New Super Mario Bros. 2 Available Now In Nintendo eShop

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is now available for download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The download costs $39.99, which is the same price as a physical copy of the game. If you purchase the downloadable version by September 20th and your Nintendo 3DS is linked to your Club Nintendo account, you’ll receive 100 coins. Will you download New Super Mario Bros. 2 or purchase the physical copy alongside a new Nintendo 3DS XL?

111 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Available Now In Nintendo eShop”

      1. I live in Brazil, and there’s a good thing about it, now we can go to american e-shop and buy it for half the price =D

    1. Ridiculous Brazil price!! What they are thinging?! It is ultrageous!! First all other offering games in the eshop have the correct value, I mean, x2 $US (its ok because of the currency to Brazil money). But Mario is its not x2, it is about x4!!! I’ll pass … prefer buy imported physics product instead..

          1. I was expecting a better price…. I think it is a horrible price and the Brazilian cant even get Nintendo Coins from the games we buy D:

            1. Yeah the price in here in Brazil sucks big time, I thought it would be cheaper, but since retailers here sell for this price and nintendo didnt want to upset them, I already expected that. Gladly I have a international card and a club nintendo account , so I was already buyng it from the USA E-shop xD.

    2. Brazilian policies for importation sucks. I really dislike to buy electronics in Brazil., but we have to consider that when we import something abroad, there’s an implicied possibility of paying a sucker tax to the government.

    1. I was caught between getting a physical copy or digital download. Being the same price, I ultimately went with the digital download, on the count of I don’t let people borrow my games, I didn’t want to lug around another cartridge, I never trade in any 1st party titles (so wanting to resell it wasn’t a factor) and also, you could break or lose a physical copy and then you’re screwed, whereas you can re-download a digital copy since it is forever tied to your account.

    1. What are you talking about ? Superior ? Thy are the same fucking games ..the 3ds one has a shitty coin gimmick , the wii u one is just a HD NSMB Wii is it superior ? Please tell me.

            1. They are the same shit , and console versions arent always better , the graphics on Nsmb2 and nsmbU are the same ..just that nsmbU has HD slapped on it ..How lazy

              1. If you had to choose out of getting the mario game on wii u or 3ds which would you choose? They may play the same but the wii u version will be longer and most probably more challenging. “Console versions arent always better”, dont tell anyone else that story.

                  1. Probably

                    1. Your argument is so flawed it’s unbelievable.

                      10 year old game looks better remade on newer harder compared to another IP based on an existing franchise that’s on a more powerful device.

                      Serious question, are you stupid? Why do you keep repeating this crap? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with handheld versions of console games. They aren’t even freaking ports.

      1. i have had for 2 days. no its similar to nsmb , but they have added a load of new features. the emphasis on collecting coins is excellent.
        so are all the other spoilers which i am not going to tell you.

        1. I DID end up downloading it to save me an hour drive to the store.
          Downloaded in 10 min.
          The graphics are really clean and look as good as NSMB Wii.
          3D effect is well executed. Looks great without being a strain on the eyes.
          NOT worth rushing out to get though. If you can save money by buying online or getting the hard-copy, do that. (Although, with 16gigs on my 3DS, space wasn’t an issue.)

          Excelpt for being priced 25-30% higher IMO than it should be, it’s nice to have a polished, grab-and-go Mario title that includes Coop and Coin-rush.

          I can see why the game is selling so well. It is pretty damn fun turning everything to gold.

          If you don’t have a lot of $$$, Again, I wouldn’t break your wallet by downloading it, but it’s worth picking up a few bucks less in a Non-digital version.

          If you have the money to blow, hell, download and have it always locked-n-loaded so you can keep your favorite game cart (Kid Icarus?, Theatrerythem?) on board.

          1. Half the games i buy are downloaded on my ps3. Im curious as to whether or not get a external HDD or just a large HCSD card for the WiiU

            1. The only non-Nintendo system I have is the Sega Genesis. ;)
              With the prices of HCSD (or HDSD) cards dropping, I’ll probably get a 16 to 32 gig SD for my WiiU.

