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Future Publishing Closes Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Future Publishing has announced that it’s closing Nintendo Gamer magazine, but says that the established brand will still exist online. The magazine’s staff have been moved to other Future Publishing projects. This move draws the curtain on 20 years of independent Nintendo publications from Future Publishing. Former Rare employee Wil Overton has produced a special cover for the final edition of Nintendo Gamer.

74 thoughts on “Future Publishing Closes Nintendo Gamer Magazine”

      1. And yet people still prefer to own the magazine instead of reading online.

        And anyway, Nintendo Gamer was a better written magazine than any shit you could find on the internet, and worth twice as much as you could ever dream of having.

      2. Where can I find this “FREE” internet you speak of? I sure as hell can’t afford it each month, I’d much rather have the magazine.

                1. So… You are all saying that ghe internet is more expensive than a magazine…

                  Of course it is… But you dont use the internet only to read one mag… Or even only to read mags… All of you have it because you need for a lot of things. Print magazines will come to an end sooner or later…

                  1. What, just like how physical game copies will die out and how all consoles are irrelevant when PCs are around?

                    Thought the same.

    1. siegfried von schroder

      do you know why?Because shitendo made their mistake.They are making a WEAK i say WEAK old gen conosle and they think that shitendo will close which it will happen

          1. Really? I thought it was companies that sell out to cqsuals,make gimmmicks,refuse to give tired ass franchises a break and fans who want freash new gameplay but bitch whenever a company does dlc or something to get profits becauese you know gamings a luxury nkt a prvalidge and with comoanies cant take risk if theyre losing money so mario 95 or cod 96 will continue because its risky making new ips for console bastards who hate the games but support the ips and short changing game companies by buying used like minorities. And you wonder why sopa bill and game developers are making games for ios and pc hmm because they make a larger marginal profit than console kiddies

    1. True.

      But people would still pay for an overpriced magazine due to their collection and history. Plus some artwork just looks better and more appealing in a magazine than in a website.

      Unless, of course, the website is gorgeous and well done. With awesome reviews, previews, walkthroughs, news, random fact, curiosities and etc etc.

      I have to agree, though, the internet is killing most of the magazines out there simply because people want information, even better if it’s free.

    2. This pretty much.

      Why would I pay £3.99 on a gaming magazine when I can find the same information for free on-line?

      This is a case of the magazine format being outdated and unable to evolve with the changing market.

      If Nintendo Gamer is to exist on-line then it will have to offer the same content that it did before but for free.

    3. Because some people don’t have internet? Or can’t afford it? Or have region-restrictions that don’t allow them to access “FREE” online news?

            1. Alternatively worded; you got it from a charity shop after exchanging favours with the male manager. Thus you contracted HIV. You’ll probably break it again when you go back for more.

              1. How qbout steal surrounding neighbors wifi so that you get fast speed and avoid suspicion and detection. Fucking neighbos dont have a clue and heck we also the same taste in cable shows and we phone service lmfao neighbors helping neighbors brah

      1. There is a thing called a library and internet café, and if a person can’t afford to pay for the internet then they really shouldn’t be buying a magazine for VIDEO GAMES.

        Also you can easily by pass region-restrictions by setting a proxy network fools them into thinking that you are from another region.

        And again if a region is block from a gaming site then it is very likely that Video games are banned.

        Your logic reasoning failed.

  1. Anyone know any other Nintendo Magazines besides Nintendo Power and Nintendo Gamer that’s over here in the US?

      1. Gameinformers,tips and tricks gamepro,psm, xbox mag, electronic gaming monthly are some. And the best are retro magizine bu its 100 bucks for a year subs

  2. i love my issue of nintendo power every month. i get home from work and relax and fall into the amazing graphics and reviews/previews. going to miss it. i don’t like cuddling up to my computer.

  3. I’m glad to see they will still exist online. The magazine industry is dying, so this was an inevitable move. Best part is, no one lost their job. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. True. At least they will survive. Online is a lot more convenient for the consumers as well. Not so much for the collectors.

    1. Don’t know. I’d only started getting the magazine, but enjoy it greatly. It just won’t be the same on the internet.

      1. No why are they going away while im on this site contributing to their doom noooooo.
        Just steal your neighbors internets its free and youll know things about them youd never relize

  4. God, this has got me down.
    I’ve adored Nintendo Gamer all my life, way back when it existed as “Super Play” and “N64 Magazine”, it helped me learn to read. So many of its jokes, reviews, articles are engrained in my memory forever…
    Thanks for everything, Super Play, N64 Magazine, NGC, NGamer, and Nintendo Gamer. Games won’t be the same without having read your witty analysis on them…

    1. Damn if only microkill wouldn’t buy Nintendo,now Nintendo could make the greatest games and consoles

      1. Guys i think microsoft is responsible for Nintendo’s destruction.They bought RARE and retro studios are not the same with rare.Rare could advise Nintendo or help them to make a good console better than wiiU and trust me.People who says that microsoft is destroying the gaming industry,they tell infinity% the truth

        1. if microkill wouldnt buy rare now we would be on our living rooms and play killer instict 3 or banjo kazooi

        2. Retro Studios ARE Rare. Everyone half decent from Rare is now with either Retro or Crytek UK.

          Rare are nothing now. Simple as. Nintendo are best without them now.

  5. siegfried von schroder

    shitendo is failing cant u see?
    wiiu will fail
    rare is getting better with microsoft and they cant help shitendo anymore
    shitendo will follow segas steps or worse they will close
    magazine publishers believes that the wiiu will fail so they leave shitendo
    720 will be 10 times more powerfull than wiiu
    all of shitendos characters will begone for ever
    wiius cpu is weak and you already know that from the prev new
    some 3rd party support are telling lies about the wiiu so that they can brainwah u
    and now its time to admit that shitendo is a company with a lot of babyish stuff


    1. Former Rare employee Wil Overton has produced a special cover for the final edition of Nintendo Gamer.*

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