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Capcom: Western Developers Focus On Visuals, While Japan Focuses On Gameplay

Capcom director Hideaki Itsuno believes that compared to Western video game developers, Japanese developers have different priorities. Itsuno claims that Western developers start with a game’s visuals, and then work on building its gameplay. According to Itsuno, Capcom Japan gradually builds a game’s visuals but after solidifying its gameplay.

“Given our experience, it seems like with the west and Ninja Theory they focus on the visuals stuff at the beginning and then build the gameplay on top of that.”

“Whereas at Capcom Japan, we focus on the game logic and getting the systems down in the beginning then we gradually build the visuals on top of that. I think this speaks to the differences in the core of how western games are developed compared to games in Japan.”

205 thoughts on “Capcom: Western Developers Focus On Visuals, While Japan Focuses On Gameplay”

        1. “revolution”, you are sooo right! Aeolus and Ness are always talking about their special “graphics” and whatnot… especially Aeolus with his whole.. “I port Wii games to my PC and played Skyward Sword in HD”… nonsense. LOL I doubt he really did it and all he cares about are graphics.

          1. Have you tried playing the Wii Monster Hunter without a component cable? The screen is blurry on my 50 inch HD ready TV. Sorry but I rather play in HD than strain my eyesight.

            If you are so against HD visuals I guess you wont be getting a wiiU then? Afterall, it can run 1080p easily.

            1. Wii and Wii games were made for smaller Tvs so you dont notice the blurryness much but it becomes noticeable on big HD Tvs.

              The component cable rectifies this but not by much. I am sure when you go WiiU you will find it hard to play Wii games.

              Wii games would look good on the gamepad however on a much smaller screen

                1. Monster Hunter looked terrible on my Tv. The text was small and really blurry. The component cable is a god send compared to SCART.

                  The games still had jaggies but at least it was bearable. I preferred the Gamecube Metroid. Didnt like the motion controls slapped on. Pity 3 wasnt on GC.

            2. full HD on a 50inch looks shitty as it is. Anythinng beyond 40 inches for full HD is meh, and even 40 is pushing it. Power of the console is only half the problem there. Bg HD tvs need work. 4k for them or there just isnt a high enough dpi/ppi.

            3. He’s not against HD visuals, he’s against people like you who think that’s what games are all about.

              But his argument maligns you, so it’s perfectly understandable that you pulled a Freudian and completely sidestepped it to talk about how he supposedly is against HD visuals.

      1. Everyone. Come WiiU launch, we need to exchange friend codes, or whatever links our systems, and leave the trolls here to rot for a few months.


              1. ah cool so old people are automatically casual gamers…ok let me go to tell my 60 year old dad who has played every game from the atari up that he is a casual even though he has put more hours into pong (yea thats right mother fucking pong), doom, diablo, zelda, COD, BF3, final fantasy series than your whole existence in life. seriously fucking stop with your broad generalizations of things they are ignorant and foolish to make, if anyone had ever taken statistics in college they would know everything you say is bullshit. /endrant

  1. Capcom also focuses on scrapping it all a year after development starts and then running off into the sunset cackling and twirling their comedically large mustaches.

        1. PC gamers are spilt into to halves. The ones that enjoy the PC gaming, but buy other companies stuff, normally Nintendo, because they just see it as “its my choice, that was your choice, we’re both playing the same game, whats the problem?”.

          The rest are the graphic whore arseholes, who just care about specs, but at least they kind of have the right to brag, although people dont care. Ps3/360 owners bragging about graphics is like bragging about Mega Blocks

          1. People do care when it comes to PC gaming and specs. They always try to compare consolevisuals to PC game visuals thinking there game looks amazing. Usually the 12 year olds that have no idea about techy stuff.

            Not directing at you just speaking in general.

