An anonymous tipster from an Australian retailer told Kotaku that the Wii U will be released in Australia on Thursday, December 6th. Because of the Wii shortages that were prevalent when the console debut in 2006, Nintendo is apparently making sure that anyone who pre-orders a Wii U from EB Games will get it at launch. For the sake of comparison, the Wii was released on Thursday, December 7th, 2006, in Australia.



  1. WUUUUT?!

    Australia won’t get fucked over?

    Its the Sign of the Apocalypse!

    No, but seriously, even though I’m not Australian, I’m surprised about how much they get fucked over.


  2. Huh, that’s my birthday. :o That would be pretty cool if it came out the same day in America, although it’s really unlikely. Maybe mid or late November.


  3. LOL you dumbass wiitards !! It says “anonymous tipster” ..and LOL this console is gay !! And a big waste of money ..u nintenfags buy everything Nintendo shits out


  4. oh, and Gilbert Gottfreid, ghetto enough to rape some white folks, why are stupid enough to put ur name on the internet, now we can come and rape you!


    • Or a company press release. Though I’m sure one of the two will announce it verbally either through a Nintendo Direct (in which case both could do it in their respective territories) or some press event like last year’s 3DS Conference.


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