everywhere except for the USA, surprise surprise.
        By next gen, you’ll be leaving MS behind, i can count on that.

  22. You know what,I actually give this guy props, he is the first Sony developer to ever admit that they have copied Nintendo and that’s perfectly okay with me. Sure they blatantly took their formula, but at least this time they admitted it. It’s like with the Angry Video Game Nerd and reviewers like him. JonTron and PeanutButterGamer do what AVGN does and they admit it and people LOVE them all, but The Irate Gamer however has never admitted that he is like AVGN in anyway and people HATE him. I am proud of Omar and the guys at Superbot for admitting to this.

    1. Actually, working with the industry, developers are usually pretty open with admitting when they have borrowed elements from other games; Especially this generation and with the way that technology has opened up communication.

      It’s just the fanboys and media who like to cause a stir that will have you believe otherwise.

    2. Same. I hoped fanboys would shut up now they at least admitted it (look how that turned out), but its a big deal for them to admit it, now nobody can say theyre lying or denying anything.

  23. I dont see it as a negative you poor people should really open your minds. There is always a game that did it first. Think about every fps that was ever made. I played super smash bros and it is,to this day, one of my top favorite games, but im also excited to see what this new game has to offer. I bet of yall who are talking shit about this game are going to end up playing it. That is all.

  24. I love that everyone will bash on it before it’s out and anyone has played it. Every company borrows ideas. Nintendo has borrowed tons of ideas for the Wii U. They pretty much copied the XBOX controller. So really, all three companies copy each other, Nintendo isn’t a victim. Get over it.

      1. What you talking about, the SNES is nothing like a 360 controller?…oh because it has the 4 colours? Well big fucking deal, so does the playstation controller. It has bumper, so does every damn controller.
        The WiiU pro controller IS and copy of the 360, with slight differences, that make it better. Do i care? No, i like the 360 controller, its the only thing about the 360 i actually enjoy, its comfortable, its probably just been adjusted at the back to be more ergonomic. And the dpad is actually good on the WiiU controller, not that awful 360 dpad.
        Its a copy, but funnily enough its about as much as a copy as Sony All Stars. Same look, different feel.

    1. Bless you, Sir. Everyone copies of each other. But it all ends up improving gaming in a whole, and progresses the business. The only defining difference is the game itself, and how its played.

  25. Well, at least they were up-front about it. I’ll give em that.

    And I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again. The fact that the game REQUIRES a super attack to score any points at all negates this game from being considered a competitive fighter. At least with Brawl, it’s just an option to use it.

    1. I never thought about that. We’d have to see the finally product, it could have a stamina mode like SSB but you’re right.
      I never played SSB seriously anyway, its just good old fun :p

      1. Neither have I, for that matter. lol
        I just find it annoying that they keep sponsoring this as being a competitive Smash Bros fighter and then say super moves are required to win.

  26. They’ve stated the obvious here, but like the guy said in the end I plan to approach this game open-minded. Admittedly I can’t wait to play it between breaks of Wii U marathons XD

  27. It’s not so much this game rip off as much and it being the millionth time someone stolen a Nintendo idea. Calling it “allstars” is totally lame and unoriginal as well.

  28. it’s clearly obvious it doesn’t play just like ssbb so retards need to calm down on the rip-off mambo-jumbo.

  29. While I don’t believe it is a straight clone, it’s good they admit the huge amount they borrowed. So many people keep saying it’s got so much more and while it may have, if it wasn’t for SSB, this game would not be here and if it wasn’t for Nintendo’s innovation, it would be a very different game.

  30. Good, Sony. Good for admitted it , I’ll give you some pros!

    I’m not going to said that the game is total crap before it comes out, I will wait, and obviously you are a total idiot if you think everything that is created by someone or some group is not “copied” or inspired by something.

  31. Well it was obvious but im very happy that playstation finaly made its own. And he is exactly right, people need to start being a bit more open minded towards it rather then a whiney little fanboy.

  32. Only thing that will save this game is if they add a patapon as a PLAYABLE character. More specifically.. The Uber Hero. And; more specific than that.. Charibasa. The best of all classes.

  33. Once upon a time, there were so many pathetic fanboys who got up in arms and waged imaginary wars against other fanboys. They raged so much that their mothers would scream at them down in their basements and make them cry. Wah wah wah sony da best, no n00b nintendo r0x etc.

    Sit back and ask yourselves why you leap to a corporation’s defense when they :
    a) don’t give a shit about you
    b) only want your dosh.

    If your life is so pathetic that you feel a need to fill the hole by justifying a purchase that no one else gives a shit about, you ought to re-evaluate your life. Brand loyalty brainwashes. Stupid sods.

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