The cover of Madden NFL 13 features Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. The game will be released on August 28th for Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360, and will be a Wii U launch title.



  1. Inferior version confirmed. Superior console able to run Unreal Engine 4 confirmed. but madden 13 on it is shit compared to current gen with bad physics engine :/ now wat the hell is that.


  2. does anyone else hate the yellow line, cause i think it makes it look like shit, they should have gone with dark blue and black line but nintendo is just stupid for this type of think, if this is the type of boxes we are going to get i can only imagine that when they decided what colors to use they thought “mmm microsoft has green and white, playstaion had black and white mmmmm we already have white so lets use mmmm blue and white mmm no no lets use blue and yellow fukin genuis”


  3. It’s ironic being I have the same last name, but I can’t stand Madden! Or really any other professional sports game for that matter. Video games are about an escape from reality. Why the hell would you sit around all day when you can take your ass outside and play the sport! That goes for FPS too! I’m looking at you Call of Duty! If you pod the war so much, go join the military. Just a heads up though, there is no respawn.


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