Here’s The ZombiU Box-Art

Ubisoft has revealed the box-art for Wii U exclusive Zombi U which is expected to launch alongside the system sometime later this year. Ubisoft also uploaded a brand new Zombi U trailer earlier which showcases how some of the game’s unique features will be utilised by using the Wii U GamePad.

144 thoughts on “Here’s The ZombiU Box-Art”

  1. Meh, wouldve been better without the giant zombie, and just a destroyed London, maybe with black “corruption” taking over the eye for the outer edges

        1. I dont moan. I present facts. You moan claiming you can do better. Cant wait to see you in game credits somewhere… prob shovelware ROFL

          1. No you dont? The “facts” you post are dated information, often bullshit, and links to what Sony is doing, as though it changes anything. Everything else is just profanity, racism and caps lock.

          2. I absolutely HATE it when people do this. They use the argument that “you couldn’t make it any better” to justify themselves. No duh, I probably couldn’t either, but that’s not the point. If we don’t like something then that’s not saying we could do better. It’s just saying that we don’t like it! People CAN have different opinions you know. That’s how progress and improvement are made, by using constructive criticism.

    1. How in any shape or form is this a L4D clone? I mean seriously? L4D is a co-op level based shooter, where you just mow down RUNNING zombies, and other mutated enemies, with no survival horror aspect what so ever, and it all based on teamwork and a stroke of luck.

      This only similarities to this and L4D is its in First person, it has zombies, and theres a stroke of luck required as well.

    2. Sorry, have you played this game? No? Then don’t make claims about it. And if you’d read anything about the game you’d know it was nothing like L4D, which by the way an overhyped and overglorified game.

          1. Shh its okay to admit your graphics suck compared to companies engines such as Unreal Engine 4, Cryengine 3, Id Tech 5 and so on

          1. Valve brought the magic that was Portal and Half Life, just because they have one miss doesn’t mean they’re horse shit.

            1. I have pleanty of friends. left 4 dead is shit to me. yes i bought it , and i hated it . it felt cheap and shitty. sorry but thats how i felt.
              i have played it coop . it didnt help. i still found it boring and shit.

              half life is the only thing i like from valve, portal is a repetitive game.

              1. i didnt say you didnt have friends. i said you dont have friends to play it with. if you actually play it with 3 other people you actually know IN REAL LIFE. its a blast. i hate people like you that just bash a game and have nothing about the game to talk about other than “ugh it’s shit, nope did this, it’s shit” rather than talking about the actual game, you just use generic adjectives to describe your butthurt. something like “i didnt really like the fluidity of the aiming, or the way that most of the zombies would just run at you rather than being able to sneak around them” but no. you just go to “nope it’s shit.” my opionion on you? you’re shit.

                1. I’ve played it with friends before, and I really don’t enjoy it, it’s so damn repetitive, and the special “quest” sections (like getting the fuel for the car) are painfully tedious, and the environments are linear but too open for it to be clear enough where you’re meant to go next.

                  But that’s just my opinion.

                  1. see. THERE YOU GO. i’m fine with criticism when somone actually takes the time and explain why they dont like something. thank you.

          2. The aiming is just fine on the PC version you probably hate it because you’re a welfare console peasant and played the watered down garbage console port on your used Xbox 360.

            1. LOL. yeah i was thinking something along those lines. valve games really do kindof suck if you’re playing them on a console. i mean just look at the difference between the pc and console versions of tf2.

    3. I thought trolls pay more attention to the games they hate on. Whatever, cling to your opinion if you want, other people will enjoy this game and laugh at your comment.

    4. Sounds like someone hasn’t played L4D or watched anything on ZombiU. For example: Where exactly does it say that ZombiU is multiplayer?

      1. ZombiU has had confirmed multiplayer. Someone reported on it, I don’t recall who. But it’s PvP based, with one person placing zombies using the WiiU GamePad and someone else trying to fight through the level.
        … or did I make that up? I swear I read about that somewhere.

        1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

          I’m sure that was reported at some point, since I remember something like that too? But I also remember there being a Dark Souls kind of multiplayer, like when people get infected they get to play as the zombies, to strengthen my theory I saw notifications in one video popping up saying: ”This person got infected here”. ”This person” being the username, and ”here” being the in-game place.

          1. from what I know, if you get infected your zombified body can go to another player’s world, then this player may kill you and get your survival kit, but you don’t play as a zombie. that’s what I heard.

            1. No yeah that’s true, that’s a selling point of the game mechanics, everyone knows that… I’m sure I read about a multiplayer mode where you place zombies and try to kill the other player before they make it through the level.

    5. Yet L4D’s graphics aren’t dated? Most texture in L4D are out dated, ZombiU’s textures are more detailed plus it doesn’t have a co-op option so it makes your argument of calling it a L4D clone seem a lot more invalid.

