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GameStop: ‘We Are Excited About Wii U & Its Graphics Are Fantastic’

GameStop CEO Paul Raines was recently interviewed by GameSpot. During the interview, Raines shared his thoughts on Wii U, which will be released this holiday. With the launch of Wii U, Raines is confident that GameStop’s business will improve. Raines spent time playing with Nintendo’s upcoming console during last month’s E3 and, from what he played, thinks that it’s pretty cool. Raines likes the Wii U GamePad’s rendering capabilities and claims that Wii U’s “graphics are fantastic.”

“We’re excited about Wii U. We think Wii U is going to be a very significant part of the holiday period. If you played the games at [the Electronic Entertainment Expo], it’s pretty cool. I went upstairs and played Pikmin for like an hour with the tablet and the controller, and it’s pretty cool. I mean, the rendering, the graphics are fantastic. So I think Wii U is exciting; we’re eager to get started on the launch and we’re doing a lot to plan for that.”

76 thoughts on “GameStop: ‘We Are Excited About Wii U & Its Graphics Are Fantastic’”

    1. he feels like everyone is not interesting for the wii u, but this proves that people are interesting about it, be ya he will be the only person in the world not owning a wii u.

      1. Poor him. I won’t even say his name, because he doesn’t deserve it. While he’s bitching like a fanboy, I’ll be chilling with ALL the consoles.

        1. Nah I think, Siegfied the girl is worst than Aelous. That’s a true fanboy/troller to da fullest. He only buys Xbox for graphics and knows nothing about styles of gameplay.

    2. LOL…dude is probably 13 years old. C’mon he comes in to troll on a Nintendo fan site about how much Nintendo sucks etc. Probably doesn’t get enough attention from mommy and daddy!!! He belongs to PS friendly sites like IGN, VGC etc…but I think he doesn’t get attention there also. Sad individual actually.

    3. I thought I was the only one waiting to rub it into Aelous’s face. Goes to show his xbox liking self that the rest of the world and majority of the Americas prefer quality over over hyped evil money mongering behemoths. Ask Daimler Benz how much their business was hurt when they used to be merged with Chrysler of all companies. This is fantastic news.

  1. lol obviously he’s excited they’ve lost a major amount of customers to Steam this guy thinks the Wii U will lure them back

    1. Keep on dreaming, even we that use steam buy Nintendo products like fresh baked cakes at a church fundraiser. Stop lying please. Even your doubtful behind is buying a Wii U.

        1. I wish Nicki Minaj would stop sounding like a little bratty child in most of her songs. Not gonna happen though.

  2. Post like this one makes me think. Talking about the Wii U’s graphics or specs are an open window for aelous and the band of trolls to start a flame war.
    ” let the flame war commence”

    1. The sun rises in the East, Nippon( Japan ) and Nintendo are in the East, the put Nintendo of America head quarters in the North western Seattle to Catch the sunset; so as they can catapult it into the east the next day. That’s word! NINTENDO.

      1. I know, not some biased developer or journalist, we get the real facts from someone important to the gaming industry, whom I’m guessing doesn’t take sides

  3. Finally, a real person gives us feedback on the console, no company heads, no game designers, no patcher, just your average joe at gamestop, thank you god

  4. Dunno about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to Zombi U the most out of all the other games shown for the launch window.
    It’s been a while since I’ve played a Zombie game that does something differently, and this “multiple survivors, one chance with each” deal sounds like it’ll be challenging and fun.
    Not to mention, I get to go around killing the zombies of anyone on my friend’s list when they inevitably die.XD

    1. Plus you get the options to: a) flee the city, b) stay and hold your own, or c) help find the cure. So I’ll play the game AT LEAST 3 times :) I love how all the npc’s have personal goals and you can help them or leave them to fend for themselves. Online integration sounds awesome! You get a notice that a friend is dead, kill your friends zombies, and loot them! The concepts the game is built on make it a strong contender for my personal GOTY. Can’t wait!

      1. Yes I agree about this game. I fell in love with this game the second I saw it. Im not sure if my nerves can handle this but after reading more and more about it I’ll try to survive. I like that If you turn into a zombi you spawn as another person going through the same shit and you can then track down your previous self and grab your “Bug-out bag” of goodies that you had collected up to that point. You can hoard all types of weapons for your last stand. You can hunt down your fallen friends and jack all their stuff.
        It would be cool to get a gang online and all play as the zombies hunting down the survivors and if you died you would spawn as a nearby zombi. Regardless I can’t wait to play this all through the night.