              But I’m not paying 100%retail for a game that has no material, freight, or handling costs!
              There’s just has to be some compromise on Nintendo’s part!

              1. I dont mind paying full price for digital seeing as i have travel costs to add to that, and if i went into town id end up spending more money than originally planned xD but i normal deliver, if its in stock so…i’ll probably buy all the bu retail games on disk. i dont think i’ll need more than 16GB, 32 just to be safe, i delete the games i downloadif im done with them anyway

    1. WTF ? You guys shouldnt even pay that much for some shovelware handheld game much is an average earning over there ? In Australia it’s quite expensive aswell ..

      1. I paid $70 on the eshop in Australia …. Nintendo has a LOOOOOOONG way to go before they call there digital distribution can get close to PSN/XBL.

      2. You’re such a dumb ass, as though you think Nintendo charges extreme prices conpared to everyone else. Thats just their economy.
        I live in the UK, in american dollars, our games would be between $50-90 at retail. Do i feel ripped off when i buy a £30-50 game? No. Unless its 5 hours long. Thats just how our economy is. Australians dont sit and wonder why theyre ripped off, their price is what theyre used to. Yeah, it sucks, and its not Nintendo fault, but if it was that big of a deal, people would just buy the american version of the system and games

        1. I know exactly what you mean. I live in Australia and the games are a rip off. Im buying my games from the UK from now on.

          1. Exactly, the point is, if it was really such a big deal to a person, theyd buy it from another country. In the UK we get ripped off. Do i notice it? No. To me, the games seem correctly priced, i dont think any different when i walk into a shop and buy a £40 game, thats just the normal price to me

          2. isnt australia PAL aswell ????? the prices in UK are awesome!!! i picked up street fighter 4 , pilot wings and shadow wars for £10 each!!! so worth it !!!. new games cost £29.99. and i think its cheap especialy when its an awesome game.

      3. Well, I understand that you think that all handheld games are shovelware considering how you’re a Sonydrone and that they doesn’t even care about the quality of their handheld games (see PSP). But Nintendo does infact release really great experiences for their handhelds. But yeah, they have a long way to go with digital selling..

  1. First, I do not believe the Digital Version should cost the same as the physical version.
    I work for a large, US magazine company, and it is FAR cheaper to sell a digital product online.
    Granted, it is expensive to develop digital content, but 50% or more of this game was already there.
    That said, I understand the convienience of having a retail game in digital format. No cartriage change-out, immediate, full-retail pick up and play anytime.

    They should be charging 75% retail for 6 months, then 50% for at least a year, dropping it further at some point to maximize market penitration.

    1. The digital version should cost lest than physical copy …physical copy = cartridge manufacturing,box,instruction manual,game retailer … Digital copy = game why tha fuck is it so expensive downloading it ?

            1. I never deffend Sony .. I just tell it how it is ..i dont deffend any company , I just hate Nintendrones like you that don’t know jack shit about tech and computors … Too many retarded Nintendrones on this site…but Sony is still better than Nintendo … Sony has new ips released very often and the games feel Inovative and new , nintendo recycles their games and uses Mario the most and most of their franchises are abandoned …

              1. New IP’s that get old fast, and dont last. Yeah, great. And i wasnt talking about that, i was on about online prices, Sony and Nintendo are no different, they both “overcharge”, so im defendinganyone, i just saying, dont attack one copmany and not another

              1. They didnt betray anyone? The Wii had some of the best Nintendo games and exclusives ive ever played, Mario Galaxy, both Zelda games, Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy, DKCR, Smash Bros, Super Paper Mario, Red Steel 2, Xenoblade. The only people they “bertrayed” are graphics whores like you and people that whine abiut motion controls, and to that, i say, good riddance.

                1. Hear Hear!
                  Nintendo’s still got plenty of creativity in them and it shows with the majority of their games.
                  Graphics whores simply don’t like Nintendo anymore, and that’s for the best, since it keeps one of the worst types of gamers out of the community.

