New ZombiU Documentary

The development team for ZombiU has filmed a new documentary to give gamers a closer look at the highly-anticipated survival horror game for Wii U. The series is titled In The Eye of ZombiU and will be a four-part video series. In this first episode, Guillamme Brunier, Senior Game Producer, explains how ZombiU takes profit of the WIi U to offer a true survival-horror experience.



      1. Whoop I made a mistake because I got hacked. what I meant to say was

        “It isn’t a great documentary of a shitty game made by a shitty French company.”


  1. Why is everyone fixating on that the company is French? So fucking what! Why don’t you actually play the game before you judge it you cunts.


  2. Honestly, I preferred this game when it was “Killer Freaks from Outer Space”. It seemed much more unique – especially as the enemies are these scary alien creatures. Zombies? That’s been done to death.
    Yeah, if I get this game I’ll probably enjoy it, but its kind of like they went the safe route with this…should have stuck with the original killer freaks type monsters idea I think.


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