99 thoughts on “Nintendo Not Ready To Confirm Unified Account Systems For Nintendo 3DS & Wii U”

    1. Don’t worry about it. It’s better for Nintendo to withhold crucial information about the Wii U at this point. I mean it’s not like the console is launching in a matter of months or anything! (sarcasm)

              1. well douche is a crap insult. He has a point. Stop flaming people. You always bitch about trolls yet you troll about them!

    1. Aeolus has become more than one person he is now a collective group of people wanting to troll on this site…

          1. I think you should go on other websites like Gameinformer IGN. pretty much third party game mags. Not one of them likes Nintendo….just saying. Dont be deluded and open your eyes.

            and no… casuals dont count as fans.

            1. i hate those site not just because they love causing flame wars but because they are always talking about power, power this power that, never about Wii need new way to play this; but i hate how they dont see M$(e3 10 & 11) or Sony e3 as bad but Nintendo they do, they just say everyone wins when m$ did bad.

              1. u only hate them cos u ONLY love Nintendo. Be honest here…atleast most ppl on there post reasonable comments. This place is full of fanboys!

              1. I hate how people see casuals as no games even though they buy more than hardcore…..
                also i am a casual games

                1. I mean casual games but the difference is i don’t even complain like the hardcore ones (no offence hardcore games)

            2. Why do not casuals count. I do not even play game rated 16 just 12 or 0 (12 Zelda and Super Smash Bros.).
              But I love Nintendo’s games. But why cant he count me?
              Ok now lets count the 360′s fans but Hardcore games do not count.
              You are just a retaded boy. Stop playing CoD you might get smarter.

                  1. Sorry. My main language is German. We do not speak English at home. ( I learn a lot of English from Pokemon.)
                    ”I do not even play game rated 16 just 12 or 0 (12 Zelda and Super Smash Bros.).”
                    I do not even play gameS…. I do not really check what I post .
                    I even see a few more but if you think be cause of that my English is bad then…
                    Those are just typing errors. But yes it is true my English is not as good as yours but my German is. ( I hope yours is better since my English is not really the best)
                    Hey why wont you get Pikachu gravata then people might starting agreeing with you too. Well I think that wont happen but that is what you said just in other words.
                    You are so stupid. Just quit posting stuff. Then people only will think you are stupid but at least they wont know it.
                    Get real fanboy.

                1. Aeolus is so retarded. Check what he said to you (this comment).
                  And then check what I wrote back.
                  He should get a Pikachu gravatar too. Just read it. He is not smart.

        1. It is very true that a lot of people hate Nintendo but more people hate the PS3 more or the 360. And it is for girls.
          It is not like it is only for boys.
          Even girls can play it.

  1. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I’m not quite sure I comprehend all that is tryin to be said here. Can someone help me out please?

    1. It was leaked a little while ago, that the 3DS and WiiU would use a single account system. As in, when you sign into your account on the WiiU or the 3DS, you would possibly be able to play games linked to your account if their compatible with each system. Kinda like Steam, you log in on any computer, and download any game you’ve already bought linked to your Steam account. Though i would imagine with the Nintendo Network, the only games that could do that would probably be Virtual Console and some WiiU-Ware/3DSWare games.

      Thought Nintendo at this point doesn’t want to confirm thats actually a legitimate leak, so this is just them saying they’re not ready to confirm if this unified account system thing is real or fake.

    2. Yeah, I’m just as confused… And how can something be ‘revealed’ without being ‘confirmed’? (Without being a rumour)…

    3. SImple English:
      We don’t use the same accounts for 3ds and Wii U becosue it means money is shared and we dont want to say anything about that yet

      1. Says the troll who loves to give Microsuck money in order to chat. At least you can do it for free on Nintendo and Sony’s consoles.

          1. Easy. On the Wii’s Message System and the Wii U’s new and improved superior chat system. Better than shelling out cash for communication unlike on the Trashbox 360.

            I’m not that surprised about your comeback.

  2. idc either way. as long as i get my wiiu on launch day with some bawss games im gonna be satisfied. and in all honesty, as the years go on, i start to care less and less about multiplayer. until someone pushes out a game that does something completely different with multiplayer, im not really gonna care…..except for halo and rockstar games, i just cant resist the multiplayer in those games lol

        1. It’s going to be 10 minutes, so don’t expect much. It’s being referred to as “Little Demon,” apparently.

  3. Iris is the black girl.to get the alternate forns of reshiram and zekrom you need to lend the power of kyurem. Theyll both be dragon ice type with teravolt and turboblaze as abilites.

  4. Ghetsis trys to kill you and he forced them to merge but you cant capture it you have to faint it first and catch the unfused kyurem later when it returns to normal

  5. im not sure if this piece is really news ..its not anything special thats for sure..they’ll release the details once their substantiated, far too premature to stick the info on the wii-u 3ds joint acct system. we dont even have a releasedate for wiiu and as for 3ds their acct was established shortly after its upbringing, they both r supposed to get jointed on the basis of connection even if its dealbreaker was shared personal profit in ze acct system.. geez

  6. Landorus and the other two deitys transform into there alternate forms using a mirror you get in dream world says:

    @stratisfire Im buying this garbage no matter how left behind and utter trash it is to play mediocre tiredsome games. Im a nostalgia tool pedo faggot..thats why i dont show my face=shame

  7. You fight N who has Zekrom at level 70 which if you beat him you get to capture zekrom.

    Btw pokemin black 2 story sucks.mediore no innovation, just play original they both same shit except story and gyms are boring

  8. This was actually a reasonable, mature way of reporting this development. Now let’s see if that holds true for the comments….

    [After reading comments]

    How nice. Aside from Aeolus and some anons, it’s been pretty orderly. I now expect that will change with this comment. Also, thanks for the news, Maker.

  9. anothar dae anather dallar during these weekx anewayz.. those 2 consoles converging into an acct would b commendable & appreciated «(;

  10. Can people STOP SPOILING BLACK AND WHITE 2?! I know most of it, but please stop! Most people want to play it. not be spoiled!

      1. Don’t bother correcting him or anything. Anything and everything that can be interrupted in even the slightest way as being negative about Nintendo, he will be like “Oh well, Nintendo messed up again.”

  11. Honestly, they need to just fess up. I think we’re all expecting this. The PS3 and Vita allow you to use a single PSN account. It’s convenient because you can have all your friends on both systems on one account, and if they have both, you only need add them one time. I do hope that Nintendo gets up to pace and does this, it’ll definitely be a good asset to the consoles.

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