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Nintendo Criticized For Using ‘Conflict Minerals’ In Their Products

Most electronic devices are manufactured from similar minerals, which may be taken from central African countries – including Congo. The Enough Project, which works to end genocide and crimes against humanity, claims that Nintendo is the only technology company that hasn’t made a single effort of finding out whether it uses conflict minerals – minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses – in its products.

Although Nintendo said, “We nonetheless take our social responsibilities as a global company very seriously and expect our production partners to do the same,” the company is being criticized for not doing enough to make sure that its products’ materials don’t originate from Congo.

In a statement issued to CNN, Nintendo said it “outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to our production partners and therefore is not directly involved in the sourcing of raw materials that are ultimately used in our products.”

“Nintendo is, I believe, the only company that has basically refused to acknowledge the issue or demonstrate they are making any sort of effort on it. And this is despite a good two years of trying to get in contact with them.”

Thanks, David.

210 thoughts on “Nintendo Criticized For Using ‘Conflict Minerals’ In Their Products”

      1. Honestly, who wouldn’t buy the cheapest metal? War and violence has been happening since the beginning of time. You can’t stop it. Millions of people tried to stop it but it never worked. I mean don’t get me wrong killing of innocent people is horrible. Like this. With the metal. But to me its stupid for people to criticize Nintendo for not looking this up. People kill people for food there and in other places. It’s is their company. They can do what they want. Another thing if they do something to end the conflict minerals there still is going to be conflict o matter what. Anything is conflict in third world contries, food, water, clothes, shelter.

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    2. Most Nintendo hardware is designed by Nintendo but manufactured by Foxconn. Foxconn is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics and electronic components, and make products for Apple, Sony and Microsoft. So if Nintendo is somehow using “conflict” materials, there is a high possibility that Sony, Apple and Microsoft are as well as Foxconn manufacturers their products as well.

      1. They would have been mentioned if such was the case, but they clearly show better signs of preventative measures.

        While that’s not to say such a thing isn’t going on with them, Nintendo is the one being singled out for not making a better effort at preventing it than those two companies. That is the situation in critique here.

        1. That may be the ‘situation in critique’, but as an outspoken fan of pretty much any hardware that isn’t Nintendo’s it’s up to you to make sure your criticisms aren’t hypocritical. The fact of the matter is that ever company who outsource manufacture to Foxconn are exercising the same lack of concern. If you are to pull Nintendo out over the coals for this issue then you by default have to do the same for the other Foxconn clients.

          The fact that neither Sony or Microsoft are mentioned in the OP tells us nothing other than that they replied to contact from The Enough Project. Anyone can say they are making an effort to cut down on use of ‘conflict minerals’, but unless they release specific information (ie. how successful they have been in said effort) then there is no evidence that they are any better (or worse for that matter). Your convenient cherry picking of evidence on this matter is only slightly less obnoxious than kmcc123’s tirade in the first comments post – either way it’s undisguised uninformed fanboyism at its very worst.

            1. “Try typing that again in non-defensive fandrone speak and I might try to take you seriously. Thanks.”
              wut? he said about the manufacture about everyone. How is that fanboy?

          1. If you look at the actuall article (that OP was nice enough to include this time) you can see that even though Sony responded they were given yellow and was not exaclty a high scorer..

            1. Better than nothing. I don’t see anything Nintendo has to lose by not answering them.

              Their wallet matters the most, no amount of damage control is changing that.

              1. Time is money and it would take Nintendo a hell-lot of time to investigate this as they’re not actually making the coponents. They would have to look up alot of other companies about who they get their stuff from. That takes alot of time.

                1. That’s okay, but being *seemingly* blissfully unaware of their suppliers and trying to deny responsibility of it, is not -okay-.

                  Ignorance isn’t bliss, that kind of ignorance deserves attention.

                  1. I bet many companies doesn’t look this up and that some just looked it up because of that they asked them to. Just saying. Nintendo might know as much about this as any company on this list before they were asked about it, but they chosed not to do so. Who knows when material on it doesn’t exist.

                    1. Many companies probably don’t, but it’d be a hell of a lot less alarming if they had something to actually say.

                      It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if many other “major” non-gaming companies don’t bother as well.

                      In fact, I might go look them up now.

                  2. I mean, have you even opened the link yourself caring about reading about this? I have and I have to say that this group seems like one of these Green Peace groups. And if they actually are I respect Nintendo for not Answering on their surveys. If not, shame on Nintendo. But look it up, because it looks like you have not.