            1. Is this the real Aeolus? Since I’m confused with all the clones
              You sound reasonable for once
              Interestingly from Wikipedia on the article about Aeolus
              “These three personages are often difficult to tell apart, and even the ancient mythographers appear to have been perplexed about which Aeolus was which.”
              This is referring to the greek god or whatever it was XD

              1. I am the real Aeolus. You can tell in the way I speak. The only reason why I am reasonable is because there is no idiotic fanboy comments…

                edit: Just saw revolution talking shit as always. The U and Mii and Wii in his sentences fucking annoy me.

                1. Lol I don’t think there will ever actually be an article without fanboys whether they be Nintendo, Sony, MS or PC
                  Oh that guy? I just can’t stand reading the comments when he spells like that, it’s one of the worst things on this site

                  1. Kudos to you. I am glad you actually recognise a fanboy when you see one. You’re not as bad as some idiots on here :P

                    I will bash him at every turn.

                    1. Thanks, and same to you, it’s nice talking to the real one, who respects the opinions of others
                      Ha, there sure are a lot of idiots here, that’s for sure

            2. People on compare to PC because its the highest level of graphics, but if everyone was bothered by graphics, we’d all own PC’s instead of consoles. Im looking to get into PC gaming, and have a WiiU as well, because, the majority of games i enjoyed this gen, were multiplats, and on PC. I’ll just keep my WiiU for exclusives and other titles

              1. And i dont want a PC for better graphics, although its a good insentive, im more interestedin stuff like Steam, and enjoy games like Battlefield3 the way i should of enjoyed it

      1. Mainly Xbox and PC players. Leave Playstation alone. Everyone I know (including myself) that owns a PS3 never complains about how hardcore their graphics are, they just play games. Maybe it’s because they know that PC is the most powerful and always will be anyway. I’m not trolling, but that is the truth. But not everybody wants to spend thousands of dollars just to play games.

    1. Its worse than that, a game without gameplay, its entirely pointless. You have exception like Heavy Rain, but you’re still doing something, rather than just sitting there, and it does require skill and thought. But take Crysis, it looks damn nice. But it just an ok game. Ive played better fps games. Its not bad, its just meh.

      1. For years? Hard to believe that since you act like a 5 year old. You must of been a prodigy kid and learnt to speak and explain your opinion to GROWN UPS

        ps: Mii THINKS U is FUCKING ANNOYING! Stop with the Mii and Wii and U. and this is not just from me but from everyone else.

        1. Not to defend the guy, but he has the right to write in whatever way he wishes. Just as you have the right to not read his comments…it doesn’t take much effort to scroll your mousewheel down a bit.

          1. You are obv new to this site. Read his comments were he replaces we with wii and me with mii and you with U

            You will get annoyed VERY QUICKLY. I am not the only one either.

            Plus he is a really bad fanboy. I met fanboys but man he reeks of one!

            1. Yeah. And if you’re any better to just take any post as an excuse to troll him with pointless supposed insults about his age, and useless profanities. Who’s the one that’s the annoying one?

            2. No man, I have been coming here for awhile. In all truth, his homophones do annoy me. He still has the right to write in whatever way he pleases, just don’t take so much to heart =)

  2. It is why Nintendo is still afloat after all this time despite not having the most high-tech of systems; they know the importance of putting a fun experience first on the to-do list.

    1. Yet they crushed the trust of gamers who left the Wii after getting bored of the lack of games and third party games.

      1. I hope the Wii U fixes this. I love Nintendo’s first party titles but I want to only have one system this time around. Or at least I need them to give me a reason why I shouldn’t just buy a PS4.

        1. difference was N64 had some of the best games ever, IMo the pain started to happen with the Gamecube and the arrival of Xbox

              1. Capcom… forgot about them. Not as bad as Nintendo though with overpriced Nintendo eshop games especially in the UK.

                1. If you think the prices are bad anywhere, try living in Australia
                  We get everything overpriced, in America people were complaining about the PS3 being 599 Us dollars, ours was $1000 at launch, at the time the us and australian dollar were worth about the same

              2. Well if you haven’t already you should go out and buy Dream Drop Distance. It’s not 3 but it’s not a spin off either. It leads directly up to the third installment.