    2. I duno, i still have the Red Steel feeling at the moment with that game…everything else looks awesome, but im not sold on it yet, ill probably wait for the reviews, ( same with Ninja Gaiden)

      1. If they can pull together a competent story(with a dead space writer at the helm, i think they can) its golden. Gameplay is scary, fun and original. I don’t think a red steel situation is all that possible at this point.

  5. I actually can’t wait for this console now. I’ve never really been a fan of Nintendo, admittedly i played the N64 and Wii (i enjoyed the Wii don’t get me wrong) and the Wii wasn’t my console either. And i played the N64 yonks ago, i can’t even remember when it was i played it. (showing my age i guess, lol) I’ve been coming on here for about a month now, but this is my first comment.

    1. Welcome our friend. I have been posting for a month, been a regular commentator for a month now. This is Nintendo making gaming gaming again. From your words I know you like myself have played the commodore series of games. Icicle works and treasure island are legendary.

      1. Thank you both for the welcome :) I’m starting to realise the Nintendo community is much more friendly than the other communitys. Sorry Gamer, but i never played the commadore, i’m guessing you must be older than me. I’m 25. But you’re right about Nintendo making gaming gaming again.

    1. Nintendo style of gaming is much different than their rivals. They truly are the walt disney of gaming. Now with gamestop showing their excitement towards this system, I’m expecting to see strong sales this season :)

      1. honestly i dont think there try to fight fire with specs but prove they can survive 100+ years as a company and 30+ years in the video game industry… i have not the slightest clue of who’s the bawse under the hood. But i do know there doing a damn good job…

  6. I’m really looking forward to the Wii U, and I’m definitely getting it at launch. Already got money saved up and everything.

  7. gamestop talked to gamespot!? LOL

    But when they said that they are preparing for Wii U, then that could mean a discount if we hand in our wii’s! Look, the quote is a part of the quote from the topic

    “we’re eager to get started on the launch and we’re doing a lot to plan for that.”

  8. Must. FInd. Patience…nope, didn’t work! I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE WII U AND DARKSIDERS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “I went upstairs and played Pikmin for like an hour with the tablet and the controller, and it’s pretty cool.”
    this guy is hardcore

  10. Remember, remember… the month of November
    The month Nintendo finally drops the A-Bomb
    From Nintendo Land to Arkham City
    the effect will be felt at the sound of the alarm.

  11. “It’s cool, I love the graphics, it’s cool.” Man, always about the graphics huh? Damn Fame Stop.

    1. But graphics are important, more immersion, and better graphics equals more power to run new bigger games that were not possible before. Better graphics means nintendo can get reassurance of multiplatforms. Of coarse I believe that gameplay is important, but you caant hate power/graphics.

      1. I’m not against better graphics, matter of fact I’m for it. What I’m sayin’ bro is if you read the statement you’ll notice the guy mentions nothin’ but the visuals. What if the U didn’t have the visuals, he would’ve disregarded the system’s quality.

    1. How many nintendo games have ever been better graphically than gameplay wise? You speak the truth but this is Nintendo, their games are artistically great and fun to play. Its going to be an amazing generation.

  12. Good to hear! The excitment for the Wii U is rising baby! It wont be long now when Nintendo releases all the specs and cost of the console….then excitment for the upcoming console will be BOOMING! Nintendo has done a great job on ensuring the greatest possible success for the Wii U.

  13. As long as it has decent anti-aliasing and the textures look better than the best that 360/PS3 can offer then I’ll be ok with the graphics, I loved the look of loads of Wii games but the jaggies did get a bit hard on the eyes in the end.

    1. At minimum settings the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and 360, that is enough even for Sony and xbox fans to buy a Wii U. Lets face facts here, Nintendo makes better games than Sony and microsoft studios combined. Check IGN’s 50 greatest games makers and you shall see the light.

  14. Hey guys, if any of you guys can, can you guys tell me a little description of games for the Wii U?

    Like pikmin, rayman, etc. because i havent played the previous versions

  15. People need to stop worrying about the Wii U. There’s already significant evidence that it’s power is excellent. Leave luck to heaven.

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  17. Nintendo is really stepping it up in the graphic compartment, but can the win the overall hardcore gamers. Link and Mario in HD, OMG.

  18. Pikmin three is… It’s fuking gorgeous… The water in the first 2 looked beautiful… In this…. FCK IT’S ECSTASY

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