                    And I really hope that you care enough about this so you’ve looked this up. If you honestly care I have some respect for you, but if you’re just here to point fingers on Nintendo and Nintendo fans I have more respect for those that actually ignores this subject fully.

                    1. I didn’t, I’m just familiar with what this subject is talking about in general. Greenpeace can go fuck themselves, though. I’ll give it a proper read in the full article later, too busy with something now.

    3. Pretty sure you wouldnt give a damn if Sony were doing this. Funny how you show up on any “negative” article. First of all, Nintendo said they buy their materials from production partners, meaning they have no direct involvement. Second, what difference would it make? The country needs a government, not other countries running their material exports

      1. I would, actually. I know very well what’s the case with this, so don’t hurl shit in my mouth you stupid faggot.

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              2. Hey, I totally agree with you, but reasoning with someone like Aeolus is pointless. He’s not going to give an inch, even though his only arguments are obscene words.

            1. “Because you look like a cunt who only likes to assume shit about people.”

              Wow… you are such a hypocrite! Are you trying to look stupid?

          2. By the way “no direct involvement” isn’t a fucking excuse. You’re just going to have your “supplier” give you all sorts of shit and don’t even try to figure out where they’re getting it from?

            Yeah, that’s a great idea. Keep that mentality in drug/black market dealing for instance and I guarantee you and your supplier will get fucked up regardless of whoever is at fault.

            1. games from sony’s IP and microsoft are made with nazi idealism and satanic backgrounds (all games) no kidding bro

            2. If Foxcomm and Panasonic ect regulate their products, and check for things like this, then there no need for them to answer anything. That like if someone got an STD and said to his mate “you better check you dont have that”, its retarded

              1. There’s no need for them to answer it? Really?

                Not answering it is a good sign they know exactly what’s up. What’s the harm in a straight answer? Nothing.

                Your defense for Nintendo here is flawed with this scenario alone.

                1. No, its just not Nintendoresponsibility to say anything. Its Foxcomm,Panasonics ect responsibility. Whats the point asking Nintendowhen they dont knowthe answer,because THEYDO NOTDIRECTLYBUYFROM THESE SOURCES. It like me goingto the shopand buying a sandwich.i dont care where it care from,and its not myjob to care,goask the conpanies that actually BUYthe materialsin the first place

                  1. Once again, Nintendo needs TO FIND OUT where they’re supplier is getting these materials from. I don’t care who’s manufacturing or getting what, if you don’t know what’s in your fucking products, you clearly don’t give a shit about what’s going on.

                    Your sandwich analogy sucks too. What if there was some massive fast food material snafu with the meat, or whatever is inside and finding that they contain preservatives or other junk that can fuck with your health? You don’t care? Don’t even try to pull that bullshit, get sick from that and trace it back to them and you’d fucking sue.

                    It isn’t a difficult concept to grasp here.

                    1. No

                    2. Right, they’re customers. who in turn are selling you things that they aren’t even sure what the materials inside have originated from, what is contained inside of them, etc. Then when shit goes wrong, “lol, it’s their fault”, right?

                      That’s cool, makes plenty of sense. I’m just curious if you’re actually serious with this now.

            3. Pay no attention to this username

              Really so let me ask do you pay attention to where all of your stuff is coming from, becuase almost all clothes, and shoes and hell, even iPods are made in third world countries by children in poor conditions. So I guess you being so aware has chosen not to buy any of these products.

    4. Of course, the article doesn’t point out that Nintendo don’t actually make any components themselves…

      Let’s say you go to McDonalds and buy a cheeseburger. That burger has a slice of cheese on it, that Maccas have bought from a supplier.

      That supplier buys milk, flavors, colour enhances and cultures to make the cheese from four different suppliers.

      The milk suppliers buy their milk from a variety of dairy farms, and while there are methods and rules in place to ensure those farmers treat their livestock properly, how do you know that the cow that produced milk for your cheeseburger wasn’t abused in some way?

      And more importantly – is it really McDonald’s fault if it were?

      Nintendo 3DS, for example, uses screens made by Sharp, who uses components created by other manufacturers. Sharp, as far as I can tell, do not manufacture glass, for example.

      So while it’s a great horror story, where does the onus lie?

      On every single person who buys technology – not necessarily the companies who make it. If we were all willing to spend more money on technology, companies could afford to harvest minerals from countries like Australia where there aren’t slaves or seedy labour.

      Likewise, if people were willing to spend more than $2 on a cheeseburger at McDonalds, I’m sure they’d be happy to make their own cheese.