          1. Square Enix confirmed that they are still making vs13 and it was just a shitty rumor made by kotaku that people believed and that site is never reliable on rumors.

  3. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Nintendo is from japan so we get it. They like gameplay 1st then good visuals next. I think sony dev are more western (fps) this generation than the last. But they have a few fun games made by jp dev. Microsoft-(micheal bay)-motion picture-hollywood

  4. Witcher 2, Obivilion/Skyrim, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1-3, Dead Space 1-2, BioShock 1-2, Red Dead Redemption, Batman Arkham Asylum/City, Borderlands, etc… say hi. All American games with awesome gameplay.

    1. I don’t think the article was about which was better, just which was the bigger focus for devs on each side of the world.
      In that view, the article is pretty much right; it’s easy to see a heavier focus on visuals than on game play over here in the USA.

          1. Talking out of your ass as usual…

            Nothing to see here. Is that why oblivion and skyrim WON AWARDS? and zelda SS got award…. for best Wii game in 2011 when HARDLY any good wii games came out? Not a big achievement if you ask me. but if u like waggling a remote then good on you


            1. Imo, it wasn’t waggling like many Wii games, it was really fun and if it didn’t have those I wouldn’t have enjoyed the game as much as I did, but fair enough if people want to play without them, I think they should have had a classic controller or gamecube option but still have the motion controls

              1. donkey Kong country returns had gimmicky motion. Shaking your remote to ground slap. Or pointless blowing flowers to find Jiggy puzzle pieces. Pointless and that single handely ruined the game for me. A lot of people also complained that it was pointless.

                Yes SS should be traditional. But Nintendo are making Zelda too casual. Ah well least i got link to the past with me :P

                1. Yes that game, I loved it but the controls bugged me, good thing I got a classic controller mod for it, otherwise I just couldn’t do it
                  Aside from the controls being kinda gimmicky, the gameplay was really good!
                  Yeah I think the next Zelda needs both options so more people can enjoy it

                  1. Miyamoto suggested that aswell regarding zelda. I have respect for Miyamoto but he has been losing it slowly over the years.

                    It’s an age thing lol. Donkey Kong played great but terrible terrible idea. Should of taken a page out of rayman origin’s book.

                    1. Well Pikmin 3 looks great, I haven’t seen much of it yet but I think it will be good
                      What do you mean by that about Donkey Kong? Do you mean the visual style or the gameplay?

                2. It seems like you get your experiences ruined so easily. To be honest I prefer developers to map moves to motion controls than to button combinations when and if they work well. DKCR did it well. As for Zelda Skyward Sword, I think the only saving aspect of the game is that you can actually sword fight. All the other zelda games that I have played (except for Zelda II) have issues with combat being so mindless. Skyward sword at least made me think before I hacked at someone. I have read some other of your posts claiming that this game is casual, would you care to explain why you think so? This game is easily the one Zelda that offers the deepest mechanics when it comes to upgrading, fighting, and even puzzle solving (If you don’t like hints its not like you can’t ignore them). I do see how Nintendo tried to appeal to casual gamers by making the game not as hard as they could have (given the depth of combat) but that is not different from any other Zelda game…and you don’t call those casual. Sometimes you don’t seem like a mindless troll. But for a guy that does not like Nintendo, you do seem to think they are really important.

                  1. I dont dislike Nintendo at all. I hate the fanboys that suck Nintendos cock. The wii had 2 or 3 decent games but I got far more from my ps3 and 360 and pc. I grew up loving Nintendo but Nintendo destroyed my trust with the Wii. They need alot of work on wiiU to get me on board

                    Plus i have a wii for my lil sisters. who still play it together

                    1. Yeah, you say that but what you state is just an opinion dude. Fanboys and trolls are the same, they are just on the opposite sides of the spectrum, imposing their opinions as facts and attacking anyone that contradicts them. Stay objective, don’t generalize. I own 21 Wii games that I legitimately like, I don’t regret spending my money on any of them, so for me the Wii is obviously a succesful console, your opinion doesn’t make it less so for me, nor for anyone else. The fact that you like or don’t like something doesn’t make it more, or less valuable for anybody. If you want your opinion to be respected stay objective. You don’t have to agree with fanboys, on the contrary I would encourage you to contradict them to make their opinon a broader one. But please do it objectively, or no one will take it seriously. After all if you don’t care for anyone’s respect here in this site, then why do you comment so unceasingly?

