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Nintendo 3DS XL Sold 192,000 Units During Japanese Launch

Famitsu has reported that the Nintendo 3DS got off to a flying start in Japan where in sold an impressive 192,000 units during two days. By comparison when the Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan it sold 371,000 units. The Nintendo 3DS XL is already available to purchase in Europe, and is released August 19th in North America

44 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Sold 192,000 Units During Japanese Launch”

    1. IKR i am impress too, im definitely getting a 3ds xl for only 3 reasons, the size of the screen, the analog not being slippery, and tha darn POSITION of the stylus!!!! o_O

    2. If you don have an original 3DS, you may as well. Its more sturdy, slightly better battery, bigger screen (and 3D effect because of it), better stylus, anti glare screen. Only problem is, its big haha depends where youre goin to use it

    1. Don’t it is not worth it. The difference is to low and the decrease in portability is horrible if you’re not just going to sit at home and play it. Only thin that is good about it is the longer battery time..

      1. Not true. The screen also has better anti-glare, and the screen being larger means it can be tilted further during 3D being on without it starting to distort.[In other words, the “sweet spot” is larger for the 3D effect so you don’t have to worry about tilting it a bit and losing the effect]

        1. I’ll have to play a few games on one and see if I can fit it in my pockets, if I can, I’ll probably get one.

      2. I saw an comparison between DSi XL and 3DS XL and 3DS XL is slighter smaller than Dsi XL, so, it’s not bad at all. I had a DSi XL and despite the size, it still fits in some pockets, it’s not like some people said.

  1. Just shows how much of a success the Nintendo 3DS really is!!! Now hopefully we can get some decent 3rd party ports from the dying PSV (LKS2, Dragon’s Crown etc) as some of those games deserve to be on the 3DS anyways.

      1. LOL…the way the Vita is going it might be worth Vanillaware’s time to just cancel it for the Vita and move the whole development to the 3DS, Wii, or Wii U!!! I loved Vanillaware’s Wii exclusive: Muramasa and from the looks of things DC is not to far off Muramasa or GKH
        for that matter. Speaking of which GKH deserves a 3DS reboot!!!

        1. Hnnngg DC WiiU! The games I really want for 3ds though are Monhun tri g/4, a BBS remake(only kh Ive haven’t played other than 3d), castlevania mirror of fate, and I really need a new 2d metroid(2.5d if done right).

          1. DC on WiiU would be sweet…though it will be sweet on the 3DS XL as well!!! I really want GKH on the 3DS also!!!

  2. Hm…so in about two days it has greatly outsold what the PS Vita has managed in three months (in Japan)… Nice. Nintendo might be breaking out the champagne.

    1. LOL…what’s even more pathetic for the Vita is it barely sold 2M units since releasing 8 months ago. It officially launched Dec 2011 in Japan, Sony’s best region for handheld gaming. RIP Vita…you will not be missed!!!

    1. The 3ds XL did 192k in 2days. That’s the combined number of PSV’s sold for the last 3months in the same region in 2days…

      1. So in 2 days, the 3DS XL has out sold the Vitas 3 month sales, even with all the commercials and Vitas PS3 cross play? hahahahahahaha.

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  4. i might just get a regular 3ds soon, if not ill get a ds lite. but i also know i am getting a free ds lite since this idiot broke mine.

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  6. Im impressed. I was worried Nintendo wouldnt be able to pull it off with the 3DS XL, but They seem to be off to a good start in Japan. If they sell this well in most other countries that would be great for Nintendo!

    1. We’ve not got any values from European sales, and Japan and Europe are the only two places the XL has been released in.

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