The latest edition of Nintendo Power has confirmed that Wayforward’s classic Game Boy Colour title Shantae is heading to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The platformer was released back in 2002 by Capcom and was met by universal acclaim. IGN gave Shantae a 9 out of 10, and called it a “wonderful platform adventure.”



    • they are keen to put all these ok gbc games on vc. where is oracle of ages, oracle of seasons , metal gear and many others ??


  1. Awesome! Also, “Zelda 2: Adventure of Link” has a confirmed Q4 release on the 3DS virtual console as well. We’re getting some good VC titles now!


    • The only reason you haven’t heard of it was it was released when the gba was out but on the GBC, so it never became too popular, but its a really good platformer.


  2. i want pokemon blue and red for virtual console with working multiplayer , this will make LOT of people buy the 3DS(yeah 3ds so we can see it at full screen and not in a shitty space like ds/dsi games.


    • that would be awesome!!!!! I would pay a ton just to play those on there! Red blue gold and silver! That would be so nice to have! Maybe someday…


  3. Cool, I just beat Risky’s Revenge some time last week, so it’ll be cool to play the original. Plus I understand they’re working on a Wii U sequel so that’s even better.


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