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Dragon Ball Heading To Nintendo 3DS

Namco Bandai has announced that its working on a Dragon Ball game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game in question is a card game called Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission and is a port of the Japan-only online card game Dragon Ball Heroes. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game features over 200 characters and 800 different cards.

59 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Heading To Nintendo 3DS”

      1. I am not talking about Naruto. Naruto is bad aswell (but atleast people are not bitching everywhere about how great it is) I talk about other fine animes like Umineko no naku koro ni and Gosick. Some of the finest animes on earth :)

        1. I love DBZ :(
          But i do watch other animes like Elfin Lied, Death Note, One Piece, Mirai Nikki, Claymore ect

          1. He’s just a hipster man dbz is good. Dbz set the bar for action animes. If you want the best story go some where else but if you want some of the best fastest action out there go to dbz. Tons and i mean tons of anime manga artist get there inspiration from dbz. Naruto, bleach, one piece and more. Heck it even inspired me to draw anime and manga. And ive come a long way now. Dbz may not be the greatest anime. Some argue its the worst. But dbz is the root of most anime and is number one in my heart

            1. Well i used to watch it as a kid, so, i hold alot of memories to it. Yeah, the fillers are annoying, and some of the dialog/dubbing is BAD (although thats okay, in some respect), and its not the best animated (along it is nearly 30 years old), but its still awesome, incredible american soundtrack, memorable scenes ( all the first super saiyan scenes still make me giddy like a child). Its awesome :D but like i said, i do like other animes and those do have more depth and better writing in them

    1. maniax300 doesn't feel like logging in (LOL)

      Ohh,Please this is worst then DB:UT we need no card game either we need Dragon ball:Raging ultimate budokia burst limit!

    1. Or fullmetal alchemist it has great gameplay potential. Thinking if done right it can be fast paced combat and a button or something for quick alchemy.

  1. I wonder if this is in the same style as the game boy color game dbz legendary super warriors. If so, I’ll buy this game day 1. I didn’t really think much of the concept of that game at first, but I was way wrong. I loved that game. But since it was a single save file game (and trading cards was a thing) I bought multiple copies. Hell, I still have 3 working copies, and 2 dead ones from overuse. I will cry the day the save file battery dies in those games, so a new version, that’s at least as good as the original, and won’t have save issues since it’s saved on 3DS SD card, I’ll play it forever, probably. Such a boss game, this better be the same style, just updated. So much time in that original, another is probably the best news for me ever. But don’t make it a straight port of an online game Namco. Just use it as a place to start and take it to the next level please

  2. The Only Pokemon Champ

    I want a sequel to the Dragon Ball Origins games on DS
    Those were boss, and the original was far superior than the sequels

  3. Got excited, then i continue on to discover that it’s a card game. Sigh, not exactly my element… I’ll just wait for a legacy of goku, budokai, or tenkaichi to come out for the 3DS or U.

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    1. This is actually from a movie. Look it up. It’s called episode of bardok. It’s not so great, but it is interesting, though, I don’t think it was dbz creator guys work. Some other people took up the job of making this. It was a real thing though.

  6. I bet a bunch of the people complaining about it being a card game used to love yugioh or the pokemon card game

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