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Square Enix Teasing The World Ends With You Sequel?

Square Enix’s The World Ends With You may be getting a sequel. The publisher is teasing a new game by featuring character designs from The World Ends With You on its website. The Japanese phrase “Subaseka” is in the URL, which hints that the teased game will be related to The World Ends With You. Because the original game is exclusive to Nintendo DS, perhaps a sequel will be coming to Nintendo 3DS.

121 thoughts on “Square Enix Teasing The World Ends With You Sequel?”

      1. In my opinion, I feel that the sequel should have a complete new set of characters. The original characters are pretty much done with and I don’t see how you can build off from them anymore.

        I always fantasized about how the sequel would take place in NYC instead of Shibuya, with a new composer and new players. But that’s just me.

        1. meh.
          im gonna miss neku…and shiki…and beat…and rhyme.
          but not joshua lol. hes a little annoying.
          (dont know if youve played KH3D, but he looks and sounds like a girl lol)

          1. *Spoiler Warning*

            I loved Joshua’s character. He’s the composer, so his pretentious attitude fits him well. He’s annoying, and that’s what makes him a great character.

  1. Please make the sequel. It is literally the best JRPG to come out in history. Maybe even the best game to ever grace a handheld. Hell, I still play it.

  2. again nothing official…
    They say they are gonna make that game like twice every year since the first game!

    1. if you change the computer date to Wednesday and further the background music changes to a remix of calling- that pretty much confirms it.

          1. *Let me go
            What’s on my shoulder?
            Little by little, I feel a bit better
            Let me go,
            Set me free,
            I feel a bit older
            Just once more unto the breach
            “Dear friend, once more”…
            so gorgeous (‘:

      1. That doesnt confirms anything yet, a lot of games uses the same music as other (slower or faster). However in really hope they do make this game.

  3. Just checked out the website. I recognize that artwork anywhere. Also, does anyone else notice the big TIMER at the bottom of the page?? Yeah, this pretty much confirms it guys.

  4. change the date to the 23rd, the background will feature a more obvious sillhouette and the music will change to a mix version of both twister and calling.

      1. But the vita is better than the 3ds , i have both systems and vita is simply better ..and around christmas the vita will sell better

        1. Well yeah the Vita is better spec wise, but they have huge differences. Mainly the two screens, which the original TWEWY used both for it’s unique gameplay, which made the game fantastic. I’m not saying Vita is inferior, just expensive. Which is why no one buys it. Which is why they don’t make games for it. It’s a shame, really.

        2. If they’re going to maintain the combat/control system then it wouldn’t work on the Vita. Besides the original was on DS, to change systems wouldn’t be the best move.
          Having said that, I can see this coming to the WiiU perhaps, it probably matches the original DS closer than the 3DS does… Imagine all that glorious design work in HD.

          1. I agree, changing systems would piss people off. Just look at the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

            And now that you mention it, the Wii U could work too.

          1. Exactly, most decent Vita games have better counterparts on the home consoles. I simply see no reason to buy one if I already have a PS3.

            1. The same can be said for ANY handheld system. It’s such a weak chewbacca argument, it’s ridiculous.

              But I’m sure it’s okay for the 3DS to have mobile ports and ports of games from older consoles. Forgot about the Nintendo double standard here.

              1. Are you serious? A very big portion of the Vita library is made up of PS3 ports, which have much better functionality on a PS3.

                Lets look at Uncharted Golden Abyss, 80% on Metacritic. Now lets look at Uncharted 3, 92% on Metacritic. Resistance Burning Skies, 60%. Resistance 3, 83%.

                Compare this with a sample of Nintendo-platform games. Super Mario 3D Land, 90%. Mario Galaxy 2, 97%. Resident Evil Revelations, 82%. Resident Evil 4 (Wii Version) 91%.

                See the difference between the Vita/PS3 and 3DS/Wii games?

                The 3DS has a small number of mobile games, but this number is so small it is negligible. I struggle to think of five. Please come back and tell me six, and this cannot include DSiWare. Different consoles.

                And yes, the 3DS has ports. But these are of great games, but the majority of them are actually remakes with added content. Unlike the Vita’s stream of current-gen ports with no added content.

                1. I’m still waiting for you to point out all of these ports. Because I’m not seeing the discrepancy when the 3DS actually has MORE of those.

                  I’m still waiting, because your argument is still incredibly flawed in comparing handheld titles to console versions. And don’t even try to bring up the incredibly overrated Mario games into the equation. 3D Land should be a 8.0 at BEST, because I’m not seeing what that game did deserving of it’s current rankings. It’s literally NSMB with perspective to it.