      But it’s never going to happen. Do you want to pay $3000 for an iPhone, or $2000 for a PlayStation? Of course you don’t.

      So, instead of bowing down to every damn survey that appears from a probably paid lobby group online, take some time to consider the bigger picture.

  2. If this is the case, can’t the people at The Enough Project go after the companies that manufacture Nintendo products rather than Nintendo themselves?

    Y’know, Panasonic? Foxconn?

    1. That’s right FUCKawott! Don’t blame the glorious nintendo but instead point the finger at someone else!

      Smh foolish kids

    2. Funny part is that those companies was given some of the higher scores.. Hmm.. I think they just assume that Nintendo use blood parts because they did not answer their survey.

  3. “In a statement issued to CNN, Nintendo said it ‘outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to our production partners and therefore is not directly involved in the sourcing of raw materials that are ultimately used in our products.'” – from linked CNN article

    Still an interesting topic—nonetheless this is important as well.

  4. Well, if it really were THAT big of a problem, don’t you think it would have been addressed by now? And not to be a incompetent buffoon or anything, but odds are the stuff they get is the cheapest they can find. It it’s more expensive, then the products they make become more expensive too.

  5. No offence, but checking or not checking something isnt really going to change a thing. If Nintendo “cut off their business” (theres no proof that they do or dont) with people like this or make sure they dont, it wont realy change anything. The rebel armies and conflict would still be around, and theyd just simply find another way to make money.
    Im not justifying anything rebels do, im just saying it wouldnt make a difference whether or not Nintendo were accidently buying from these people or not

  6. How does this work exactly? It’s states that Nintendo hasn’t made the effort to find out whether or not they use conflict minerals and that they’ve been attempting to get in contact with Nintendo for 2 years now. So could it be possible that Nintendo actually does things of their own accord and fails to let outside companies know of their progress, leaving them to guess?

  7. Yeah, this is like when Greenpeace do those surveys about how environmentally friendly electronic companies are and Nintendo refuse to answer their questions, which they’re perfectly entitled to do as they have no legal obligation to listen to answer such organisations requests for information. They then give Nintendo a zero for not answering the questions, but the media report it as if they’re melting the planet or something.

    The key quote is right there. “And this is despite a good two years of trying to get in contact with them.” They’ve had no answer, so Nintendo get a zero.

      1. And tbh, I find it kind of sad that I can dig that up in 17 minutes despite having no experience in journalism, yet many professional websites fall for this crap over and over again.

  8. Really? So Nintendo have to find out where the copper wire in their systems comes from. Didnt wiki leaks show the US having mining priorities in the Congo?

  9. Well, Nintendo do what they actually SHALL do, creating games. That’s what they do and that’s what they should do. If they spended time and money on this matter their systems would be more expensive and fewer would come out.

    I am not saying that this is good. But it serves Nintendo’s purpose, and everyone who hates on this. Tell me, how involved was you in this before it was uploaded? How often do you pay extra for Fair Trade products? I bet most of you doesn’t so don’t blame Nintendo. I know you guys might find whatever reason to put blame on Nintendo for what they do or don’t. But if it was your dear HD twins that was guilty of this you would quick as hell try to wipe it under the rug… Hypocrites.

    1. yeah why the hell would Nintendo focus on the hardware if its not going to sell without software. Nintendo is doing OK there plans are to focus on the games and that’s how the hardware will survive.

  10. … What? I’m sorry, I’m so confused as to why it’s a problem for them to use said materials. =/ Just because there’s conflict going on there doesn’t mean it should be illegal to use materials from there. That’s like saying I shouldn’t be able to get German products just because we had a war with them.

    1. On top of that it’s pretty much stupid to get on Nintendo’s case since they don’t govern these or any other country, besides even if they did or didnt buy such said materials people would still die over them, I just think of it as them not letting a life go to waste…I would had to die mining something and no one ended up using what I worked hard to mine

    1. Technically Nintendo are doing nothing wrong seeing as they dont buy from these sources. They buy from the ones that do buy from them, Nintendo dont want to get their hands dirty, so they stay as clear away as possible and buy from the people who do. Its not Nintendo’s responibility, their the customer.

  11. Taking the ‘we don’t care where it comes from’ attitude does seem cold. Nintendo should make sure they aren’t financing groups that commit atrocities.

    1. Technically though, Nintendo’s the consumer in that stance – and we all know it’s the SUPPLIERS job to supply legal materials, not the CONSUMERS job to check.

