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Mass Effect 3 Wii U Won’t Run At 1080p

Australian developer Straight Right who are handling the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 have confirmed that Mass Effect will will run at 720p. News broke yesterday from Nintendo Power stating that the game will run at 1080p, but this information appears to be incorrect.

197 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Wii U Won’t Run At 1080p”

        1. PS360 version of ME3 also do not run in 1080p , its an 720p with upscaling, just trolls thinks that ME3 on PS360 is a native 1080p game.

              1. I dont think its the price, more the lack of games. Not to sound like a broken record, but it really is a big problem with console…plus, its pricey as fuck, i the UK its about £50 MORE than a ps3… Why?!

                1. I guess its justme,but I really don’t see a problem with the games, I own. About 10 and all keep me intertain (I’ve only passed UGA for the record) same in the U.S., I got my vita with Uncharted for almost 380. Yes its pricy, but hating a console you’ve never own is fanboy territory.

              2. well i have 23 3ds games . all bought brand new. i work that out at £640 , plus the £170 for my small 3ds and the £179 for my 3ds xl.
                and all the massive amounts of other consoles and stuff i own.

                yeh i can EASILY afford a vita. just dont want a thing with no games that even half interest me. uncharted is ok. i finished it already tho on my bro’s vita.

                1. Ya and i bet all the vita trolls got butthurt when they fond out that black ops declassified didn’t have good graphics (which is standatory to sony fanboys) and had bad online. Wow, I sounded like a troll :(

        1. To me it mostly is, but I don’t really want a troll feeder thing like this. It would’ve been so much better if Nintendo Power was honest to begin with :/ Blooper of the year pretty much…

    1. Chris Bowser Koopa's Mum Bowserletta!




      1. Do you take joy in this? And guys can’t you just listen to the trolls sometimes their right and trolls quit trolling on us nintendo fans

  1. Put on your helmets, here comes another flame war -.-
    Suppose i should throw in my opinion.
    First of all, the company handling the port, go look at their track record…yeah.
    Second, its fucking EA. Most likely theyre still sour as fuck because Nintendo didnt want to use shitty Origin, so they probably put next to no money into porting the game over.
    Thirdly, does it really make a difference? And no, ME3 didnt not run in 1080p on consoles, my TV is full HD and it only did 720p.

      1. Considering the length and size of the game, which is ALOT bigger than it seem due to all the variables in a game like this, a variety of dialouge/cutscene combonations and options, im surprised it looked as good as it did on my ps3, i mean the game needs 2 disks on the 360 xD

        1. I always hate having to switch the disks all the time…. but its worth it since the 360 and PC version are the best versions.

      1. Your opinion, but i loved the series, and i hope to see more. Although it was a joke how the ending literally rewarded you nothing, and the extended cut just made ot make more sense, and had a short pretencious VO over a couple of pictures -.- i felt robbed, but the rest of the game and series up to that point was fantastic

        1. I like ME 1&2 but this game is just terrible and a letdown. This man here sums up my feelings for the game perfectly Honestly I think the franchise needs to die, if EA and Bioware continue this series (Which they will since they’re greedy cunts) it will become like all those horror franchises that went on for so long. There end up being too many sequels and the plot gets stretched out for so long that nobody takes it seriously anymore.

          1. True :/ i wanted to see a Garrus game though D: haha xD but i agree, and one of the things i like about Nintendo is they have franchises that last, but mainly because they done release them all the time. I mean since the ps2, theres been 6 God of War games, including Ascension, but not the monile ones ect. And i loved the series, but i have no interest in Ascension, and i enjoyed only 1 of the psp ones, and even the original was meh, only really got into 2, but loved the hell out of 3. But its time has past, because realisticly, theyve tied the game down too far, and spammed releases. Mass Effect should end too, before i get bored of it, let Bioware doing something new

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      Wow, they only have 1 other game that they made, and was it even good? Are they even capable of 720p?

    1. This game is basicaly not worth buying on wiiu to me now. the 1080p thing would of made me buy it . but screw it , i already have on my 360.

      i am still interested in a lot of other games for wiiu anyways!!

      1. I dont see why youd want this anyway if you had it on the 360…the 1080p wouldnt of done much anyway, Shephard would just have a little more rape in his face

          1. The game pad doesnt even do 720p, so the game running at either 720 or 1080 should affect the resolution on the gamepad. Smh

        1. *throws scouter away*
          nappa:what is it
          vegeta: amount of blunders miscrosoft fans,it IT”S OVER 9000!
          nappa:what over 9000 that’s impossible they’re just nerds!