        3. Yeah, a system where 90% of the games are shovelware, ports, remakes and sub-par addtions to existing game series, all for £200 plus a £33 16 GB memory card (which Sony could of easily made into a normal SD card worth £7) is good?

          1. Really? Care to point out those “90%” of games out of the 70-80+ existing ones? And they better add up to that, by the way. Otherwise I’ll be labelling you as a fanboy from now on.

            Oh and by the way, I want you to also point out all of the “unique” IPs on the GameBoy family that I legitimately couldn’t get elsewhere.

            I wanna see this. Also, they didn’t choose SD for a reason, but of course you wouldn’t know that, since it’s all about your wallet.

            1. Actually, I have already made the exact same list of Vita games for another Aeolus, and I have received no response from him. Here is the list, for a second time.

              Asphalt: Injection
              Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
              Army Corps of Hell
              Ben 10: Galactic Racing
              Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
              Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
              Dream Club Zero
              Dynasty Warriors Next
              Everybody’s Golf 6
              FIFA 13
              FIFA Soccer
              Final Fantasy X HD
              F1 2011
              Hustle Kings
              Jet Set Radio
              Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge
              Killzone: Mercenary
              Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
              Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7
              Lego The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game
              Little Deviants
              Madden NFL 13
              Little Busters! Converted Edition
              Lord of Apocalypse
              Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
              Michael Jackson: The Experience
              ModNation Racers: Road Trip
              Mortal Kombat
              MotorStorm: RC
              Need for Speed: Most Wanted
              Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
              Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD
              Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
              Persona 4: The Golden
              Plants vs. Zombies
              PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
              Rayman Origins
              Ridge Racer
              Retro City Rampage
              Sine Mora
              Shin Megami Tensei
              Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
              Street Fighter X Tekken
              Tales of Innocence R
              Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
              Uncharted: Golden Abyss
              Wipeout 2048
              (There are more, but I got bored with listing games I have never heard of)

              I will not be listing the Nintendo handheld exclusive series because this conversation has nothing to do with the 3DS, and I believe you are intentionally changing the subject. This is a conversation of why the Vita’s library of games is lackluster, not which console’s library is better. Besides, if you want to know these things get off your backside and do it yourself.

              Also, you are way too serious about this. If this is such an important subject for you, and you insist on annoying a whole entire website just because you don’t like Nintendo, then you really are wasting your time.

              1. You SPECIFICALLY said ports and the majority of those ARE NOT PORTS, or “sub par additions”, and the funny thing is, you listed plenty of unreleased ones–as if you know exactly how they’d turn out or something like a desperate nimrod.

                The fact of the matter is, don’t complain about ports or such bullshit when the 3DS has even more of those. And I will fucking mention the 3DS. I’m sick of you fanboy bitches singling out the fucking Vita for this and failure to note that the 3DS is an even BIGGER offender. The highest rated title on the 3DS is a N64 GAME.

                The objective of handhelds–namely the first major one–the Gameboy, was to deliver an experience ON PAR with Nintendo’s current console at the time. Which it did, it offered watered down versions of NES and even certain SNES titles, with very few “unique” games.

                So please tell me this, why the fuck is the Vita getting singled out for being the very textbook definition of a portable system? Do you think slapping shitty touch controls and motion waggle is delivering a unique experience? Do you think gamers really want this forced nonsense in their titles? I’m going to go right ahead and claim that the majority don’t. It’s more than just “oh, I can get something similar on PS3”. I can list a fuckton of titles that applies to with the 3DS. It’s not even funny.

                Form a better case, and one that doesn’t bleed Nintendo bias, or please politely step the fuck off. That goes for Dragon too, since it’s the only thing he knows how to say.

                1. And what’s funny is for the Vita titles that are UNIQUE from the consoles, they get bombarded with “shovelware”, “overrated”, “lol it doesn’t sell”, a ton of irrelevant bullshit.

                  Nintendrones, just stop being idiotic.

                  1. You’re the one whose coming here and being a fucking troll. this is called My nintendo News. AKA a place for nintendo fans and drones alike are? fucking dipshit.

