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Nintendo Announces Fluidity: Spin Cycle For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of America has revealed that it has a new Fluidity title in development, which is titled Fluidity: Spin Cycle. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and is due for release in the fourth quarter of this year. We should hear more about the upcoming game in the next few months.

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Fluidity: Spin Cycle For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Note to everyone. Don’t feed the trolls.
      Seriously. Don’t.

      Also, note Mr Clone; I hi-jacked your comment to be higher up in the page.

        1. According to Iwata, the 3D gaming boom that spurred on the release of the 3DS has fallen away, leaving the company with no choice but to abandon the format in order to focus on producing consoles that will see better sales rates and capture the attention of fans more. He may be right about the waning interest in 3D, but it is unlikely that that is the only reason behind poor 3DS sales: after all, players are still waiting for the release of certain titles that were promised more than a year ago at the console’s March 2011 launch.

          1. First, old news is old, Nintendo announced ages ago 3D wouldn’t be an important feature of their future consoles.
            Second, this article puts a highly negative spin on the entire affair. It’s evocatively written to make it sound like Nintendo made a massive mistake utilising 3D in their handheld, when really it’s simply a feature that isn’t practical to implement in home consoles and a feature that their handhelds will probably come with as stock standard now the technology has been developed. They’d be foolish really to release a 3DS successor that lacked 3D capability – it just won’t be the big selling point next time around.
            Third, I personally couldn’t care less if 3D graphics are a “gimmick”, it’s a gimmick that I love, I can’t stand playing Kid Icarus or OoT 3D without the 3D slider turned up, it’s just not the same.
            Fourth, your claim that Nintendo “wont be using [3D]” is totally false, of course they will be, it’s on their freaking handheld, and as long as they support it (years to come I should expect) they’ll keep using 3D.

            1. Agree with you 100%. Ocoraina Of Time is ridiculously engrossing with 3D on and, for me, can’t be played without the effect anymore.

            2. Speaking for the minority are we?

              3D is useless and a waste of their cash when they were developing the 3DS. 3D is useless aswell in any handhelds or cinema. Thank god people are moving away from such an atrocity.

                1. I meant that the specific game could be interesting in 3D. Seriously, does anyone on this site know how to think anymore. Last year the people on here were decent, but now…

              1. 3D isn’t useless if it’s utilised properly. 3D is slowly, painfully, but surely, being dragged away from the land of gimmicks and into the land of techniques. For gaming:
                Nintendo had the right idea with Super Mario 3D Land, the 3D effect gives you a better sense of depth and helps you judge distance and height in a 3D world. Kid Icarus uses the effect more subtly in its gameplay by drawing the aiming reticule at different depths depending on how far you can shoot which makes it easier to tell if an enemy is in range or not.
                For cinema:
                Look at Avatar, where the 3D effect doesn’t make shit fly out at you, it’s like the 3DS where the world goes deeper into the screen and things have a stronger sense of detail, depth, and realism. THIS is 3D properly utilised, as a cinematography aid, as something to genuinely enhance the viewing experience. Now look at films that get spit out in 3D because they can be – that is the exact opposite, 3D being used because it CAN be, not because it SHOULD be, or HOW it should be.
                3D is definitely not useless. It just needs to be done right.

        2. lol no… Nintendo wont focus on 3D, this doesn’t mean that will not have 3D. In fact, is difficult you notice a 3DS game that hasn’t 3D. Fail like always…

    1. I’d expect it will be priced as an eShop exclusive, given the first game was a Wiiware exclusive. I’m aware that Freakyforms Deluxe got a retail release, but I’m sure that’s not the case with this game (certainly not a comment on the quality, given the first Fluidity).

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    1. way to isolate the market of gamers with no internet/poor net connection.

      Good thing you dont work at Nintendo or any third party publishers

      1. Which obviously doesn’t include you.

        Unless they’re really in the middle of nowhere, they could find a place w/ a wi-fi hotspot and download it there.

  2. Should be an eshop game cuz the eshop seriously ain’t doin so good now nd it has loads of boring stuff people don’t. Buy help it with this Pokemon titles like red nd blue donkey Kong country 3 meteoid fusion smash bros melee seriously Nintendo step it up

    1. Pokemon won’t show up on eShop because they’ll get criticism for re-releasing two more versions of the same Pokemon game AGAIN. (Red/Blue, FireRed/LeafGreen, Red/Blue eShop, it’s just asking for hate.) They’d have to release the third game if any Pokemon title was to make it’s way for digital re-release (Yellow etc).
      Metroid Fusion is available to Ambassadors (as are many other great GBA games) and Nintendo has stated they’re not going to make them available to the general public any time soon.
      Also, Smash Bros Melee on eShop? Keep dreaming. It’s a Gamecube game, it’s not going to be released digitally while one of their consoles can still play the physical copy, and it sure as hell won’t be released digitally on a handheld when it’s a multiplayer based console game.

      Having said all that, you’re right, the eShop could probably use some stronger first-party support, especially in the Virtual Console area, there are some big games from the GBC days that I would snap up, and some games I’d love to see as 3D classics.

  3. Glad this game is getting a sequel! I got it for coins at the recommendation of NWR’s Jonathan Metts, and I’m still having a great time w/ it.

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