      Plus, Assassin’s Creed III, Mass Effect 3, Aliens Colonial Marines, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Darksiders 2… that is all

        1. So? And i somehow doubt that you’re telling the truth, and putting a wink at the end of everything you say doesnt make you look smart, or smug, it just makes you look more stupid or a homosexual.

            1. I am the troll whisperer heed my words.Why do you hate nintendo and wouldn’t you rather be on a microsoft site?And don’t start cursing cuz I’m trying to prove your mature and doing it will make you look like a 12 yr. old COD fag

            2. Shut up faggot! You have no absolutely no proof, you have no balls… just your hatred to Nintendo and everything they’ve innovate past present and future… something you lack without a benefit of intellect. Get cancer, vagina lips!

    1. Trying to make fans angry, which isn’t even possible, because they can’t see how the fans react, they can just read text that might look like the fans are angry. All in all, I’d say they just don’t have anything to do.

        1. Because they have no life, they are social hermits, possibly due to physical unattractiveness, most likely with some sort of sociopathic tendency and strive for attention, caused by lack of parental guidence and attention, or general ignorance/abandonment.

          Man it feels good to have learnt physcology.

  2. Should have left the eye out, and have a zombie, or have the eye with an incredibly small pupil and blood veins around it. But who gives a f***, it’s just boxart, something you’ll never look at after you’ve read the title of the box and memorized how it looks.

      1. If you have a 2TB HDD, otherwise it’s not worth clogging up the space just to not look at a not so good looking box-art. Seriously, don’t we just have the games lying on a shelf, so that we could read what’s on the sides? That basically eliminates the point of a title on the front.

        1. Ermm..why would you need a 1TB HDD? Let alone a 2TB. I have about 4 games on my ps3′s harddrive, and its only a small HDD (120GB i think)

          1. WiiU is reported to have 8GB flash storage, and 25gb disc size. You’ll need external storage for retail size downloaded games.

          2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

            Max Payne 3 was how big again? 25GB I think, I meant that if you want to download a lot of games, and that the games are large in size, you’d better have a big HDD for you to last for 6+ years. Also, movies, pictures, music, etc. also need space. And downloadable games aren’t always as small in size as you’d think they are, especially on the Vita (Sony, stop changing the save formats, they are expensive as fuck.).

    1. Haha, I sure hope so! I mean, I can understand what they’re trying to achieve with the design but though the concept is thorough it just doesn’t work.

  3. I feel that I’ve seen this same concept somewhere else and it seems a little cluttered with both the eye and the zombie. It’d be better if the opacity of the layer the zombie is on is lowered or if the eye was taken out completely.

  4. Why is everyone so superficial? It’s just box art. ” OMG LIEK I AM ANGRY BECAZ THE BOXZ ARTZ DONT MATCH MA TASTE” -,-

    1. It’s just nice when games have nice box art. Especially good games. I mean, look at the Scribblenauts Unlimited box-art. It’s gorgeous.

      1. But I don’t see a problem with this one. I don’t even mind the blue case. What I get from it is than it’s first person. You are seeing it from someone’s eyes. Ah well, sorry if i offended anyone with my last post! I meant no harm.

    2. People tend to judge a book by it’s cover. In this case it’s oviouslly a box art. It’s good to have a box art that grabs people’s attention. It’s sorta important today because there a so many games out now, and it needs to stand out just like NSMB2. Personialy I don’t think it will effect anything; besides its what’s in the inside not out.

  5. MAN i am bored with zombiesU and other stuff!!CAN’T JUST NINTENDO ANOUNCE A STARFOX TITLE!!!!!!!??i can’t wait anymore

    1. fuck zombiU,FUCK proffessor L.,FUCK the other games I dont care!Starfox is not here since assault!SO COME ON NINTENDO I AM TIRED WITH THOSE STUFF!

      1. i am not trolling guys but i am tired hearing a new for a franchise that i don’t care too much,i want to see an old franchise that missed so much and Nintendo should had announced it at their e3 press conference BUT NOOOO,they wanted to show us the Nintendogayland (sorry) and the wiiUgaysing.FUCK THEM all!I hope the next press conference won’t be so dissapointing

  6. I like it but the hat on the zombie kinda ruins it. its obvious as is of the location with the big ben in the background. the hat is just tacky.

  7. that cover will make the game sales decline by 200%.., Nintendo und Ubisoft!! No, no, no, no and no again!! that Cover looks so stupid, cheap and horrible (in a bad sense).., kick out the cover designer right now!!

    1. Rule #1: Don’t judge a game by its cover (since that cover is for the European Wii U [PAL version]). Rule #2: The game sales of ZombiU is not gonna drop by 200%. And Rule #3: Don’t believe in rumors that you read on the internet.

    1. Dead Island was droll crap. I played an hour of that game before finally putting it down and never returning to it. So repetitive, so basic, and so boring, and definitely not scary, survival horror, or difficult. This game looks way more promising than Dead Island.

  8. The box art doesnt seem bad but ”alongside the system” this will make kids shit their pants when their parents buy a wii u for them cuz it comes with this game and it must be scary for them.

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