Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 English Animated Trailer

Nintendo released a Japanese animated trailer for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2  in May, but has now uploaded a full English version to The Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube. The two Nintendo DS games will be released in North America on October 7th, Australia on October 11th, and Europe on October 12th.



      1. yeah its fine but i love this site i get all the great inside on a beast console but he just comes up with stupid claims and its ridiculous anyway thanks for the reply


      2. Yeah, after a few days of relentless trolling, we had to take up his name to confuse his message and make him look ignorant. More or less had to defend ourselves.

        Still, glad you’re keeping an eye on things. He’s jacking up the comment section. Finding fan-comments and legitamite arguments can be like finding a needle in a haystack. ;)


      3. It’s a Sickr AND Alba box. Feels magical being inside it. And yeah, he ranges from spelling things well and writing cohesively to just spamming. It’s either multiple people working on his behalf or he’s just doing comments with different email addresses. Can you see his IP address for his comments?


    1. Not True, Diamond/Pearl came out in 2007. 2008 didn’t have anything. (US Release Dates) But we can hope it comes out next year since it took 10 years for the Gold/Silver Remake. :D


    2. I think we’d be getting an RSE remake 2014 if we’re getting one at all. In Japan, the release schedule has been:
      Diamond/Pearl: Late 2006
      Platinum: Mid 2008
      HeartGold/SoulSilver: Late 2009
      Black/White: Late 2010
      Black/White 2: Mid 2012

      So the deluxe version (well, I know BW2 is a sequel, but it’s the equivalent of a deluxe version) is usually in the middle of the year – although BW2 was released somewhat earlier in regards to timescale to Platinum, given how we’re at the end of the DS’s lifespan and they probably wanted to give it its Pokémon swansong as soon as possible. I think an RSE remake, if we’re getting one, would be on 3DS – what better way to test the waters of a full 3D Pokémon Adventure than to use an existing template? Plus, one can play Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald on a DS. The GBA was only one generation before the DS (as R/B/Y were for GB, two console generations later the GBA remake happened, and G/S/C were for GBC, two console generations later the DS remake happened), so remaking it on the ol’ duel screen is kinda pointless.


      1. And trains all these kickass pokemon only to send them to oak.
        Why no Charizard/Herocross/Snorlax/Sceptile etc.? =(


      2. At the same time he didnt even evolve half of them. I understand pikachu, but the like now in this season, he has so many un-evolved pokemon that could be beasts. Ex: Oshawaott, scraggy, snivy


  1. Lol how at the beginning it said not actuall gameplay coz in the DS it would look like a pixelated piece of shit !! this game is another rehash with the Same graphics and even more shittier Pokemon !!


  2. This little trailer was twice as good as what I’ve seen from Black and White so far. The series seriously needs to grow up and get a new lead.


  3. If u dont like the anime why dont you try the manga online, the story follows that of the game entirely(pokemon adventures). Thats a very cool diplay of pokemon. Get to see the story behind red, blue, silver, gold. And all protagonist(fire red and leaf green is the best)


  4. The pokemon company should focus on this, i read it and can never watch the anime after the comic(manga). Thats several times better than a guy who has found the fountain of youth


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