It is the last day for The Pokémon Company’s “Pokémon Power Bracket.” During the semi-finals, Mewtwo lost to Rayquaza, while Mew triumphed over Celebi. In the final round, which is happening right now, Mew currently has a lead over Rayquaza with 58% of the votes.

The winning Pokémon will take over for a week, and a special downloadable prize pack will be given to participants of the tournament. The Pokémon Company is also teaming up with Hot Topic to create a T-shirt featuring the winning Pokémon, which will be available at shortly after the winner is announced.

Go here to vote for either Mew or Rayquaza. Which legendary Pokémon will you be choosing?



  1. Gotta give it to Rayquaza. I don’t understand your obsessions with Mew. Sure, it’s first gen and more iconic. But…c’mon! It’s Rayquaza! It’s a massive dragon that looks like a boss and took on Deoxis! Also, I would much rather have Rayquaza all over than Mew. Like. Think about what happens after they win. They get some downloadable prize and a t-shirt. Who wants some Mew on their shirt? Not me. Rayquaza. Yes please.


  2. I’m going to say Rayquaza, simply because it’s the one that looks best on a T-shirt for either gender.
    Mew is cool but a bit too cutesy for a guy’s T-shirt, whereas Ray is awesome for either.


    • Despite the fact that Mew is a small, pink being, I’d say that Mew looks a lot more like a pig than Rayquaza, a green and long dragon, does.


  3. Ok, not related to the article but, i just got a 3DS, ive only got NSMB2, any games people recommend (besides Star Fox and Zelda, will get them eventually). Bear in mind i will need a circle pad pro for soke games, being left handed


  4. People are getting too worked up about the shirt part – remember the prize pack thing for those who vote? It is probably a downloadable event pokemon (so either you get to download Rayquaza or Mew) and honestly, the only cost to get Rayquaza into a Gen V game is to get either S/R/E and catch Rayquaza, migrate to a gen iV game and then to a Gen V game. Mew on the other hand… either you have one from an earlier event or you don’t.


    • You can get him in soul silver and heartgold if you get groundon and kyogre from both games. One goes in soul silver the other in heart gold. And rayquaza can be found in both when you get them both


  5. Mew is the most mystical Pokémon in my opinion. Back when the games of the first two generations were released you couldn’t connect to the internet and Mew was never distributed on special events so I never got it until a couple of years later when someone discovered a glitch with wich you can make every one of the 151 Pokémon appear (and the developers built this glitch in on purpose!). Also, when watching the first (and second) movie I’m overcome by a sense of epicness I can’t find in the following movies. And I love that despite it’s enormous power it always shows its funny and playful side. So I definitely go for Mew!


  6. If Mewtwo isn’t #1 (and he is), I’d have to say Mew. I think Rayquaza is strong, but has a double-weakness/ needs a focus sash… and I’m guessing he’s getting a lot of votes just because he looks cool.


  7. As much as awesome mew is i still wouldnt rock a mew shirt unless the shirt looked amazing somehow, oh yeah and hot topic is fucking awesome :D


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