            2. Though Skyrim got more awards, you can’t call SS not as good a game. SS was an incredible game. And it got amazing reviews (Edge 10/10, IGN 10/10, Famitsu 40/40) and EDGE called it their game of the year (gave it their award).

              1. Motion gaming killed it for me. If it was traditional then maybe. but I sunk in more hours in the DLC of skyrim alone than the majority of SS.

                No zelda will top link to the past or OOT. NONE

              1. I said SS won the Wii award :P but thats hardly an achievement since that was the only major release for 2011…

    2. every title you mentioned also has it’s fair share of bugs which should have been corrected had they not focused on making games with visuals that get messed up due to TV’s not being ready for them in the first place.

      1. Witcher 2 it’s a PC game. No bugs when I played. SO not every title. Plus, games from the N64, PS1 era also had bugs.

                1. Link to the past is what Nintendo should be. Hardcore gameplay and brilliant level design. This and OOT will never be beaten.

                  SS was a put off to many gamers and even Miyamoto recognised this.

                  1. Sure thing, Link to the Past is my favourite Zelda so far
                    Skyward Sword is actually second, I haven’t yet finished it but so far I’m loving it
                    I can understand that some people are put off by it, but personally I really like it

                    1. Its not just the controls but the resolution. I played SS in 1080p on my rig connected to a 50 inch HD tv. It was too blurry on the Wii which my sister has. This is what happens when you own a HD console. It’s really hard to go back.

                    2. I can’t reply directly to that for some reason so if you see this I’ll reply
                      My Tv is only sd and I haven’t found it to be too bad, I own an Xbox360 and so far the only game that’s really impressed me with it’s visuals is Sonic Generations, mostly because of the ammount of detail in the levels, like look at green hill zone compared to how it originally looked, I love that game :P
                      My friend has a hd tv and it does look quite nice, however I can’t really see myself upgrading, I’m fine with it how it is
                      Also, Skyward Sword has had issues on some peoples Tv’s that ive read about, I can’t recall the reason for this but other games didn’t do that
                      Super Mario Galaxy still looks fantastic on my TV :)
                      That’s just my opinion

                    3. Naturally. Your tv is prob smaller so its much harder to notice the pixel blurryness. When you have a big HD tv… it becomes far more noticeable. If you got a hd cable for your 360 then the wii looks even worse in terms of resolution.

                    1. The 3 day clock system fucked it for me. Was rly excited for this game thinking it was a sequel to OOT

                      It was a sequel… but failed to deliver for me. I finished it however but I had to force my way through it…

  5. Well, it’s not like he said that the gameplay of western games is shit… He just said that there’s another order in development and I think he’s right about that. Doesn’t mean that the gameplay of western games couldn’t get nice… Just mean that the chance for getting a shitty gameplay is bigger than getting shitty graphics when they don’t have enought time to concentrate enough on both of them ^^ And I think that’s quite accurate…

    1. Can’t we just go back to the 64 or ps1 days where graphics didn’t metter at all?I miss those golden days.Now it’s only black and white (not from pokemon)

      1. even with the bugs of old N64 games i never felt cheated the way i do when i play 360/PS3 games (dis-including wii because brawl is the only real wii game i play on it atm the rest are GCN) although brawl too has its share

        1. Because games are too short now, or at least not worth the amount of money you pay for.
          We need bigger and better gamers, not nicer looking ones. And now that next gen games will all use 25GB optical or bluray disks, that can be doubled up to 50GB, we can have that. But we wont, because apparently we really want particle physics -____-