                  2. 1. This is a NINTENDO FANSITE in case you haven’t noticed. If you can’t stand what you call “Nintendrones”, just get the fuck of this website. Go and join a Vita fansite and bitch about the 3DS if you want to slam it. Dragon and I are going to stay, because we are this website’s primary audience, not Vita fanboys like you. If you don’t like it, fuck off.
                    2. The highest rated game on the Vita according to Metacritic is Rayman Origins, a PORT which is much better on the home consoles. The second, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, is a PC PORT. Then Mortal Kombat, a PS360 PORT. Then Sound Shapes, a PS3 PORT. And guess what? None of these games acceded 90/100. I have every right statistically to say that the best Vita games are ports, and since the 3DS has only 1 port in the top four (when in fact it is a remake and it is arguably one of the best game of all time), you have no argument here.
                    3. Not to say the GB was bad (it was great in fact), I would much rather play SNES Donkey Kong Country than the Gameboy version. The same principal applies to the PS3 and Vita. If the 3DS has more games which aren’t watered down ports and additions (please give me a list notable Vita games which meet this criteria, and the list of notable 3DS games which don’t), then I like the 3DS better. This isn’t 1990 anymore, and I am not 10. I will not buy two expensive pieces of equipment which do next to the same thing.
                    4. “Slapping shitty touch controls and motion waggle”. The Vita is doing the SAME THING with the majority of the unique experiences. Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta and the upcoming Tearaway are using touch and motion controls. If you are going to complain about the 3DS and Wii using touch and motion, you have to complain these games, otherwise you will look like a complete hypocrite.
                    5. I do not hate the Vita, I simply see no reason to buy one. There are zero games that interest me. If more unique titles are released, and I find them interesting, I will buy a Vita. But so far, no. I do not want the Vita to die, but Sony need to get off their backsides and sort out the low sales before it does.

                    1. 1: So you ADMIT you’re a little nintendo fanbitch, it’s no wonder how ridiculously incompetent you are at even forming a BASIC argument. Now I can talk shit about you and give you 0 respect, because you’ve confirmed you’re an idiot, now to tear your shit apart.

                      2: “Much better on the consoles” Uhm, fucking HOW? It’s the SAME GODDAMN GAME LACKING CO-OP, how the HELL does a relatively -minor- feature make the console versions “much better”? Are you retarded or out of your fucking mind? Don’t mix this up with that horrible 3DS port, dimwit.

                      Guess what? None of those titles have been around enough to get the amount of reviews to stabilize the critic rating YOU GIGANTIC FUCKING MORON. Metacritic this and Metafuckingcritic that, stop basing your SHITTY ARGUMENT AROUND FUCKING SCORE DIFFERENCES.

                      The majority of the best Vita games are not “ports” and that’s a FACT, want to prove me otherwise? Do it now so I can embarrass you more, you actually don’t know shit about the Vita’s library, so I dare you to fucking comment on it.

                      3: The 3DS has more nonsense DS reskins and more of the same Mario shit you can get on the consoles, it’s the same goddamn argument; list every one of these legitimately unique and GREAT 3DS games that aren’t at best, digital titles being packaged as retail ones. I guarantee you won’t even be able to do that. I’ll guarantee that.

                      4: Super Stardust Delta in virtually NONE of the modes have “slapped on” touch controls, throughout the main experience, you can completely map everything to the goddamn buttons. The only time you EVER have to use touch controls is perhaps the minigames, which -surprise- ARE COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Also, Little Deviants is a free title with the early Vita bundles and serves to be more or less, a tech demo of the system’s functions. Why oh why are you so stupid?

                      Also, who the FUCK was complaining? I’m here pointing out that not every Vita game is the same thing on the PS3 and you’re going in fucking circles being captain obvious, the fact of the matter is, you don’t get unique experiences by GIMMICKY, FORCED, CONTROL OPTIONS. That’s what the 3DS is throughout many titles, bunch of stretchy touch screen shit for absolutely everything, and BOTH Zelda titles on it’s predecessor was COMPLETELY controlled by touch? You think that’s cool and unique? No, it’s bloody stupid.

                      5: Don’t try to comment on this shit when you don’t own one, this is what you’re seeing. You haven’t played them. Therefore your argument doesn’t hold much weight on it’s own. It’s a strawman one. Just like Dragon’s.

                      I own this shit; you don’t. I’ve played these games; you haven’t. What you’re saying is what I’d like to call a gut check. Which doesn’t mean a flying fuck.

                      Congrats, you brought this on yourself. Now I know that you’re a fanboy, all the more there is to make fun of your existence.

        4. yes, vita is better.
          but i have a 3ds, and am not wealthy to own both, so i would prefer it to be on 3ds.
          and it would make more sense, since the original was on DS not psp.
          also this is a game that would look awesome in 3d.
          (It just better not be for wii u)

          1. Plus I can forgive Square if they reuse the models from the kingdom hearts game. unless its a new cast. hopefully they make cameos or some stuff.

    1. That’s impossible. TWEWY uses dual screens, which the Vita doesn’t have. With a dying system and the lack of the first game, the likeliness of the game ever coming to Vita is lower than hell.

        1. Sorry, but that was the funniest thing I’ve heard today. Ah, but who knows. Nothing was announced so anything could happen. If by some miracle it does come out on Vita against all the odds, I would buy one just to play this game.

