Heroes of Ruin developer n-Space promises that it has a new announcement in the wings which will be shared with everyone on Facebook. The development team wouldn’t give any hints regarding what the announcement could be, but seeing as Heroes of Ruin is now available in stores, it could well be a new game.

“Just keep your eyes on the official n-Space Facebook page and you’re sure to see a surprise sooner rather than later.”



  1. Most likely another handheld CoD, since that’s what they’re known for… though I gotta admit, it would be kinda cool if they make a CoD 3DS game with Circle Pad Pro support.


  2. It’s going to be Skylanders Giants 3DS and they’ll show off the first official gameplay trailer for it, since all we’ve seen is console games.

    Screencap this and mark my words.


  3. I would be happy if it was a 1st party game.
    I want Pokemon sapphire remake
    I want a part 2 (or a different game. But the same style) of Pokemon XD.
    I loved XD. May be my 3rd fav Pokemon game.


  4. I would love a good old fps for the 3DS, the call of dutys made for DS were very fun and actually quite good, they had very fun multiplayer too! One on 3DS would be great for me!


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