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Nintendo Experiences Problems With Servers On First Day Of Digital Retail Sales

Japanese Nintendo 3DS consoles now have digital retail games that can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo 3DS users initially encountered problems that prevented them from downloading the digital titles. But according to Nintendo’s website, the problems have been cleared up. The first digital retail game, New Super Mario Bros. 2, will be available to download from the European Nintendo eShop on August 17th and the North American Nintendo eShop on August 19th.

72 thoughts on “Nintendo Experiences Problems With Servers On First Day Of Digital Retail Sales”

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      1. i agree, people act like it’s a freaking crime to include “first” in your comment. it’s only annoying if your comment is unrelated to the topic. stop overreacting, people. :p

      2. @jaemiz trust me, buddy. It will always have that abuse as long as everyone else do it. Is not only me. It would have been far worst if I just only had said “first”, but I’m not the kind of person who made unrelated comments to an article. I stated my comment and for the fun of it, I put first. simply as that.

        @anonymouns, lol, Lovers gotta love! :D

  1. ..well that is unfortunate, noones perfect and the same goes for objects too.. i keep hearing about this nsmb2. mii hopes i dunt get roused up to buy it. august cannot arrive sooner i want me 3dsxl so i can play me ds games cuz it wore out.. games like mphunters yo!


  2. Actually, the first retail game for download is Planet Crashers 3DS which is already out. Planet Crashers was suppose to be released in retail but the devs decided to release it into the eShop instead.

    1. The publishers decided to go digital. If it was the developer’s choice, the game would have been published by Renegade Kid rather than by Ignition.

      And according to Amazon, the game is still receiving a retail form at the end of August. Maybe Ignition just wanted to go both digital and physical, like NSMB2 and Unchained Blades? But Nintendo wants NSMB2 to be the “first” game released in this manner, which is why the PSP version of Unchained Blades is coming out before the 3DS version in North America.

      1. If their servers crashed because of the amount of the downloads of such small files then they must have really shitty servers, honestly. I rather think it’s the first option, since they started offering titles as virtual downloads just now. They probably got to learn first.

        1. U do realize that this happen when U have many severs trying to download at the same time, this happen to Xbox and ps3, the internet at this time cant handle this, and people think is a good idea to do cloud gaming next gen.

  3. The retards at Nintendo are having trouble delivering 300 mb game through their servers, yeah good job..

    1. Yeah, but they don’t suck as hard as Blizzard though. You even have to wait to play the game that you’ve bought… Blizzard is doomed. Atleast with the kind of logic that you trolls are using.

      1. But isn’t Nintendo basically making people who bought NSMB2 wait too, because of the server problems…? And if you seriously think that Blizzard is doomed in any way, then I really feel sorry for you.

    2. I don’t get it, you are on a Nintendo website hating….I am going to disregard every message or reply you have been posting, cause you will be purchasing a Wii U on day 1..LMAO

  4. siegfried von schroder

    ok people listent up nintendo sucks and we all know that,stop bying their old stupit products and start being serius because consoles such nintendo and playstation are for babies and you should have known that shitendo let rare away so you should blame shitendo for that and not microsoft and dont forget that microsoft IS the future game industry

    1. They sure are, with god awful os such as vista, the only company to release a console with a high rate of failure and their massive library of 1st party titles (not for kinect), they are paving the way definitely. Not to mention that the guy from valve who mainly works with Microsoft os for their software saying that the next windows 8 Is a catastrophe, Microsoft are definitely the ones to invest your money in.

    2. Okay people, listen up. Microsoft is alright. Sony is alright. Nintendo is the best video company ever. Stop buying other “stupit” products and start being “serius” because consoles such as Wii and GameCube are amazing and are for everyone. And everyone knows that Microsoft bought Rare and had games that just weren’t as fun as Banjo Kazooie or Perfect Dark. And don’t forget that Nintendo IS the future game company.

    3. Lol, you must have fun coming up with creative ways to write with horrible troll-like grammar. Maybe I will try it some day ;). I am convinced that this is not how you actually write btw. I refuse to believe that the human mind can get to be so stupid, without actually trying to be. Peace =)

    1. How will one small little problem make a whole company disappear? Steam has the same problems but is Valve gone? Of course not! Retard.

  5. Nintendo Can Suck My Dick

    Lol what kind of idiots does cheaptendo have working on their software smh just admit ya cant compete with x apple live smartglass

  6. I was going to say “Embrace yourself, the trolls are coming” but they appeared here before I could do so obviously.

  7. Maybe they need to have a word with Valve.
    Although, now thinking about it, when a new high profile game is released on Steam their servers are having difficulties as well.
    I guess it can’t really be helped if thousands upon thousands are downloading from the servers.

  8. A few mistakes are o be expected. Hopefully they learn from it and perfect their online system. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Exactly. After all, it’s their very first time in history selling full titles as downloads on any console, not just the 3DS. Bumps in the road are to be expected.

  9. I preordered the silver 3ds xl from a euro website and cancelled after i realized £167 = almost $299 Canadian. Also the 3ds is region locked so all the games would have to be from the eshop. Not 100% sure i can add a Canadian visa to a euro 3ds.

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  11. Hasn’t everyone whose sold Digital Games stumble at the beggining? this is to be expected, its trial and error, at least they’re preparing stuff for the WiiU, hopefully Nintendo will sort things out by then.

    (Steam, one of the Biggest Online platforms right now, Was a steaming pile of shit when it first launched)

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