            1. Definitely not. If the core gameplay were to use two screens, then people would HAVE to own a PS3 AND a Vita. It would alienate too many people.

    2. well the original was on the ds which was nintendo. Why would they bring the sequel to another system? Using your reasoning, Sony fans would not have played the first since they are nintendo haters.

      1. Just because it was on one system at first doesn’t mean it can’t go to another system or be multiplatform. It’s not a Nintendo IP.

        Companies do this all the time, including Square-Enix.

        However, it would make sense for TWEWY to be on a DS if they’re going to keep the elements the same.

        And seriously…. “Sony fans would not have played the first since they are nintendo haters”? Maybe fanboys and trolls are haters, but there are loads of real gamers who are fans of Sony who are also fans of Nintendo. I go where the good games are no matter what system they are on.

      2. im a sony ‘fan’ so to speak, i understand they have the best tech when it comes to consoles and portables, but i still like nintendo.

      1. This just in…Sony Vita sold 2.2 Mil units worldwide since launching 9 months ago in Japan. This is a disaster for Sony and doesn’t bode well for future support on the system. If Sony fails to get an install base of 8-9 mil by this Christmas holiday; expect them to pull
        the plug on the Vita before Durango and PS4 comes out.

  5. Huh.. interesting. I’ve always heard that game was awesome so when it gets made on the 3DS I’ll give it a try. Gameplay looked interestin also

  6. Well that Timer on the Website seems pretty SUSPICIOUS.

    Also, after “Little King’s Story”, coming to the Vita, I’m really worried that this may be on the Vita: The Handheld I Don’t Have.

      1. they used to, atleast.
        then the N64 came along and still used cartridges, so they had to switch to sony.
        but yea i hope its for 3ds too.

        1. They still have a very close relationship with Nintendo. Look at all the games that come out on Nintendo systems still. Games that other companies would love to have like Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

          But yeah, either way, I’m sure they’ll still release TWEWY on 3DS or DS.

  7. Even if it appears on the Vita, it still gives the 3DS an advantage, because people will have more reason to believe that the 3DS is on par with the Vita just because they share the same games. Doesn’t matter if it’s false, that’s the impression people will get no matter what, and that’s even more reason why this game should not appear on the Vita. If it ends up only on the Vita for some reason, then whatever.

    1. SE will be insane to port let alone make this exclusive to the Vita. The Vita will be dead after this holiday. The smart move would be to trade it in for a 3DS XL while the system still holds some sort of value.

  8. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    The game would be great on the 3ds. Dont know if it would be in full 3d or 2d( like the 2d castlevania). But am guessing they would want to keep the anime style

    1. Maybe, although the release date is the same so their either putting that because its the release date for everything else and they dont know, or its out by then, which i hope it is, Black Ops 2 would help push people onto the WiiU, especially if it has exclusive features.

      1. Email sent. I’m interested to see what treyarch has done, they seem creative and flexible for the most part so it should have some cool features added… On the other hand.. Activision.. it might not even use the gamepad as I could see them opting for a QUICK, DIRECT & DIRTY PORT using the Pro, but we won’t have much longer to wait I guess. I’m still excited!

    1. SE will be insane to port let alone make this exclusive to the Vita. The Vita will be dead after this holiday. The smart move would be to trade it in for a 3DS XL while the system still holds some sort of value.

    1. It’s the other way around. They were first from The World Ends With You and then (like Final Fantasy characters in KH games before) put in Kingdom Hearts: Dream. Drop. Distance.

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  10. I just saw the wep page. The fond is the same the music reminds me TWEWY and it has various music to listend plus the japanes name is Subarashiki Kono Sekai and the page is title subaseka. Better be a new TWEWY.

    1. IKR!
      he could use different types of pins, and his smash attacks could be the big dual attacks.
      but sadly its probably never gonna happen.

  11. The more handheld RPGs, the better. I’ve always wanted to play the original and would be even happier if there was a sequel..

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  13. I think its possible that Sho Minamimoto (Pi-face, Tabooty, The Grim Heaper, etc) is still alive, his body is still underneath the pile of junk after he was defeated by Megumi Kitaniji because Reapers and Noise usually disappear after they die, so he might still be alive. He was the best villain ever ;D

    1. hey similar gravitars! and true true I agree with you! He very much is still alive…Idk which I’d rather see though, a new cast with cameos from old characters or just the old cast with some new characters…and where will it be located this time? Shibuya? And prequel/sequel? The questions are endless…one things pretty sure though, this will be one heck of a game. From the music to the game play to the characters to the tricky shutdown PP, this game has influenced me a great deal (even got a Rhyme pin, player pin, and even the Blizzard Cool pin at San Japan :D) and I am looking eagerly looking forward to it!

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