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New ZombiU Trailer Shows Escape From Buckingham Palace

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Wii U exclusive ZombiU. The trailer shows the player attempting to escape Buckingham Palace which is chock full of flesh-eating zombies. The trailer also shows how you can use the Wii U GamePad as a sniper scope, blacklight scanner, inventory management system and more.

108 thoughts on “New ZombiU Trailer Shows Escape From Buckingham Palace”

      1. Watch a comparison on YouTube between the censored and uncensored version. It went from one of the most goriest zombie games to the least.

      2. Dead zombies would disappear before they hit the floor, and virtually any blood was removed from the game.

          1. Exactly. There was an uproar. We only just passed legislation for an R18+ rating for video games this year. So it had to fit an MA15+ rating, and because the enemies were “humans infected by a virus” as opposed to something else, the content (especially the melee weapons) were considered to graphic and a lot had to be clipped and censored.
            Of course, it was less than a week before the game was cracked and the censor code was modded off.

            1. They could at least do something more fun with it, like make confetti come out, that would make it seem more worth it

              1. I suppose the game always ran pretty fast because the bodies didn’t stack up in huge piles. :P But I would have preferred the non-censored version… not that I enjoy L4D at all, but it’s a matter of principle.

          2. When you set them on fire, the fire disappears but you see them trying to shrug off the fire and you can still hear them burning.

  1. Chris Bowser Koopa's Mum Bowserletta!

    towards the end the game video fps slows down… that’s what a WEAK CPU does folks….

    1. This is an official direct-feed Ubisoft video. Youtube admits 30fps videos. I wouldn´t judge a 60fps game with a youtube video, but this is a 30fps game, and this official video clearly shows that when there are combat, framerate falls apart very clearly

          1. nope i have a custom rig that does 1080p on my pc games like ME3, Skyrim, GW2 :P

            def not my computer. Even Gaffers on Neogaf think the same….

                1. Omg-__- first you said you hate FPS and shooters and now you are praisingthis game ? Lolhypocrite ..uonly like this game coz its ona NINTENDO system …I bet if it’sonPS3 you wouldhate it and neverbuy it , stupid fanboy

    2. Funny how Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City both look better visually than this, have far more action going on in almost every scene, and manages to hold the framerate incredibly steady.

      The dips you saw in fps in this video have nothing to do with the CPU and everything to do with the developers not polishing and tweaking enough in those areas.

      Learn technology, it’ll be fun for you :) Then you won’t need to spend your time visiting blogs about things you hate so that you can tell us all how much you hate them.

      Good luck babe.

      1. actually batman runs like ass according to people ACTUALLY at the showfloor ;)

        Old ports anyway. Bought them and 100% them. Not buying them for a map on the screen lol

          1. Source ? Exactly you don’t have one ur just making up shit , stop accusing everyone as a troll cause your making a fanboyish ass of yourself.

        1. In fact, after rewatching it, it doesnt slow down what so ever, so you’re just smoking crack and firing blanks

            1. Neogaf can suck my dick. If im watching this video on a PHONE ad there is zero slow down, then all thats happened, it your brain short circuited for a moment from all that crack you smoke

              1. so if someone has a diff opinion to you you say they take drugs? man you are a tool. Worse than most trolls on here. Learn to respect someone’s opinion and stop being an arrogant tosser.

                And at the show floor there WAS SLOW DOWN. Stop judging games from one video…

        1. says the hypocritical troll now heed my words for i am the troll whisperer. Why are you here and why do you hate nintendo.Don’t knock it ’till you try it

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  3. Looks good, still curious how the game works, like is it level based, and where do you start off if you die, and come back as someone else, ect

    Also, good to see (or hear) thats its got a good soundtrack :D thats gains lots of points in my book, although i doubt it’ll be as good as Darksiders 2’s soundtrack, which is incredible

          1. I wasnt bashing the game or the song, i was bashing you because, firstly, you just heard of the game in a recent post, and second, it is generic, i watch anime and post of the songs sound the same.

          1. Yet you stop at a stop light that was invented by a black man; which has probably saved you inbred, stupid waste of sperm and ova self. I pray you shall find redemption and like what Jesse Owens did to hitler I hope that occurs to you soon. One day your eyes will open and then your little ego shall fade racist waste of air.

        1. ma·ture (məˈCHo͝or):
          Suitable or intended for adults: mature subject matter.

          suit·a·ble (ˈso͞otəbəl):
          Right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation.

          It’s silly to say that a game is mature because it alienates kids. Any game that’s fun to play and can be enjoyed by old and young people alike is obviously suitable for adults.

            1. Ban Puppetmaster for being an emo-raging 3 year old girl!

              Listen you vagina faced bastard, Nintendo also publishes M-rated games like Eternal Darkness, Geist, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. Grow the fuck up, you pedo-loving prick!

            1. Ban Puppetmaster for being an emo-raging 3 year old girl!

              You haven’t controlled fucking shit you cum swallowing faggot!!! Now go troll somewhere else like the G4 message board… where you solely belongs, vagina faced loser!

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      1. So all of those toads who rioted, robbed and destroyed private property last year in the London Boroughs aren’t parasites?

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