            1. Oh my god, please stop with the Wii Mii U stuff, its annoying.

              But yes, it is a rip off with alot of games, trophies and achievements help mask that, although i do like trophy hunting :3 obviously its not true with all games, but there should be a good balance between having a game that looks good, and having it have a decent length.
              360 held the ps3 in that aspect, but developers still made Uncharted only 5 hours long, and MGS4 is only about 5 hours long as well

            2. U need to stop using Wii references to make Ur sentences and wii are all getting sick and tired of it be mii and my gay son Aeolus don’t like your tone.

                  1. Neogaf is miles better than this site. Least most people can make a convo. Here all I see is a guy writing MII LOVE UUUU AND WIII ARE BEST FRIEEEENDS COS UUUUUU LOVE NINTENDO WIIIIIIIIIIII UUUUU

                    cough revolution cough :P

            1. They do seem to have a lot of glitches
              I don’t really play them so I can’t say thats a fact but it appears they do
              Modding is awesome, I love it in Brawl, playing as complete new characters is quite fun even though they’re not always balanced
              But model imports/ textures are awesome fun too

              1. They are huge games ofc thery are gonna have bugs. It is really hard to keep track of everything going on behind the scenes.

      2. The 64 was ironically about graphics…. 64 bit graphics :P hence the 64 in the name and many n64 games.

        Also gamecube was about Power too.

        1. Yeah, but it lacked 3rd party games because… you guess it! cartridges!! The N64 version of RE2 was a bit inferior.

  6. He’s right about this. While some Japanese devs are much better at bringing a story to life and immersing you in the world, imo. That won’t change as long as the west is stuck in shooter mode. There are a few notable exceptions though. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. No, not entirely true, there are games in the wet that focus on game play. Take Valve for example, they make games that have unique game play, such as Portal, or Team Fortress 2. These games are not graphically intense, in fact, Team Fortress 2 was made to run on any computer smoothly, even if it wasn’t in good quality.

  8. I dunno, Square-Enix dominates the graphical landscape with Crystal Tools and the new Luminous Studio, can’t say much about their gameplay though as of late. BioWare on the other hand, graphically pretty bog-standard fare Unreal 3 Engines all around, gameplay wise though, head and shoulders above Squeenix nowdays.

    1. Square Enix died after Final Fantasy 9… X was the farewell before they slaughtered the franchise with X-2 and the rest of that crap

      1. Sorry. Squaresoft made 9 and X…. then they died :P My bad

        You know a game was gonna be good when you saw the name SquareSoft or even Square.

        SquareEnix is the cancer of Japanese devs. The enix side which handles Dragonquest seem to have their arses into gear… for now

        1. Final fantasy….. Why Square Enix did that………. *sniff* They killed Final Fantasy AND Chrono Trigger!

        2. FF11 sucked so bad. FF12 was a sorry excuse of a game. FF13- The same as FF12 but 100 times WORSE! FF14- Same as FF11, but 1000 times worse!

    2. yeah but that tech demo at E3 was running off a high end PC. if you want graphics like that expect to pay a $600-$700-$800 price tag for the next gen system. and UE4 actually does improve graphics. just look at fortnite and compare it running on UE3 vs. UE4. but just because its a new engine doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a graphical update sometimes it’s a physics update, and even bug fixes.

      1. Oh really? Not long ago Nintendo fanboys told me that WiiU will support this engine? If that is the case then surely wiiU will be a 600 dollar price tag to accomdate the Gpus needed to run the visuals?

        yeah exactly. and yes I know the engine is scaleable. Too bad it will be butchered for wiiU compared to Pc. (Another fanboy told me wiiU will be as powerful as 2011 PCs…lol)

        1. It can run it, its just needs to be scaled. But U4 isnt really that impressive anyway, it doesnt look much better than U3, it just has a few extra bit and the particle physics. Mext gen consoles would do better using the U3 engine the best they can, it looks miles better on PC, and it would be better than having a watered down U4 like this gen had a watered down U3.

