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Oreo Promotes New Super Mario Bros. 2

Oreo’s Daily Twist is meant to “bring out the kid in all of us, by giving you the chance to look at the world in a more imaginative way.” The latest Daily Twist features Gold Mario, from New Super Mario Bros. 2, throwing a Golden Oreo cookie. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

25 thoughts on “Oreo Promotes New Super Mario Bros. 2”

  1. This is news? Sickr why didn’t you report on umbra partnering up with wiiU?

    To those tjat don’t know, umbra 3 is a game engine which powers guild wars 2. Perfect game for wiiU. Google umbra and nintendo wiiU for the article!

    1. Probably because only dev-savy people like us will understand it, and the post will become flooded with 12 year olds posting first five posts later.

      But an Umbra article would be nice :)

  2. lol how amusing but awesome at the same time. That’d be a funny DLC though, Golden Oreo Mario. Throwing golden oreo fire balls at enemies that turn into golden oreos xD

  3. Just in…Vita sells 2.2M units worldwide since launching in Japan nearly 9 months ago. What a total disaster for Sony…Vita is truly dead or in a deep, deep coma. Anyways, great promo to expand the 3DS audience and hope to sustain healthy sales despite the smartphone and tablet competition.

  4. Great, now I’m hungry.
    *Opens cabinet only to find shelves of creepy Chinese stuff that is apparently supposed to be food but don’t even look edible.*

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  9. This reminds me of the original Golden and Uh-oh Oreos. I’ve loved make double stuffed ones by putting them together.

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