      1. Play SMG on a 1080p hdtv, the graphics gets streched and it doesn’t look as nice as it does on an SDTV, now Imagen Playing a 1080p SMG on an HDTV. The Graphics would be orgasm worthy.

  2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    What’s the problem Ubisoft and WB have no problem putting their games in 1080p…oh, wait, EA, now I remember.


    1. “I always wanted to play this series but I didn’t till now because I am a corporate slave and refuse to buy any gaming device that doesn’t have a Nintendo logo on it” lmao exposed.

      1. Or didn’t have interest in enough other games on other consoles to justify purchasing one just to play the game?

      1. Chris Bowser Koopa's Mum Bowserletta!

        well its supposedly a next gen console… 1080p is the norm for next gen. Cant even handle that? that is dissapointing. VERY very bad.

          1. So you claim to know the wiiU technology? If so please put the minds of desperate fanboys and tell us if the specs yday are real or just another BS article?


            1. No, but i do however know that many other developers have said WiiU can handle 1080p without breaking a sweat (article below), and the fact that AC3 is in 1080p. All id need is money, then id hire a worth while conpany, or Bioware themselves to port the game over and hey presto, 1080p Mass Effect 3

    1. Ummm dumbass they are other games that’s 1080p like Batman arkham city zombie u, assassins creed 3. Its just the developers are lazy fucks who don’t care about making a better port and just want a quick Buck with Nintendo fanboys. Maybe if you’d get your head out of your ass you’d notice that

  3. Screw that back and forth shit!! I´ll getting a Wii U with about 4 games at the end of this year and ´til then i won´t believe anything i read or hear, regardless if it´s positiv or negativ!!

    1. Why not just buy the games because, i duno, theyre good? Theres about 10 WiiU games i want at launch, all of which i dont own, and give now fucks about the graphics

      1. That´s exactly what i will do! And don´t get me wrong, there are surely more games i want to get, but there is always this dilemma with money ;)

  4. Here come the trolls, do-do-do-do, here comes the trolls and I say run for your life.
    Lol sorry I’m bored. Kinda bummed actually I just got my 360 at christmas and have been holding out on ME3 thinking Wii U will have better graphics. It will still be a better experience I’m sure and I’ll still wait but it still bothers me =/. Guess I’ll just kill more things in skyrim until I get some more games.

      1. is that so? why did you boast about 1080p in the last article saying games will look amazing? now you are backing back on your own words/

        HYPOCRISY at it’s finest

        1. Screen resolution is the amount of pixels in a screen. Please tell me what that has to do with graphics or were you born a dumb shit?

            1. 1080p is better because its a higher resolution but you still havent told me what resolution has to do with graphics.

      2. I’m not saying the Wii U will have weak graphics I’m just saying I was expecting a 1080p version of the game. I know Wii U will have higher graphics and resolutions than most 360/ps3 games.

    1. If you want a better experience then you will get for 360. Why? Because of it having all 3 titles and each you game you play effects the next ones story when you import the character. Mass effect 1 is a PC and 360 exclusive. You cant have this at all with Wii U version and the PS3 version is limited too because of it only having ME 2 and ME 3.

  5. Nintendo….failed to deliver once again. I cant wait for Durango and Orbis. Nintendo you were great but now you fail to deliver a true next gen system.

    Was nice knowing you.

    1. Why are you talking to a fucking mirror, Ass? If you’re waiting for Orbit gum and Dodge Durango, you’ll have to wait 2 years (Xbox8) to 4 years (PS4). The problem is both of them won’t be quantum leap and the VP of Sony Europe have stated the PS4 is aimed at both casuals and women and the Xbox8 won’t be backwards compatible and you won’t be playing used games.

      1. Head of EA said they are coming in 2013 :P and yes he is a named person/developer

        you are just scared you want them to come later because you know their tech specs will crush the Piiii UUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

                1. IMAO DrDmgeCtrl81? You trying to use the clown who only plays rumors and damage control instead of his Uhmazing Nintendo exloosives? This is the best dance I have ever seen from someone on this site! Would you like to join my Ballet? It’s called: Raging fanboy falling for trollbait set by a guy who doesn’t actually hate the stuff he claims to.

                  1. Shut the fuck up, dipshit! It’s useless to deny the fact the Wii U is more powerful than the game system that you have. It’s over… your strings are already freaking cut.

                      1. You still suck balls, Muppetshow. This shows proof that you are a pathetic and useless cunt who don’t know fucking shit about video games. It’s over. You lose. Farewell.

                      1. TheVirginalUterusNation at 4:17: “I’m done feed you trolls”

                        TheVirginalUterusNation at 4:21 the same day “Hi I’m back to feed you trolls some more” IMAO DANCE PUPPET DANCE!

