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“Good Stuff” Coming To Nintendo Fans Soon

Nintendo will not be making an appearance at this week’s Gamescom in Germany, and most of the Wii U updates that came out from the event (so far) were from publisher Ubisoft. ONM Editor-In-Chief Chandra Nair tells Nintendo fans to keep faith because the ‘good stuff’ is coming soon. Chandra didn’t specify, however, whether the news will be related to Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

“Keep the faith nintendo fans. You won’t see much at gamescom other than ubi updates but the good stuff IS just around the corner”

121 thoughts on ““Good Stuff” Coming To Nintendo Fans Soon”

          1. its really popular in arcades in japan. Even if it doesn’t sell well here in the states, it will probably sell at least a million in japan.

        1. I hear there’s an arcade version of it.
          I don’t do arcade games very often but I’ve got fond memories of titles like Smash TV and Metal Slug, and the videos of TTT looked like fun.
          In fact I think I’ll go take another look at them just to refresh my memory about how awesome the game looks.XD

        1. lego city is a real iffy one for me. i’d have to get my hands on it for a decent amount of time before i make any decisions. but yeah i will probably get zombiu, ac3, mario u, and rayman legends at launch and then i’ll go from there

          1. Oh yeah, I forgot Rayman Legends there for a bit.
            I can’t stand the NSMB series, I detest them.
            I’m not sure about Lego City either yet, like you say, I need to have my hands on it first. I think it looks pretty fun though.

            1. i actually love the nsmb series lol. i mean yeah i also like the mario galaxies and mario 64, but i grew up playing 2d mario games, so just having newer ones is great.

              1. To each his own of course! :)
                I love the older 2d Mario games too, I don’t know what it is, but the newer ones just don’t do it for me now. The game doesn’t seem to have a ‘soul’ to me, if I’m going for a 2D sidescroller I much prefer Donkey Kong Country Returns or even Kirby’s Adventure Wii. NSMB is just too abstract for my taste. Love 64/Sunshine/Galaxie though!

                1. yeah, i mean i know there are some better platformers such at super meat boy, rayman origins, and dkcr, but i still like nsmb.

  1. my theory, the word “is” is bold, if you reveresed that word you si or in numbers: 21, so maybe on august 21 we will here something? or 21 days? it could also be a 12 so maybe 12 days?

    1. I never understood the appeal of the Animal Crossing series……
      I guess I’m just too used to sim games with some form of combat to give the series a passing grade.
      Calm is good but too much of it puts me to sleep.
      I liked Act Raiser on the SNES for being a grand mix of both Action and Sim game elements. If anyone likes both of these things then I highly recommend either finding the cartridge or getting the emulated version of it for your PC.

      1. I not really into Sim games, although i did like Rollercoaster World, thats was sweet, but i love Animal Crossing, its just so, chilled out, yet hectic, walking around calmly, tending to your city then a present on a balloon hovers above the screen and you’re like “OH SHIIIITTT, GET THE SLINGSHOT!!!!” running about like a dick, and then running around catching bugs or sneaking like a boss to catch an annoying cicada, then fishing for sharks. Its cool.

  2. Hmmm, funny thing is in Ireland if you get directions from someone and they say it’s just around the corner, it could mean there’s still a bit to go yet. :-)

    But didn’t they say they would concentrate on Wii U after the XL is launched? And that launches this weekend in the States and I think Australia next weekend so we may get more details beginning in September


    see when i decide to buy a 3ds xl instead of a wii u, i see this comment. “dont give up” sighs. Chandra. she hot?

  4. Super secret Zelda? Stealthy surprise Nintendo All Stars Racing? Metroid Apocalypse? Pokemon MMO? Marvel VS Nintendo VS Square VS Capcom VS Nsync- Armored Addition?

    1. “Marvel VS Nintendo VS Square VS Capcom VS Nsync- Armored Addition”

      Best comment/idea I’ve seen all day – loved it! Thanks for the laugh.

      1. Nintendo VS Sony all stars. Sony sucks, but it’d be fun to smash them all! We nintendo fans show em that we brawl like pros.

        Speaking of brawl, if anyone wanna play, add me!

          1. You know, that might almost be worth it, to see Peach beat the ever-loving shit out of Fat Princess while Mr. Game & Watch and Parappa da Rappa do some ever-so-flat fighting in the background.XD

  5. Retro Studios decided to make Mother 4 w/o Shigesato Itoi?

    But seriously, looking forward to the latest on Wii U.

