Developed by Game Freak, Harmo Knight can be purchased via the Japanese Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. And its download size is almost as big as the downloadable version of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Harmo Knight takes a little over 2000 blocks of memory from an SD card and costs roughly $18, which makes it the most expensive Nintendo eShop exclusive title to date.



  1. Seriously, $18? Unless this is comparable to retail games at the same price range, I’m not interested.

    Though the game looks awesome, it isn’t worth $18 IMO.


  2. I’m not very interested in this game, but I’m very happy Nintendo is getting some really good studios to start putting some bigger, more full-featured games in the eShop.


  3. I actually thought this was going to be a retail game. It’s nice to see it’s going to be a downloadable game instead of a full retail price. Also, the direct conversion of the yen to dollar doesn’t indicate the prices of games.


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