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Nintendo Said Bowser ‘Is Too Small’ In Disney’s Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph director Rich Moore and producer Clark Spencer admitted that they came across a few minor problems when collaborating with Nintendo, Sega and Capcom for the forthcoming Disney film. Moore says that Nintendo originally said that their version of Bowser was far too small, so they asked the production team to rectify this.

“We did have kind of a check-in process, where we would show them the footage and say, ‘What do you think? Is it good?’ At one point, [Nintendo] said, ‘Bowser’s much bigger than that. He’s way bigger than Zangief.’ We were like, ‘Okay, we’ll make him bigger. How’s that?’ They’d say, ‘Yes, that’s good — but he wouldn’t drink his coffee like that. He wouldn’t make that mouth.’ [Laughs] Of course, then people from Sega said, ‘Well, Doctor Robotnik is bigger.’ [Laughs] They wanted their characters bigger and bigger. We were going to end up with these giants in a room, with Ralph as this little guy…”

69 thoughts on “Nintendo Said Bowser ‘Is Too Small’ In Disney’s Wreck It Ralph”

        1. I agree with you, but Nintendo and Sega’s rivalry lasted until the Dreamcast which was in the 2000s. :D

            1. Sega was having trouble competing against Nintendo at all, so they had to try and get the upper ground against Sony, which failed.

    1. He would be in there as Cranky Kong. He is one of those video game characters that actually aged. And the modern Donkey Kong has only been a villian in MvsDK.

  1. I suppose he ought to be bigger than Zangief. He was bloody HUGE in Mario Sunshine, after all. And don’t get me started on Galaxy 2…

    1. His size seems to change throughout the series, look at his normal size in the NSMB games and Galaxy 1, compare that to on the NES games, it’s a huge difference

  2. Wouldn’t bison from street fighter be better then zangif? Idk i never seen zangif as a bad guy just a wrestler that fight for money. & fame i rather see akuma talk about being a bad guy drinking coffee imo

  3. Gives a fuck ? Bowser is a shit villain anyways and bowser is fucking small ..I played Mario games and he’s just slightley bigger than Mario…Nintendo are just ignorant and stupid , that’s why Nintendo is shit .

    1. Oh! go play your two exclusive having console with villains that are Samu’s space pirate rip-offs lol. Or is it the other system with the SSBB rip-off lol.

    2. I’m guessing you never played Super Mario Sun Shine then.

      Also, that name is so ironic, if you hate Nintendo so much then why name yourself after one of their characters.

      1. It is implied in the Super Mario Bros. instruction booklet that the Koopa clan, including Bowser, are masters of dark magic. That should explains the size changing and other abilities not counting the fire breath.

  4. Nintendo changes Bowser’s size ALL THE TIME between sports games and main games. I assumed it was never an issue for them.

  5. But, according to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (all 3 of them), Bowser is like an inch taller than Eggman…from what I can remember. xP And I imagine Ralph being just a bit taller than Luigi. I dunno, picky Nintendo is picky.

    1. I really like The lngeed of Zelda Ocarina of Time, its my favorite game. And I love that they edited it and made it for the 3ds, but I kinda wish they made it for the wii

  6. Can’t Bowser change size? Because he was massive in Super Mario Sun Shine but in other games he is sort of big and sometimes he is the same size as mario

  7. Bowser has the most inconsistent size throughout the franchise, so I’m not sure why they’re even saying this.

  8. His size constantly changes throughout the games anyway(Especially in the sports titles, where he is considerably small).

    Anyway, I can barely contain my excitement for this Disney animation.

  9. That guy at SEGA is lieing his ass off. Eggman IS that big, and definitely not on Bowser’s level. Eggman is a HUMAN, not an alien. He’s tall and looks exactly like that. In my opinion, I had no problem with Bowser either. In the Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario & Sonic, and Mario Sports series, Bowser was that size. In the main series, Bowser is HUUUUUUUUGE. Can we at least say that?

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