    1. I’m positive Retro has something big in the works – and I’m sure it’s a new Metroid title – since they’ve had their break from that universe.

      I’m thinking if they do a Mother 4 – they might get Camelot to do it – if they’re available.

      1. havent played metroid, i know im new to gaming, but what’d you do in em games? i dont need a page long essay, just a quick heads up

      2. Camelot would be a good one. I simply went for the studio that everyone seems to be tossing suggestions at. :P

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    Claim Sony (or MS) will a result a next generation console for $599 and fail to explain what on earth will cause it to have such a retail price.
    Believe that Nintendo Network will be on par with XBL/PSN.
    Like Mario Kart 7 over MKDS/SC.
    Think sales determine product quality.
    Think Nintendo innovates everything and doesn’t just rehash already done ideas.
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    1. First rule of Aeolus. (Butthurt Club)
      Dont talk about Butthurt Club. In fact, dont talk at all.

      Well that was easy and i didnt spend 5 minutes writing a paragraph

      1. There’s only one problem with it; we don’t bring legitimate facts to the table in the majority of cases.
        We spout our own opinions as if they are holy words that cannot be denied, even when they are idiotic.
        And we don’t care that we do so.
        We also have an extremely lame, elitist, out-dated definition of what makes a true gamer.
        But we don’t care, because it’s what Sony, Microsoft, and Apple wants us to believe, so that we can continue to buy only from them.

        And would you look at that! It’s working! They’re such genius companies! Let’s never leave them!

    2. Wow… So you’re not a true gamer if you actually want to play games besides the everyday blockbuster titles? Come on… Everyone and their mothers knows that the games for 360/PS3 is inferior to Nintendo first party. Nintendo’s first party is unbeatable because their games are timeless. You can pick up the first Zelda game and replay it and it still feels good. But you can’t do the same with almost any title for the HD twins.

      So to be a real gamer you have to play good games and not the best? I don’t know what to say about this…

  7. I doubt it.

    That’s because i’m skeptic about the wiiu and how Nintendo will be relevant at the next generation. I’m a fan of Nintendo since the SNES era and I think the Wii was a blessing and a curse for the company. This strengthened the company because he had been suffering from the N64, but it made Nintendo into a modus operandi which is unbearable which is the ”I dont need to prove anything to my competitors”. The gaming market is much larger than the radius of reach of fans and fanboys. This is a mistake, for the god’s sake!

    If Nintendo really wants to make casual gamers and enthusiasts share the same videogame for their future games, they will have to not only prove worthy of that trust, but also prove to his older fans that they will support their expectations.

    I really want an F-Zero with 1080p resolution and support for 30 players online, but if they are at least 10 with constant velocity and without lags, for me it’s an okay.

  8. i wonder if someone is onto something here, this time last year we heard about the 3ds price cut so i predict that we get the release date of nintendo wii and all the “good stuff” that goes with it.

  9. I’m hoping for an announcement on the price, release date, and new features for Wii U. Yeah new games would be great but we have quite the line-up coming already. I want to see what there online features will be and what the Wii U can do that competitors can’t. Also the announcement of a youtube app and more for the 3DS would be nice. Also games announced for that system are always welcome.

  10. by “good stuff” they really mean they have their own line of shrooms. mario doesnt really fly with a raccoon tail, and bowser really doesnt do black magick to grow 3 4 5 times as big he really is on shrooms. 1 year supply right here shiggy i want to turn to into the juggernaut.

  11. This is news? Lolz ok…what does he know? Does he work for nintendo? No. He just has shit hair and looks like a rooster He is a games journalist…

    Stop listening to reps or journalista and actually wait for a fucking nintendo direct where they make official statements

  12. I’m waiting patiently for more Wii U news. The rumour mill is getting old. It’s time to get that beautiful thing into the consumers’ hands. I think there will be a Nintendo Direct soon. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. I want a new Star Fox with online multiplayer (maybe a team battle, 4 vs 4). Also, I want a MMO in which we use the Gamepad to activate the spells and skills and powers! =3

  14. 3D Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing all for Wii U please Nintendo!
    And a turquoise Wii U, cheers bro ;) lol

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