New Super Mario Bros. 2 – All Save Files Share One Coin Total

In New Super Mario Bros. 2, players collect coins that are added to an overall coin total. Although the game has three save files, all of the coins collected among them are added to a single coin total. If you want your own coin total, you won’t be able to let others play with your cartridge or download of New Super Mario Bros. 2.



    1. Just so people see… look at the end, they show you what you get after 1 million coins and tbh it’s not worth it. Especially not after all the hype they created for it. I’ts not even a bunch of levels or anything:


      1. “the more i read about this game the less i want to own it”
        obviously he has read more that makes him not want it so get the fuck out and let him have his own opinion Nintendronite.


      2. Obviously I’ve read more about it. I said so in my original statement. I also played it at the gaming lounge at comic con and was not blown away. Besides the coin collecting it’s just a rehash. Some may enjoy it, some may not. People are allowed to have opinions.


    1. Its because to get to A MILLION coins you’re probably going to have to beat the game multiple times, sooo instead of restarting you carry your coin totals into the next save file. They should’ve just let you beat it and have it carry over if you save over an old file, hell idk if you can’t do that.


  1. And these 3 file save coin total go into one global coin total, once that reaches 100’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’000’027 Nintendo will release a new game trilogy in EVERY franchise they have ever made.


    1. so in order for us to get some delicious trilogy awesomeness we merely need at least 1,e+44 people who buy the game and reach a total of 1 million coins .. and maybe some poor sucker who gives up at 27 coins

      wait… we’re missing something like 1,e+35 people for that :(

      thanks for crushing my hopes x_x


  2. nintendomination has apparently reached 1mil coins and the prize for that is a new title screen. though I still believe there’s more reward than that.


  3. And it’s revealed that the world coin total is being compared with other planet’s coin totals! Nintendo is in talks w/ alien worlds!


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