Get The Nintendo 3DS XL For $179.99 At Fry’s Today Only

Fry’s Electronics is offering consumers $20 off the Nintendo 3DS XL for today only. The Nintendo 3DS XL will cost you $179.99, as opposed to $199.99. Fry’s Electronics is also offering $10 off New Super Mario Bros 2. If you want the Nintendo 3DS XL then you can either purchase it instore, or order online and then collect it at your local store.

37 thoughts on “Get The Nintendo 3DS XL For $179.99 At Fry’s Today Only”

    1. ”get the 3ds XL for £179 in England 20 days ago…………”. $179 is a lot cheaper than £179 though wow , i am even more convinced that i need to go and live with my uncle in florida.
      i am sold to America!!

      1. uh yeah.. cheaper nintendo consoles isn’t really a good reason to move to the US
        besides taxes are not included in those 179$

        1. not if it is wrong. $179 is ridiculously cheap!!! its about £110 . i would rather pay £110 than £179. even £179 is reasonable for this big beauty.

          1. Nintedward: Your grammer and sentence structure is off. Maybe he want portability with the 3ds, maybe he dosent like the extra screen, maybe he is on a really tight budget. But you shouldn’t disrespect his opinion, just for the sake of you’re own. A**hole.

              1. Did I said anything about 3dsxl not awesome? Infact I did not, Im just defending a guys opinion. Wait sorry you dont have an anus.

            1. well it looks like this guy is actually considering moving to the US because consoles are slightly cheaper there.. i doubt you could expect any reason or a coherent train of thought from someone like that

              1. wtf is your problem with america ???? my uncle moved to florida , he is making a ton of money , his kids love the weather and the awesomeness , and he reports it is generaly more fun of a county than the good but grey England.
                gtfo my case , i love uk , but it doesnt have food outlets like the ones i have seen on MANvFOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. right you go to the US for the cheap consoles the good weather and the fatty food and keep asking people if they’ve taken acid because of decisions they might actually have based on more than superficial bullcrap
                  i rest my case

                  1. you are not kehool at all , lol . you are an ass .

                    America and UK are both Amazing country’s in their own way.
                    nuff said.
                    don’t try and play the violence card. london and manchester are like hell on Earth.

            2. tight budget ???? more like tight ass!!!!! , i understand where your coming from he may be a child with no clams. i don’t understand this as i always have thousands of pounds in the bank. so i guess my view is just horrible.
              also i dont pay attention to my grammar whilst speed typing on the internet.
              its not important and its not cool or clever. university is clever and you need to have good grammar there. perfect infact. my nintendo news isnt an English essay.

              3ds XL is awesome and well priced. to me at least it seems like an absolout steal.
              Ass hole .

              1. Wow, you only adressed one part of my statement. The economy is bad right now, and maybe he isnt as fortunate as you. Then you commented “are you high on acid” one of the most childest things i saw on this site. What if he had a regular 3ds, and the price drop of the xl is still not reasonable to justify for buying another one, even with in the trade in deal… I agree the 3dsxl is awesome and reasonably well priced, But you gotta respect the other guys opinion asshole.

                1. i wasn’t litteraly suggesting he was high of Lysergic Acid now was I ? .
                  it was more of a light hearted joke.
                  i do see where you are coming from tho , he may have the original 3ds , and doesnt feel inclined to buy this model. fair do’s.

                  leave me alone now , stop attacking me with your high quality brain .

                  3ds xl ftx . xxx

  1. Really? Another Nintendo 3DS for around the same price as the Nintendo Wii? I dont care nor’ want a 3DS. We want a new console like the Wii…

    1. round the same price as the wii ?? the wii is a lot cheaper than 3ds in uK. also the 3ds is alot better more advanced technology than wii , with new awesome games . nuff said. well worth it .
      the wiiu is going to destroy the wii :)

    2. “We want a new console like the Wii…”
      Where have you been for the past year and two months? Ever heard of the Wii U?

        1. its a new system, the successor to the wii- you get to use not only your old controllers from the wii, but theres a new way of gaming now! You now have a big controller with a screen, two analog sticks, X,A,B,Y buttons, shoulder buttons and much more :) look it up- you may like it!

  2. That’s 140€. And EU price is 199€. God I hate this retarded policy. It’s the same with every company. This has to end.

  3. I got my 3DS XL yesterday :) got it at walmart, the last one! I am happy with it, its my first 3DS.
    I like the bigger screen and the comfortability with the corners, the improved 3D and the better battery life! :D
    Some say its not worth the extra $30 dollars, but I’m happy with my purchase, and I can now join the 3DS community! isnt that all that matters?

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