    1. I obviously fucking do! You obviously don’t because you’re a Nintendo fanboy who plays video games and don’t do anything productive!!! I on the other hand do, even though I never specify what I really do, and spend much of my life trolling in Nintendo blogs to tell you that your life sucks! God, I’m such a amazing bleeding heart humanitarian!!!

        1. Pay no attention to this username

          -_- it’s not the real troll Aeolus obviously. It’s just someone pretending to be him to make fun of him.

  12. OMG, Nintendo gets criticized for everything…..this is getting rediculous. So now its Nintendo’s job to make sure their partners are getting their resources in humane ways……how about these journalists go after those partners for not doing the right thing to begin with….not Nintendo. Its such a shame that a company like Nintendo, who makes products to help people enjoy life and spending time interacting with their families gets roasted for every little thing even when they are not directly involved. Its not like Nintendo has a slave labor mine in the Congo digging for Marios gold coins.

    1. Exactly. What SOME IDIOTS are fIling to see hear, is that Nintendo do NOT buy directly from the sources. The buy from other companies, ones that get the sources. Nintendo is a customer. By that rule alone, they dont need to do a thing! They cant be charged for anything, no-one can tell them to do anything, their products arent affected, they dont risk money losses, and they dont spend time and money on regulating and keeping an eye on something.
      Basically, this “activist group” is just being whiney because Nintenso dont want anything to do with it, and thus obligated to give them money. This is like the Joseph Kony crap that everyone forgot about a week later. Nintendo are just the ones who sat back and thought, “how is this gona help?!”. So they dont bother.
      We dont go into a supermarket, and have to find out where out food originates from before we buy it. Its not their job!

      1. My bleeding heart humanitarianism is pumping for FUCKING anger at your fanboy statement!!!! I make sure I check everything that I buy to make sure none of them were built from the blistered hands of child laborers. In other words, nothing at all. I live in the woods where I wipe my ass with leaves and porcupines!!! I steal people’s laptops so that I could troll and brag about how much greatness I’m doing for human society!!!

  13. Like Aeolus. Just tactful and with something to say.

    They are not critized for using conflict minerals, they are critized by a ngo for delivering not any infos regarding this topic towards to this ngo. this is a huge difference. alba, stop copy pasting so poorly

  14. The lack of communication is poor judgment – as good as they might be as a games producer, they are clearly not above the need for ecological standards…unless they can really do something to shake the image of unfriendly to the atmosphere, this could turn into more of a PR nightmare.

    One feels that them playing the ‘we know nothing, buy our games’ card is not sufficiant, in this case…and that they should get their act together before something untoward happens!

  15. And there’s always something like that…unfortunately, companies don’t want to care about where they get their materials from, only with their profits… I thought Nintendo at least would be different…

    1. So long as they get their materials. It’s like what shop you go to to get your milk and bread – you don’t care so long as you get the milk and bread.

  16. I’m very sure Sony pointed Enough at Nintendo’s direction. I’m not saying this story is false, because the fact that Nintendo isn’t very socially mindful of things like this is hardly surprising to me, as this isn’t the first time Nintendo was hit by a controversy like this. What I am saying is that it sure is damn convenient that Enough happened to pick a moment like now to pull this on Nintendo. This is very suspicious timing, and Enough wouldn’t have anything to gain by being this sneaky all by themselves…unless somebody else gave Enough proper motivation to do so. Microsoft has little reason to care about hurting Nintendo, as their own brand is just about as powerful as Nintendo’s in the world. Apple’s being a total dick lately by trying to take down companies with patents, but they wouldn’t care about bringing Nintendo down like this. Out of the major video game-affiliated companies, Sony by far has the worst beef with Nintendo, a beef that is wholly irrational and all around immature, considering that they pretty much did it to themselves. Nobody has to say it, but everyone can tell just by what Sony’s doing that they’re doing whatever they can to undermine Nintendo’s significance in the world. They want their handheld to not only beat the 3DS, but also beat the Wii U by playing in conjunction with their PS3, because apparently it’s just so damn obsessively important to beat somebody on all fronts. Then of course there’s all the rampant copying Sony did off Nintendo. Really, guys, nobody has to say it, but it’s all there: SONY, FOR NO OTHER REASON BESIDES BEING A BULLY, IS TRYING TO DESTROY NINTENDO. And if they have to go underhanded and use NGOs as a means to take Nintendo down, why not? Cuz that’s Sony’s nature.

  17. Ugh. Nintendo has never taken this seriously and they need to now. People care about where there products come from, at least to the point where they know no one died making it. And, let’s be honest, Nintendo isn’t giving that assurance. Going mining in the Congo means one thing. A death sentence. It’s a last resort, the equivalent of going to work for Sony. Nintendo needs to take this seriously.
    And anyone who says that it doesn’t matter, cheap shit, has obviously never heard of company values.

