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The World Ends With You Teaser Site’s Surprise Leaked

The World Ends With You’s teaser site is still counting down prior to a reveal, but Square Enix may have accidentally spoiled its own surprise. A new The World Ends With You soundtrack is listed on the publisher’s online store, which mentions that a version of the game will launch for iOS devices later this year. It looks like The World Ends With You will no longer be exclusive to Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld, the Nintendo DS.

75 thoughts on “The World Ends With You Teaser Site’s Surprise Leaked”

    1. Square Enix wouldn’t of made a whole site with a countdown just so they can announce a game that will piss fans off.
      I reckon that the iOS game will be ONE of the things announced on Sunday, they could announce a sequel for 3DS as well.

      But we’re going to have to wait until Sunday to see xP

      1. you actually do get to fgihta bug poison can it is a pretty fun game its somewhat reptative but still a very good game atleast its better than the dinosuar game where it all relies on your tracing skills

    2. Before people read the comments, one of the developers on TWEWY posted on Twitter saying “Wait until the countdown is finished before you make up your mind” along with the hashtag #moredripthanleak.
      That means the iOS release is not the only thing being announced on Sunday!

  1. That makes no sense, the game NEED two screens in order to work! I reckon it’s not a port but a new game just for iOS. But I was hoping for a sequel for the 3DS :/

  2. FUCKING LMAO !! :) you Nintendrones were hyping up this shit !! It’s just too fucking funny to see how dissapointed you guys are ;) Lol even an iPhone is more powerful than 3DS ..So you Nintendrones SIT THE FUCK DOWN !! HAHAHA

    1. We wanted a game to be made but unconfirmed rumors say otherwise. Sure, we’re disappointed for now. But that just means we love the game and want a sequel. Do you have problems with us being gamers?

        1. Ness do you realize how pathetic your trolling is? Lol The neku picture matches perfectly with the news. “I’m gonna be on a phone?! NOOOOOOOOOOO

            1. To be fair, depending on what it’s doing, the latest iPhone does have a slightly more powerful graphics processor.
              Oh, and the whole “I hope you die of a serious disease.” thing is not just getting old, it’s downright offensive. I battled leukaemia for 3 years. Do you think I deserved that? No, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even stupid fanboys like you.
              Oh, and before the anti-troll brigade arrive, I like Nintendo but some people are just so stupid with it. It’s alright to like something bu it’s not alright to say that people should die because they don’t like something.

            2. Lol go look at gameplay of Dead trigger ..that looks better than anything on the 3DSHIT ..the iPhone 4s has a A5 chip and the 3DS has a crappy single core processor ..

                1. it’s true, I can’t tell you how much the games would lag or crash. Not to mention the touch screen controls are laughable. I even gave my iPod to my niece since I bought a 20 dollar 32 gig SD card. So you could say I replaced my iPod for a better gaming experience.

                2. Lag is generally down to lack of memory (only 512mb for multitasking! How?) Crashes caused by the same thing but more major. And controls aren’t “worse” but it depends on genre. FPS can be done well but platformers are terrible. However, anything else can be done so much better on a touch screen.

    2. Says the person named after a NINTENDO character.

      If you are going to troll how crappy Nintendo at least chose name that isn’t related to Nintendo.

      Also The World Ends With You was DS game not a 3DS game and the iphone is not more powerful than the 3DS.

      Beside even if it was it still doesn’t mean that it is any good.

      Having more power means nothing.

      1. Lol the iPhone 4s has A5 processor and 3DS has a shitty single core processor and iPhone games look better than shitty 3DS games

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    3. At least we are getting Mega Man Xover on the iOS which is not such a bad thing, though it would have been better as a retail game. Some Mega Man anniversary this turned out to be. :/

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  4. They built up that much hype for an iOS port? Really? Shame. However, I guess it is good news, I’d like to always have TWEWY at my side!

  5. I heard it’s going to fully integrate Instagram and certain filters will be “in style” in different regions. Then you can take photos and turn them into pins. I also heard if you get a Facebook status with 100 likes then you can turn that into a pin as well. And if you shake the phone, Neku updates his Twitter account. The future is here.

  6. iOS remake….? They always ruin iOS games, super scribllenauts has only half of the levels no level editor and only 2 avatars. And DLC

        1. He is right. They will probably sell it for cheap just to make some quick cash. Its what companies do when putting games on the iOS market.

  7. The iOS app will be an extra feature for the game, which you can use to gain PP AND EXP for Pins. Or maybe some new features. Come on guys, think outside the box.

    If the iOS version is actually the full game… Well, I’m glad I have an iPhone!

  8. All I can say is that they’re lucky none of the pins required you to close the device.

    The case for having the sequel be on Vita is even stronger now. Not like that has two visible touchscreens either, but that apparently hasn’t stopped iOS.

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