N-Space Says Winter For Wii Still On The To Do List

N-Space has revealed in a recent interview that their survival horror title Winter hasn’t been completely forgotten by the development studio. N-Space says they still believe that there is market out there for survival horror titles which have an emphasis on survival.

“Frankly, I don’t think the office has ever stopped rumbling about Winter. There’s an intense amount of love among the team for the game. And the more we’ve seen the survival horror genre switch its focus from surviving to reloading, the more we feel the market is hungry for a game like Winter,” the developer said.

“So what’s the bottom line? The bad news is that we haven’t yet found the right opportunity. The good news is that Winter is just like any good horror movie monster. It’s not dead.”



      1. please alba and sickr if there is ANY NEWS FOR WII U please post it within the next hour. Then i need to sleep and i can have a nice dream about the wii u. PLEASE atleast tell me if you’re making a post. Thanks and very nice website, very appreciated! :)


    1. ZombiU looks fucking shit ..and Ubisoft is pretty much spamming the wii u launch with shovelware and casual games which you nintendrones dont have any interest in …the only game that looks good is AC3 but i wouldnt get a shiny turd just to play that dosnt even improve on the visuals …


  1. LOL on the wii ! HAHAHA , Why would they want to develope on a shitty inferior console that is only good for shovelware ..Pfftt the wii is a joke ! and the wii u will end up like the wii aswell ..but you nintendo dick riders are too blind to see that… LOL they are gonna get poor sales


      1. source ? and if it is more powerful will only be SLIGHTLY more powerful cause nintendo cheap like that. LOL THE 3DS IS A 3D PSP :P


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