    1. Actually most people don’t care where their products come from, only a select yet very vocal minority of people do.

      1. You sure about that? How about the masses get an awakening that details precisely where their products are coming from?

        “Most” won’t care then?

        1. Pay no attention to this username

          Ans again I repeat myself, if you own anything made in china, Taiwan, Vietnam or the sorts, you yourself are supporting child labor in a country that treats its employees like shit. ( this message is less for you troll, I could care less what you respond. It’s more for the other idiots who are trying to get all high and mighty on nintendo

    2. If Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple et al go to the same company to make and manufacture products, which they do (Foxconn), do you think they use the same source of materials for everything they make, or are they randomly picking and choosing where they get materials from? Knowledges of manufacturing processes would dictate they get things from as few places as possible to keep costs down.

      In other words, the same kind of materials go into producing a 360 as goes into a Wii. So they’re either all guilty of this, or none of them are. So given that microsoft answered the survey and scored highly we can assume that Nintendo would have scored much higher had they bothered to answer the survey as well.

  18. You know I don’t care if Nintendo uses conflict minerals, it doesn’t bother me at all.

    Hell if it mean that we pay less then fine.

    So true or false I don’t fucking care.

  19. EVERY company that mass produces electronics gets them from places like the Congo which slave humans and pay them nothing to get the minerals. Otherwise electronics could never be sold as cheap as they are.

  20. I love how haters come charging in saying the other companies are better becuase of this. yet they fucking forgot that.
    Microsoft is in court and may have the 360 be banned
    Sony’s PSN was hacked and peoples accounts were in danger and they didnt bother telling anyone this imediatly.
    so yeah everyone fucked up. so STFU you haters and go back to sucking your mom’s dirty cock.
    Have a nice day. :)

  21. Lack of communication about possible usage of blood materials. Not good Ninten. Gotta show the world that you all not only care about the games and possible games, but non gamers also. Man… the business world can be vicious

  22. Learn to read, morons. Nintendo is being criticized for not doing enough detective work into what kinds of minerals the people supplying them. They’re not doing anything intrinsically evil. They’re being used by these organizations to create publicity for conflict minerals. They’re goading a company to whistle-blow on their suppliers and oust these people from the business. Nintendo doesn’t want to be part of this conflict, they’re not ging to confront it and threaten their business on the verge of a major console release.

    Do you know who makes your iPhones? Do you? Nintendo isn’t the only company worth quirking an eyebrow at. And it isn’t the only company to survive those quirks either.

  23. Oh shut the fuck up and quit acting like you care. You’re arguing on an internet forum so that you feel as if you even microscopically matter. It’s Kony all over again.

  24. so people are slagging off Nintendo about potentially manufacturing consoles from minerals from conflict zones, how I hate bleeding liberals trying to find something protest about.
    Apple use child labour to make ipad/ipod, most lithium comes from third world where they get paid a pittance to mine it the same with sulphur and some organic/chemical fertilizers commonly used by many first world nations. people eat food with soya protein in it that is one of the biggest causes of deforestation in the rain forest as with beef, all this will never change the people that can change it are the people who are affected by these problems and warlords. none of these human rights charities do much except hand out food and aid this is enabling the systems the say they are protesting about. the only people who can help Africa is the people who live there. it is insulting to say that Africans cant deal with their own problems I will go as far that these people are been racist.
    it has nothing to do with Nintendo its just another smoke screen by protesters

  25. I sincerely hope Nintendo change their methods here. Anybody defending them in this particular decision is nothing short of delusional and idiotic.

    1. If proven true, I would hope that Nintendo would do the right thing as PEOPLE and find someone else who makes their materials in factories… With adults.
      Seriously, lots of people watch CNN, this would be a bad look for Nintendo.

      1. this is just hype to get people listening to this group, Nintendo don’t make their own hardware that is farmed out. so the only way these people could make a true claim is if they know for a fact that one tiny part is made from these materials. the group in question is making a claim that it cannot back up, also if found to be groundless the is slander. if I was slandered like that I would sue the hell out of them.
        this is just people trolling publicity, The Enough Project they are bending the truth to suite there own political goals. to pin the blame on a company that farms out it production is wrong. this group also give out loans to people in third world countries to open mines that they then profit from in these people paying back the loans. so you can say they are just pissed as Nintendo might not be sourcing from them.

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