        2. Since when do consoles have to be powerful to run an engine? It needs a modern enough feature-set/architecture to be able to run it, hence why iTouchs can run Unreal Engine 3 but the Wii can’t, even though it has more raw power. Besides, Unreal Engine 3 is a good fit for next-gen, seeing as Unreal Engine 3 looked horrible on current-gen consoles.

          1. What games looked horrible? I would love to see a list…be careful what you choose…mention one great game and you lose all credibility :P

              1. Besides, my point is is that Unreal Engine 3’s potential was limited by current-gen hardware. Starting with next-gen, Unreal Engine 3 will finally show off what it’s truly capable of with the Wii-U/PS4/720.

  9. Wii are need to admit that gameplay does make the game more enjoyable, however, for mii I prefer both graphics and gameplay. U all need to learn that at some point that at one point in Ur lives

  10. Why do you think most Xbox fan boys are getting bored of CoD? They finally understand that gameplay matters and just because a game has great graphics doesnt make it a good game. Theres been like tonds of CoD games released over the years and they arent anything special gameplay-wise….

    1. COD sells very well. If a game sells very well then there is DEMAND for it. I know loads of people who had fun playing COD and I am pretty sure the MILLIONS OF PLAYERS globally have fun too! otherwise why are they still playing it?. The online is great too. Smash bros Brawl had potential but fell flat on its face. thank god mario kart wii and 7 have an ok online but hardly as good as competitors. Nintendo’s biggest weakness is online gameplay. It might change with wiiU but I am not holding my breathe.

      1. Brawl online against randoms was terrible, when I play with my friends (Most live in the same state as me) It seems to be fine :P
        Mario Karts online is pretty solid however I think Online is the biggest area Nintendo needs to work on

        1. Problem is what if you have no friends who live near you? :P No excuses the online was terrible and brawl was too slow. Melee smashed (pun intended) brawl into the ground.

          I want to see Nintendo network but Nintendo seem to be hiding something. Just like the specs, they want to sell the product to people when they have no idea of the specs. Not a good idea I believe. People will find out eventually.

          Nintendo say they want to surprise people. Surprises is one thing… pissing developers off who cant talk openly about their games is dangerous…

          1. Yeah I know it kinda sucks when I want to play with my American friends
            Yeah I think SSB4 Needs a far better online system
            I personally liked Brawl better than Melee, I just can’t go back to playing Melee after Brawl, a lot of people disagree and I can see why, I just like Brawl better

            I haven’t heard anything about Nintendo Network yet aside from Miiverse which looks alright, but I think it’s going to be quite promising because they would have learnt from their mistakes

            1. Miiverse looks like xbox live. Whether that is good or not depends ;) and I find it funny when people say xbox live is a rip off cos u pay monthly…

              remember Iwata said certain elements of wiiU u wil have to pay for?. Nintendo fanboys always seem to forget that wiiU online will not be 100% free. Dragonquest X is an example but I think they will scrap fees for the west. If not, then no problem I like the franchise. Revolution calls me a graphics whore yet I play DQ? hahaha

              1. I have not forgotten… And I wish that they don’t force you to pay to play first-party games online. If so I will become upset.

                The problem with 360 is that you have to pay for pretty much anything and the fee is not low eighter. The reason why people call it a rip-off is because Sony has better online for free also their way to fool people into buying a “cheap” 360 felt like mobile marketing which is usually a big rip-off..

          2. Oh and yeah, they need to be more open about it, so developers can say what they want about it
            They can’t lose too much third party support, even though they have such a strong first party line up, Sega pissed off EA, that was in my mind their biggest mistake

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          1. I am only a douche when I hear fucking fanboy comments! Revolution is the worst on this site…

            I am just brutally honest. The wii damaged my trust in Nintendo to an extent where its rly hard to get me back. I got hardly anything out of a Wii. and shock horror I dont like Mario anymore. I grew up I want core experiences. Metroid Prime is a good example of Nintendo actually doing something good for the core gamer. SS was crap and I dont want to move my arms about. Am glad Miyamoto is gonna do BOTH traditional and motion for gamers of both sides of the spectrum. He is the only person that is keeping Nintendo alive IMO.

