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New Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘Isn’t The Usual Super Mario’

Satoru Iwata supposes that, after taking a quick glance at it, people will think New Super Mario Bros. 2 is “the usual Super Mario.” But according to the game’s art designer Masaaki Ishikawa, Nintendo added new features to Mario’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS title to make a fresh impression.

For example, special stages called Dash Mario are included, in which Mario gets blasted out of a cannon and can’t stop running forward until the end of the level. And, in all Dash Mario stages, players need to time Mario’s jumps to make sure he reaches the flagpole.

55 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘Isn’t The Usual Super Mario’”

  1. I’m down for new gameplay and the dash levels sound like a fun way to test your reflexes. Honestly, I’m most excited to see what happens when you reach 1,000,000 coins…

    1. New Super Mario Bros. getting old? Let’s add MORE coins. New Super Mario Bros. is too slow? lets SHOOT HIM OUT OF A FUCKING CANNON and make it into Sonic the Hedgehog. Have we turned him blue, red, and Luigi being green? Let’s turn him yellow. What’s the story in New Super Mario Bros. 2? Peach gets kidnapped, again, Mario must rescue, again.
      I swear if things keep going like this, Peach is going to have Mario’s baby but Mario’s going to have to rescue them both from bowser. Next color change is going to be pink to accommodate gay people. Instead of levels having ledges you need to jump over while running nonstop, they will have loops and roads. And a feature will be added where you gain a special bar that after triggered, countless coins rain down on the level for about 30 seconds.

      1. When you look identical to a game in 2006 in virtually every way. Then yes it is. Stop being a Nintendo apologist, you’re really becoming more and more idiotic and embarrassing, Nooblet.

        This series plain and simply looks the same and sounds the same every game.

    1. Well they are a business aren’t they? There have been plenty of cash grabs before. And yes this is a cash grab. I for one don’t care, I’ll be buying it. (No, I am not a Nintendo Fanboy either, I enjoy my VITA more so, but this game looks good)

  2. That kind of reminds me of the red tooth stages from Rayman Origins. You can decide if you want to run or not, but if you don’t, then the screen will kill you. So it’s like the same concept and surprisingly, I really loved those stages from Origins and seeing a similar thing on the upcoming Mario game makes me excited.

    1. Me too, i think theyre the highlights from Origins, ca really appriciate the level designs in those bits, running and jumping from one falling llatform to the next, vertically, is awesome. plus the music is cool

  3. I wish they’d just take a risk and do something cool with the Art-Style rather than the same graphics each time. I’d really love a game with the graphics based on that Cézanne-style Spooky level from the Wii U version, characters and all.
    That, and change the gameplay up a bit, make it so we’re getting a new experience rather than just new levels and power-ups.

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    1. Seth Rogen, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Kate Hudson, Jack Black. Cant Imagine everyone hates these talented people

  5. Thats sounds awesome, reminds me of the runnin levels from Rayman Origins where you cant stop till the end (bet you wot say Nintendo stole that).
    Could tell it wasnt a normal Mario just with the coin collecting. Im mean collect 1 million coins? Thats awesome, its like you have your main objdctive to finish the levels, but then youve gotta try and gather loads of coins too.
    Ive gotta buy a 3DS soon -.-

    1. They didn’t still that cause its been done before. For example in Jungle Beat there was a level where you were riding a bull or ox or bull or something. Even in DKC3 there was a level where you were spooked by rats and had to run though the whole level. But I see what you mean.

  6. Well if that’s true they need to make it clear in the trailers and footage they’re using to promote it or it might not sell well. Although tbh I have a feeling quite a few people would buy it anyway if it was “the usual”

  7. I’ll wait and see if it’s actually unique in comparison to other Super Mario Bros games because, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s not exactly doing anything that I haven’t from the previous New Super Mario Bros. titles.

    1. But also they better have something surprising in that game that we don’t know about. I remember when they said that there were plenty more power ups in SM3dL but was there, nope, just the same ones we knew about for a month and a half.

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