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Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Edition Announced

Nintendo has revealed the Pikachu Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL. The system is announced for Japan, will cost ¥18,900, and will be available for pick-up on September 15th exclusively for those who pre-order it at a Pokemon Center from August 25th to September 14th.

86 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow Edition Announced”

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        1. Ya it is region locked, I already own a NA 3DS, but I plan on getting a Japanese one for games like MH3G, Pokemon white 2(I won’t be back for awhile) and some others that I may be interested in.

      1. I know but they have more than 600 pokemon to choose from, they should give a chance to some pokemon to shine, not always pikachu this and pikachu that. pikachu its so overmarketed thats it not even funny.

        1. how about some cool awsome dragon pokemon or a grass pokemon in the front of the 3DS XL. That would be epic, but no lets put pikachu.

          1. Well here is the thing, my favorite pokemon is kyogre. if you show a pic of this pokemon, majority of people don’t know what is that, but show a picture of pikachu, people will instantly know who is that. Pikachu resembles pokemon. Nintendo knows it, the fans know it, and the kids knows too. why do you think he was in smash for.

            1. they could only put kyogre on a 3DS XL if they remade ruby and sapphire for 3DS (of which i am already predicting and anticipating)

            2. As much as I dislike Pikachu, all of this is true. My sister went to Japan a little while ago and she brought me back loads of Pokemon stuff, and she said that all they really emphasize over there (the biggest Pokemon fanbase, so ignorance of Pokemon over there is even worse over here) is Pikachu, Piplup, and a few other really cute ones. Plus, I’ve met two people recently who have said things along the lines of not knowing what Pokemon is, except that it’s got Pikachu. I’d love a blue Blastoise 3DS XL, a white/purple Mewtwo one, or a blue/orange Swampert one but it won’t happen :(

        2. He’s the mascot because he’s the most recognizable out of all 600 of those Pokemon, wether you’re a Pokemon fan or not.

        3. Lol, its the same with mario. Do u want them to start making metroid tennis and pikmin soccer, how about some zelda hoops

    1. me too, i really can’t wait to buy the 3dsxl on Sunday!! but i have the feeling that nice colors are coming to north America! i don’t know what to do! :/

      1. hi there oh that what makes usa a great contry lots of indival choses too wait or too buy its up too you too decide

  2. Gahhh… It’s Adorable :3
    (And This is Coming From a Eighteen Year Old Guy I might add)
    This alone will be my reason for buying the 3DSXL if they ever decide to release this Overseas

    1. I too am an 18 year old guy and I love Pokemon but I think this design is just… unpleasant. That shade of yellow doesn’t work as a console colour, and Pikachu’s design is uninspired and too big… why not have just a small Pikachu in the corner or something? That’d be much nicer, this just looks ugly.
      In my opinion, anyway.

    2. most likely not. Pokemon Center is pretty stingy about the consoles and several of the toys. Not too many Pokemon consoles actually made it over here when I think about it. Even Europe gets more than us.

  3. Awwwwwww man that ain’t fair !!!!!!!! :-( that is not nice to tease us Nintendo/Pokemon fans out here in the United States :-( really guys ??!!! That ain’t nice, my parents always told us to play nice and play fair. And that ain’t fair nor nice.

        1. It would’ve been pretty good to launch it with it, but I don’t think to many of the same colour would be good. I reckon a green one with Link on would be great though.

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    1. hi there i agree stop showing things never coming too market lets see laser hard drives isiolinar chips race track memory black hole solid state drive light speed disk ram disk 300 mpg cars 60 mpg hummers 500 miles electric cars space planes star ships space colinies in deep space star gates halo rings time travel hillium 3 power

  5. I can’ty wait till better ones like these come out in NoA cus right now we have the crappy red and crappy blue, i mean why dont we get silver. It’s stupid

  6. Retro!!! That picture is an exact take from pokemon yellow for the gameboy color. Awesome! I hope this means that they’re releasing that version on the eshop. I’d love to play as ash and pikachu again, get my pidgeotto and all three normal starters too. That rocks. I hope the old mew glitch is still in it. Then I can get gayrados and arcanine and lapras way early again. Such a boss glitch, I want this! Or a remake that goes through all the regions up til now, that’d be epic too (I still want the glitch though. Let’s you get any pokemon, not just mew)

  7. Nintendo should really just make these special addition 3DS into 3DS and XL cases. I don’t want to buy a 3DS and see one better later. Like when the Zelda themed 3DS came out I was so happy, but then I saw they were releasing 3DS XL so I didn’t get one.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Also my favorite Pokemon is Arcanine and I have yet to find anything with him on it. Whatever, I’ll just buy a regular 3DS XL and get a GaMERCaT skin or custom skin made of whatever I want

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