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Sega Bringing Numerous PSN & XBLA Games To Wii U eShop?

Writer Emily Rogers recently claimed that Star Beast would be coming to Wii U, and it was confirmed soon after. Rogers now says that publisher Sega is excited about Wii U’s digital distribution, and will be bringing ‘multiple’ Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network games to Nintendo’s upcoming console. Supposedly, Sega will soon reveal the digital titles it will bring to Wii U. Which XBLA or PSN games would you like to play on Wii U?

“Sega is excited about Wii U’s digital distribution. Multiple XBLA/PSN games coming to Wii U. Sega will give official announcement soon.”

95 thoughts on “Sega Bringing Numerous PSN & XBLA Games To Wii U eShop?”

  1. Ah, now this…will most definitely be quite the boon for their services, especially with the current rerelease of Jet Set Radio and the rumored Release of SA2.

    This prospect pleases us greatly!~

  2. That would be cool , if only the Wii U didnt have that fucking terrible controller ..who would want to play classic sega games on that cluster fuck ?

    1. Actually, one is quite interested in doing so…it seems just slightly chunkier to us than an original DS unfolded, but that can be no bad thing…and also, forget not that the original Wiimote/Nunchuck are compatible, thus this is not always a problem!

          1. @revolution , you’re grammar is really shitty and when did i say the 360 controller is bad ? i said tge wii u pro controller looks worse than the 360 controller you idiot.

            1. @Ness , usually when someone says “___ is worse than ___”, there saying both are bad, but one is worse than the other. Just saying.

            1. And you missed out on the good ps3,360,PC games coz you were too busy playing shitendo wii and the shovelware and and shitty mario games on it !! LOL and i played 90s games ..i was a SEGA kid :) nintendo was dogshit !

              1. Furthermore, I already own a PS3. Since Sega was Nintendo’s rival, they’re already in good terms in making the most unique games like everyone else. Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube was one of the best I’ve ever played after the Dreamcast’s demise.

          1. Their is no need for a source .. the wii classic controller wasnt compatible with most games …so the same with this 360 controller ripoff !

            1. Hey, dumb ass, the GamePad is almost exactly like the Pro Controller, but with a touch screen, motion controls, and NFC. Fail troll is fail.

              1. Fail ? look at the shape of the pro controller (360 ripoff) you blind fanboy cant even admit that nintendo steals from microsoft ..

                  1. and how is sony smash bros a bad thing ? LOL and you nintenfags go crazy over that and now when your precious shitendo copies you guys shut up ! LOL HILARIOUS !

                1. You’re a just said you’re a Segafan. Then you should knowMicrosoftstoleits controller design right from the Dreamcast, it looks exactly the same.

  3. Jet Set Radio HD, Sonic Adventure 1, 2 HD, Sonic 4.1and 4.2. Nights HD, Panzer Dragoon Series HD, Shenmue HD. Burning Rangers HD. Sequels to Bayonetta and Vanqish (I think if those games had been exclusive to Wii, they would have sold more). Valkeryie Chonicles.

    1. “I think if those games had been exclusive to Wii, they would have sold more.” That is the most stupid logic ever. Not because of the Wii thing but because third party games do not sell better as exclusives. Ever.

  4. I think some classic games might be weird on the wii U pad. But i’ll get used to it. Obviously 3d games wont be an issue. But thats what wii remotes and classic controllers are for. Cant wait :D

  5. As long as they are good quality fun games, idc what games i play. Wii U sure is gettin some publicity. That pic of tails brings back a lotta memories

    1. Jet Set Radio HD, Shenmue HD, Shenmue 2 HD, Skies of Arcadia HD, Nights into Dreams HD, Virtua Fighter 5… All announced Sega titles for XBLA and PSN.

  6. 1) skirt wearing fake gods trying to steal the truth from the one true God. No wonder the suck, copied this, then they copied SSBB shake my head. Yes drones am talking about your precious Sony.

    2) Greed filled minute-soft and their two exclusive having console. Three camera eye toy that is supported by the faded rare ware development studios. Yeah you Microsoft xbox division, at least Sony actually has exclusives worth playing; but they too still suck.


  7. Sega has a lot of awesome franchises they can bring to the eshop. I want Skies of Arcadia HD, Shenmue and all the others. This would be really good for Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Same here. I have most of them downloaded to my PS3, PSP, and Vita. Some on my 360. A few on iOS. Still, it would be good for the Wii U to get some for those Nintendo fans who haven’t had a chance to play them on current systems.

  8. Great! How about bringin the following games:
    * Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 HD
    * Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 & 2 + Metal
    * Jet Set Radio (Bring also in 3DS since this game is also in PSVita)
    * NiGHTS into DREAMS…
    * Space Channel 5: Part 2
    * Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

  9. I hope Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic CD, NiGHTS into Dreams and Jet Set Radio are on there.

  10. Mainly, I want Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. Played it on iOS and LOVED it! They better bring Episode 1 while they’re at it so I can play Episode Metal. WAIT! I’ll be able to transfer from my Wii! ^_^ I also want Sonic CD and NiGHTS into Dreams. Never really played either.

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