            1. That is your opinion. As per usual, you use your opinion as fact. Skyward Sword may be crap for you, but it’s my 2nd favorite Zelda. Oh and you didn’t like the game because you had to move your arms? Are you seriously that lazy? Anyways, I’m specifically referring to the ORIGINAL Aeolus, the one with proper grammar, spelling, etc.

  12. Reason why I play Japanese games more and like them more.
    Only western publisher I play games from are
    EA (Battlefield)
    THq – Red Faction 2

  13. There are certain exceptions within the Western world (like System Shock 2; yeah, I know, I keep bringing this game up a lot, but it is a perfect example of everything good about a fun game that still manages to make good interactivity despite its cubic graphics), but for the most part, yeah, they do focus an unhealthy amount of their time on visuals. At least back then all they had to worry about was binary space partitioning; nowadays it’s all about tessellations, parallax mapping, blinn or phong shaders, 3D rendering, particle physics, animations, and so forth. It’s laudable that they do start their gameplay development by focusing on a specific concept from which to build the gameplay from, but sometimes they don’t go too deep with the gameplay. Like, there’s little to look forward to as you’re playing the game. The same is true for some Japanese games as well, and some Final Fantasy games are guilty of mind-numbing repetition, and sometimes the stories within the games are what keeps the player playing, not so much the actual game.

  14. Capcom? These are the guys who rehash a fighter to hell and back. Their opinion means nothing when they’re completely clueless.

    How’s cancelling games that aren’t generating enough cash going for you guys?

  15. That’s not exactly true. Every game is built with the physics and gameplay first and then the graphical polish last. I can’t think of any game ever that build the graphics before gameplay, this is just japan thinking their better at games which I believe every country makes their share of awesome games, america has halo,metroid prime, call of duty(sorta), gears of war, fable, Uncharted blah blah blah, japan has resident evil, pokemon, mario, zelda, metroid, final fantasy, etc. And other games in other games like minecraft and WOW, starcraft, and literally hundreds more. And you know what who gives aF*ck if anyone makes the graphics first good graphics most of the time point to the fact that developers love their games and try to make them the best, good graphics usually point to good gameplay although not always most of the time. Proof is games like mario galaxy, smash bros, gears, halo, skyward sword, xenoblade chronicals, etc. Why does everybody think that games with nice graphics equal a bad game, how does that make any sense? Its usually just jeolous fanboys. And I. Thought capcom was a mature company….

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  17. …wait, what? Stereotypically, isn’t it generally regarded that Japan focuses on the story where the West focuses on gameplay? Good graphics simply being icing on the cake?

    eh, regardless this nationalistic chest-beating is getting old. Just gimme good games for a fair price please, I don’t give a damn where it’s from.

  18. Wow, I never knew that Final Fantasy XIII was a western developed title.

    Yeah, methinks a Japanese dev may wanna not talk out their asshole.

  19. uh japan takes an absurd but interesting story with stupid characters and molds a mediocre game around it.
    almost every japanese game out there has multiple facepalm issues…. dragons dogma? decent game combat wise but the game world is way too small and the story is loltastically ridiculous.
    legend of zelda? still living in the past hasn’t seriously improved since N64….
    final fantasy? mediocre. Tales series? decent story rest of the game is plain terrible.

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  21. I find this statement to be very untrue. Japan as a whole has been more focused on graphics this gen. Look a FF13 for example the game looks fantastic but it’s insanely linear with almost no exploration. Metal Gear Solid is a Japanese game and it has been mocked countless times for being more cut scenes than gameplay. Lost Planet 2 and RE5 (both Capcom games) Look amazing but are crap from just about every other aspect.

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