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Starbeast Developer Reconfirms Starbeast For Wii U, And New Nintendo 3DS eShop Title

Dear My Nintendo News,

We wanted to send out this information just to clarify things to the community. Starbeast is currently in a very early stage in development. The game has been in a slow development cycle, since 2011, which allowed us to fine tune every detail. Initially, Starbeast was being developed for the Wii. Since the announcement of the WiiU and the great things we have seen, we decided to bring it to the WiiU eShop. In January of 2012, the game was put on hold to work on a simple, unannounced 3DS eShop title.

Our team at Pixel Entertainment is planning on bringing the production back to speed once the unannounced title has been completed. Also, the information that went up on GoNintendo is outdated. The game is very different now, due to the extra time. Expect a formal announcement for Starbeast near the end of this year. Expect the 3DS title to be announced within the coming month. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and we can’t till everyone plays our upcoming games!

– Pixel Entertainment

47 thoughts on “Starbeast Developer Reconfirms Starbeast For Wii U, And New Nintendo 3DS eShop Title”

        1. I wonder about pokemon on the wii u, how it’s gonna be done, whether it’ll be an adventure and story or just a consistent round of battles… without adventure and story

  1. Fair enough. Id like to, ya know, SEE the game first, i dont even know what genre of game it is -.- but it looks as though the WiiU has a different version to the 3DS, so sorry trolls, its not a mobile game ;)

      1. Yeah, the more the merrier i guess.
        I hope the put GBA games on by the time i get a 3DS. Want to play Metroid Fusion >.<

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              there isnt any gba GAMES on the uk ESHOP . is there is the US ??? also do you guys have netflix on your XL’s , if so i am so jealous. i would love to watch netflix on my XL , especialy with its new hinge.

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  it makes me laugh how they can give those ambassadors loads of games , but not offer the people who bought a few months after launch even the choice to buy them.
                  congrats on netflix. could be a cool feature when your at your grannies house.
                  bring netflix to UK !!!!!

        1. Better yet, gimme a Metroid Fusion, with an accurate recreation of all areas, only in Other M’s style with better missile controls.
          Oh, and follow the “story” to the letter, word for word.
          No super dramatics.
          Do that, and it will be one of the most successful recreations in the history of the franchise.
          If not THE most.

          1. I hate remakes -.- unless they get some outside company to do it, it basically just screams lack of creativity. Obviously, if its made by another company, its not really the same, like Zelda OoT on the 3DS, its more of a giving the youth of today a chance to play it (the original is WAAY dated)

        1. Im telling you, the time can be whenever for nintendo direct. The 3ds XL nintendo direct was like at 11 at night over here. Nintendo put it at 2 in the morning or something, just get the nintendo direct on schedule. I been so ready

  2. Good to know. Look at you Sickr. Getting direct statements from developers now. Moving up in the world. You deserve it. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        we all know there is only 1 jake on my nintendo news.
        there seems to be some copying peoples names trend going on .

  3. The developers and publishers are always watching. :D It’s great market research. I’m glad you guys like the game! Can’t wait to finish it!! Any suggestions??

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