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Mass Effect 3 Is A Wii U Launch Title

EA has confirmed at this years EA Summer Showcase that Bioware’s controversial Mass Effect 3 will be launching alongside the Wii U this holiday season. As we previously reported, the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 will come with the additional DLC that graced the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

65 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Is A Wii U Launch Title”

    1. You might as well play 2, theres ALOT of decsion an outcomes in that game that affect 3. You can pick up 2 for a pretty cheap price now. And im not spoiling the story :p

        1. Not really haha but stuff that happens in too shape the story in 3. If you get the wiiu version of 3, youll be okay because theres an interactive back story decision comic that fills you in on 1 and 2 and lets you make the decisions that matter. But if youre playing it for the 360, just buy 2 and 3, it’ll use your character and choices from 1

        2. You can decide how many people can live at the beginning of Mass Effect 3 if you’re starting a new game. You can’t decide the specific number, but you can choose as to whether numerous people died, or some people died. You couldn’t do this with Mass Effect 2. Oh, and the digital comic sucks. There are way more decisions you could’ve made beyond the ones they tell you to make in the comic, and they do have consequence in Mass Effect 2 (sort of).

    1. As long as they keep games like Total War on PC (maybe develop them for wiiu as well. That’d be cool.)…

      1. yeah im new to the series i hear it’s a great series so i’m going to buy 3 for wii u and if 1 and 2 are on ps3 ill wil get those also to understand the story more:p

          1. It is a terrific game. The other two are really dampened by the storyline. Each combat scenario is Mass Effect 2 for example is incessantly repetitive, and all the emotion in Mass Effect 3 can’t change how terrible the story was in general. But then again, Mass Effect 2 and 3 have certain qualities that place them higher than Mass Effect, even Mass Effect 2’s gameplay is boring and Mass Effect 3’s story is stupid. Ultimately, each of the three games have their own strengths and weaknesses that balance each other out. Mass Effect’s combat system, for example, is the most “raw” out of the three, in the sense that it is never “staged” or choreographed, but it is definitely very mishandled.

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  1. Ok, i have not played either the first or second of the series. Im totally new to this, so would the game still be good if i skip 1 and 2? Anyone can fill me in the story?

    1. Youd be okay, because it has a back story comic of 1 and 2, that lets you make the decision that affect 3, so yeah, you should he okay, but id say the series is hetter if you play all 3, one after another, you get attached to the characters and storyline, and actually give a damn about what happens, its pretty great

    2. If you just start with 3, your experience will be lame.

      Just suck it up and get all three. Yes, what you decide in Mass Effect 1 does affect certain parts of the later two games. Totally not kidding.

  2. This game, no matter what system it has been on or will be on, is terrible. The gameplay is the only saving grace of this game; combat is supreme on this game. The story is so stupid. Any time you have a story that revolves around a literal plot device, you know the story is stupid. You notice I haven’t even mentioned the ending as a problem. That’s because the ending is really the least of this game’s problems. Bioware got totally lazy with this game, man. They opted for clear linearity instead of clear multipaths, and they made a game that was just so damn linear and so damn predictable (remember when you could go to Feros, Noveria, Therum, and Virmire in almost any order you wanted to? And remember that the order you went to those places kind of mattered?) that half the time you’re playing a certain part of the game you’re telling yourself you want to get to the next part instead. They’re still saying it’s worth it. I say, fuck it.

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