Dragon Quest X For Wii Nearly Had Free-To-Play Sections For Kids

Dragon Quest X director Jin Fujisawa and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently sat down to discuss Dragon Quest X during the latest Nintendo Direct. Fujisawa revealed that Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii was going to include a free-to-play section for kids, but shortly realised that anyone could lie about their age. Dragon Quest X is due for release in Japan on Wii, August 2nd.



  1. @30N1U$ if u r smart enough, from the beginning SquareEnix said that Dragon Quest X going to be pay to play monthly ….


  2. Hmm that would have been interesting. Too bad there isn’t a way to prove your age. Perhaps the Wii U would be able to solve this problem with it’s facial recognition.


    1. Hey there you go! Unfortunately right now Square Enix is hurting and a hugely popular subscription-fee MMO would help the company. Perhaps when the company starts getting it’s crap together it will be a possibility but right now I don’t think it is possible.


      1. I think it will be free to play ousted of Japan – dragon quest is big there so people will pay the fee. In western countries it doesn’t sell nearly as well so it wouldn’t pay for square to make us pay a subscription fee.


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