                2. It’s not that they didn’t have amazing games, which it did, it’s that the focus was on casual stuff. All those shovelware games totally outweighed all of the hardcore ones.

          1. Nintendo is FAR from the only company to want to make money.

            I think they will learn that they have to drop digital distribution of games.

            Sony? They never learn shit. Vita sells like shit and do they follow suit with what Nintendo did? (Drop console price?)
            No. They’d rather their company go under first before offering consumers a break.

            1. They can’t drop the price of the vita , they were selling most of there consoles at a loss and they cant afford to drop the price of the vita or they will have financial issues again .. The 3DS is the only system Nintendo is selling at a loss so that dosnt really effect them at all ..and the vita is actually worth its price and the 3ds launched at $275 , the same price as the vita and a few months later they dropped the price technically nintendo ripped off their consumers and offer 20 old games to people that bought 3ds at launch ..LOL

              1. If there selling the 3ds at a loss doesn’t that mean it was priced right at the beginning? Also if you have a problem with nintendo games like mario don’t buy them. Support other company’s that sell different and new games.

      1. Nintendo’s reasoning is that they want to keep a good relationship with retailers, which they will loose if they charge much cheaper download prices so no one buys the games from the store. If that happens, stores might choose not to stock the WIi U since Nintendo are bad to work with, and if stores wouldn’t stock the Wii U, Nintendo would be screwed.

        1. Well, then that’s an interesting dilemma Nintendo has there.
          I hope they get it sorted out.
          offering some discount shouldn’t be to hard on retailers.
          There are advantages to owning the actual game that should justify the higher cost if that’s what the customer wants.
          When you download a movie, it’s rarely the exact same price as the DVD. Why? It’s a lot cheaper to host servers for people to download from than to manufacture and distribute a physical merchandise.

          Nintendo will learn, appologize, lower digital pricing and all will be as it should be. I’m just not sure how long it will take them.

          1. I think they will lower the prices, but only of future games. If they lowered the price of the current ones, people who already bought them would throw a fit.

  2. Nintendo shouldn’t price the demo,i won’t pay to download a demo because Nintendo wants money!Where is the old Nintendo?

  3. Hey guys just wondering, anyone from US here? EST time? Just wondering.

    Back on topic: Im not getting a 3ds so a Wii U with NSMBU will be way better (no offense) but c’mon guys they said they would have to make it good. When NSMB2 was announced, it didnt have many details and not a lot of people cared. Then when it got a trailer and stuff, it started to
    get good. Same with NSMBU. They didnt tell us any info yet, so we gotta wait. Propellar mario please!

  4. I’m going to wait till the holidays to see if they come out with a bundle for the xl or for nsmb2 …maybe around the holidays …they always do …just hope we get more colors than the red and blue by that time “)

  5. Does anyone understand the way to get it cheaper is not support it. They’ll drop the price. For petes sake support other company’s that make a good game and charge less. Also for dud that loves to thrrow around the fact that he thinks nintendo abandoned the hardcore market. Nintendo has never been hardcore they just made games that appealed to the masses and for the last 20 plus years that’s all they did. There never going the cod rought its never been there motto. It’s crazy to think that you come on this site all day every day and copy and paste your comments to every who makes a positive nintendo reference. Also it’s sorta creepy that you are a internet stalker. If I said rolled out of bed drain the lizard you past your nintendo is crappy and don’t support the hardcore comments. Smdh

  6. Bought the game via eshop. For what it is, its fun, enjoyable, and replayable, but at the same time, it seems somewhat bland and forced. There’s nothing particularly creative in the game (other than coin rush, which I am a very big fan of) that made previous Mario games stand out. In the end I’d probably give it a 7.5 or 8.0. If you liked previous NSMB titles, you’re going to like this one. Oh also, if you are stuck between getting retail or eshop and you don’t have the greatest internet service, I’d probably go retail since the game took me over an hour to download with full bars. I’d imagine it’d be quicker at my house then where I was when I downloaded, but I’d still be a little cautious if you do not have the greatest connection

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