                      1. Cumming from a troll who kiss another trolls ass who have already gotten cancer and HIV. Fare thee well… I’m done feeding the both of you. Troll someone else who gives a shit as much as you.

    1. hahaha. sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at something like this. As much as I want a Wii U, overhyping is not good, even more so if it’s something that is so vague. Wii U will do well in some way, but not through super hardware prowess, like it or not.

              1. What makes you so sure? If you cant give me a credible source I’ll just imagine you are full of shit just like every other drone and im not saying I know either.

              2. Wow, you were right once and now think you are a prophet… You must be so used to be right if you act this way because you were right once.

            1. Yes I did. Read the other post in that thread.

              I was always right, it doesn’t matter what’s said at that point, because in the end, I’m right.

              Gaming Magazines are not anymore credible than the internet, and the internet has corrected the fanboy nonsense with direct word from the CEO.

              1. “Always right”? *Laughs* Yeah, ok. Anyways, I wasn’t the one jumping up and down when the rumor was spread, I was the one waiting for official developer testimony or for it to be released so we can actually know. Besides, it’s the developer saying it’s in 720p, not the CEO, AND don’t call fanboys a fanboy when you yourself are a fanboy.

                    1. doesn’t surprise me you didn’t manage even that basic task

                      the “proof” you delivered in the other article which was actually a half assed forum post and not what a sane person would call proof is testament to your incompetence :)

                      1. Hey look, a neanderthal trying to toss big words that he can’t even use properly in his sentences.

                  1. The MyNintendoNews post said that it was the developer but ok. Anyways, yes, I can. Ask SimplyG, sirpigglesworth, NintendoGamer, TheDragon, etc. They’ll all say that you’re a fanboy. Seriously, the fact that you come here to talk about your god, Sony, and bash the devil, Nintendo, is proof enough.

                    1. Lol, okay. Keep coming up with bullshit, I very seldom mention anything pertaining to Sony, but okay.

                      In the end, I’m right; you fanboys are wrong.

                      1. Simeon Yialeloglou

                        SO YOU’RE RIGHT, WELL FUCKING DONE, BIG DEAL. Who gives an honest shit? You happened to be right about a rumour that had no real source to begin with, that’s not impressive or special, and nothing to boast about. It does not make you better than people who believed the rumour, get off your fucking high horse.

    2. *shrug* I was never getting this game for the graphics anyway, makes no real difference to me. Sure 1080p would have been nice but I’m not about to complain because it’s not there.

      1. I am not going to buy a console that’s at the end of it’s life cycle to get some games that I can aswell get for my PC. I might buy one later when the nextbox is 100% confirmed not to be backwards compatible to get some games I can’t get for any other system.

      1. People bitch about a game if it doesn’t display it in FULL HD and the fact that its a new console people seem to find it annoying when a game that is on a next gen console isn’t 1080p and so they bitch about it.

        That’s how things work around here sadly

      2. The big fuss is about Nintendo Power telling us it was going to be 1080 but that it wasn’t which is bad because I see Nintendo Power as a creditable source of information.

    3. I don’t really expect much from the Wii U at launch, all I expect it to be for now is a HD Nintendo console with an awesome controller.

      I don’t mind if its only going to be 720p, I’m still getting the game. I never got the chance to buy it for PC since my computer was down for a week or my PS3/Xbox 360, so may as well get this one because I actually liked both Mass Effect 1 and 2.

      I can’t wait, my body is ready Nintendo

    4. 1080p 60fps should be the standard for all wii u games I’m sick of this flip flopping bullshit, obviously they cheaped out on the hardware. Im definetly purchasing it day one but I honestly will feel slightly cheated buying a new console that plays existing games graphically worse. Hopefully the controller is at least all its made out to be ;p

      1. “graphically worse” Erm what? 720p doesn’t run on the ps360 without up-scaling. To be honest i don’t really see the difference between 720 and 1080p. Yes I know “MORE PIXELS!” but without a HD tv will it really matter?

    5. Its better to have this game on the 360 or PC anyways, seriously. I dont care what you nintendo fanboys say its the fucking truth.

      1. Does it really matter? The ps360 doesn’t run at even 720p without up-scaling and suffers frames dropping. And it’s not that it can’t, it’s that they probably don’t see the point. Also this could change, they could change it.

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    7. I’m finding it hilarious that people are whining that this won’t be 1080, when the Wii wouldn’t even put out 480…. dare I say…. p? Nintendo is a joke as a console, and will remain a joke console. Their handhelds are awesome, but the Xbox and Playstation have them whipped as far as traditional console gameplay goes. You can thank the gimmick of motion control for that.

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